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Enigmatic Night
"I'm not fat! What brother? You're an only child.. oh me. Right.. still..I'm not fat!" He knew that that would always get her... so therefore he won. But he'd actually been talking about her wanting to be him. But- as long as she got angry he was fine with however she took it. Kinda.

"Man, you're like mean personified. How we managed to stay best friends over the years astounds me.. wait.. it's cuz I thought your dad was the coolest.. sorry to say this but- I was only friends with you to eat your food and sleep in your house."

He scoffed at another one of her jabs at his looks, he wasn't vain.. but he knew he wasn't ugly.

2/19/2008 . Edited 2/19/2008 #1,261
The Ferrett
Amber's phone beeps. It is the hospital (loony one). "Miss?"
2/19/2008 #1,262
"Oh please, darling, you love me," Amber scoffed. "And it's unfortunate that I love you back, I blame you spending all your time at my house, jesus!"

She pretended to look annoying - But Amber knew of Tiny's parents. And she usually insisted that Tiny come home with her and stay there. He was often so much, that the guest room pretty much became his.

Not that Amber minded, after all, it was her best friend.

When Amber's phone beeped, she look at the Caller ID to find an unknown number...?

She flipped it open, "Hello?"

2/19/2008 #1,263
Serrah wandered into the appartment, back from class and stretched. Boring, boring , boring.

"Where to go?" she wondered, biting her lip.

She got changed into some baggy black denim jeans and a fitting t-shirt with sneakers. Her hair went up in a pony-tail... she'd just re-done it... with a neon purple streak. She grinned.

((To the Music Hall))

2/19/2008 #1,264
Enigmatic Night
"Pffft... this soldier loves nobody." Nope, that just doesn't suit Tiny. Not at all.

Yeah.. over so much that he began calling Pastor McIntosh, dad.

He sat back and played a bit with Riley- who wanted him to keep making Cuddles 'dance'.

When she began to nod off he leaned forward, as Amber talked on the phone- so that he was on Rae's farside -away from Amber.

"Hey, you okay?" He murmured, close to her ear.

2/19/2008 #1,265
The Ferrett
"This is Royal St George Mental Hospital for the Violent and Dangerous. We have a new patient, a Mr Kealley has entered himself. He was allowed a couple of messages and he has asked us to tell you that he is sorry for abandoning you, but he feels he needs to be right in the head before he can help you with the baby. He says he was a danger to you both as he was and that he won't be discharged until you and his friend feel that he is ready."
2/20/2008 #1,266
Amber dropped the phone in shock.
2/20/2008 #1,267
Rae jumped when Tiny whispered in her ear, suppressing a shiver. "I'm fine," she said quietly, trying to pay attention to the road and not to how close he was.

She looked over at Amber, concerned. "What happened?"

2/20/2008 #1,268
"Steven is in the hospital," She replied shakily before covering a hand over her mouth trying not to cry.
2/20/2008 #1,269
Rae pulled over, leaving the car sitting out of the way of traffic. "What happened?"
2/20/2008 #1,270
"I don't know!" She replied, wringing her hands in distraught. "They just called now and s-said he had a message for me, t-that he was sorry for a-abandoning me -oh God, " She leaned forward and buried her head in her hands.
2/20/2008 #1,271
Reaching over, the nurse rubbed her back soothingly. "Do you want me to drive us there instead?"

((Man, a lot of drama at once!))

((Krodan's back))

2/20/2008 #1,272
Amber shook her head. "N-no, I better not..." She had yet to tell them that he was in the ward for the crazy people.

((Woaaahhh, for serious?!))

2/20/2008 #1,273
((He got on his RP two days ago. I just checked.))

Rae frowned. "What else is there?"

2/20/2008 #1,274
"Look, can you please just take me to my dorm?" Amber asked softly, avoiding the question.


2/20/2008 #1,275
Rae sighed and nodded, even though they were supposed to be going to talk to him in the first place. Pulling away from the side of the road, she said, "If you change your mind just let me know."
2/20/2008 #1,276
Riley had fallen asleep.
2/20/2008 #1,277
Realizing that her phone was still on the ground, Amber picked it up and put it back to her ear.


2/20/2008 #1,278
The Ferrett
"Our patient has said that being crazy is not a good match with being a father, and he hopes with all his soul that you'll be there when he gets out. You can start visiting him in about a week or two. We just need to get him settled. Visiting hours are from 12 to 6."
2/20/2008 #1,279
"Uhm-" Amber squeezed her eyes shut and took in a deep breath, "O-okay. I can't see him now?"
2/20/2008 #1,280
The Ferrett
"We could always have you sign some forms, have him have to deal with administration at the same time."
2/20/2008 #1,281
What should she do?! She bit her lip.

"Um...Could I come in tomorrow then?"

2/20/2008 #1,282
The Ferrett
The voice warms. "Of course. We have to warn you, some of his family may be visiting then, but apart from that, we'll be seeing you at 12."
2/20/2008 #1,283
"His family?!"

#$(#&*(&#$(&#)@#)*@$!!!!! Ran through Amber's mind and she tried not to groan out loud.

"Alright. Thank you then."

2/20/2008 #1,284
The Ferrett
The phone goes dead.
2/20/2008 #1,285
Enigmatic Night
Tiny sighed, "You've gotta be effing kidding me." He shook his head as he looked out the window.
2/20/2008 #1,286
"Don't, Tiny." Amber looked back at him, wiping away tears that threatened to spill down her face. "Just don't."
2/20/2008 #1,287
Enigmatic Night
"Don't what?" He replied nonchalantly, "I didn't say anything."

He continued to look out the window, his strong jaw clenching slightly as he held his tongue.

2/20/2008 #1,288
"You know what," She replied before shutting her eyes and in hopes, to ease the growing headache, massaged her temples. "Just- give me a break right now."
2/20/2008 #1,289
Enigmatic Night
"Like I said.. I'm not saying anything Amber." Tiny responded.
2/20/2008 #1,290
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