Pervert RP
A random idea. Everyone gets to roleplay a pervert or a victim. Perverts sexually harass victims. Then there can be any combination such as pervert and pervert, or of course, pervert and victim. Have fun indulging in debaunchery.
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Graceful Reaper

"Is this my pants size?" She asked holding the jeans.

11/18/2011 #61

"I think so."

11/18/2011 #62
Graceful Reaper

She nodded and wiggled out of her jeans. They were really tight.

11/18/2011 #63

"Nice view~♥" Loki nodded in approval.

11/18/2011 #64
Graceful Reaper

She blushed and said "Turn away. And I need underwear." Roxanne told him. Her's were kind of wet.

11/18/2011 #65

"I'll trade for yours~" He took a pair out.

11/18/2011 #66
Graceful Reaper

She snatched them and kept her's. "Hell no, honey." She stated. Roxanne slipped her panties off and put her new ones on. The brunette put her panties into her jean pocket. It stuck out a little.

11/18/2011 #67

Loki stared shamelessly.

11/18/2011 #68
Graceful Reaper

Roxanne walked out the shed, then she ran home to find Jade.

11/18/2011 #69

Loki followed her silently.

11/18/2011 #70
Graceful Reaper

Stopping, she had to find something she lost. So she went into this dark alley. (I once actually lost something there before. Not lieing.)

11/18/2011 #71

(XD Risky sounding.)

"Hai~" Loki pulled her close and began touching her again from behind.

11/18/2011 #72
Graceful Reaper

(I'm lucky I got out alive. It was DARK outside)

She gasped and looked behind her. "What are you doing here?"

11/18/2011 #73


"Mmm? Keeping you company?" He rubbed her chest and crotch.

11/18/2011 #74
Graceful Reaper

"T-t-hat isn't a answer..." She moaned as he did so. "Rub it harder..."

11/18/2011 #75

Loki did so. He slipped his hands under her shirt. "You like it?"

11/18/2011 #76
Graceful Reaper

"Yes I like it!" She cried, getting wetter by the minute.

11/18/2011 #77

Loki grinned and slipped a hand down to her underwear. He rubbed her.

11/18/2011 #78
Graceful Reaper

"Ahhhhhh!" She moaned, her eyes wide. "I want your fingers inside of me! Ahhhhhh!"

11/18/2011 #79

Loki grinned and pushed his fingers into her. "So can I live with you~? Or just nearby?"

11/18/2011 #80
Graceful Reaper

"Nearby! Ahhhh further!" She shouted, her face filled with pleasure.

11/18/2011 #81

Loki laid her on the ground and moved down to suck her breasts.

11/18/2011 #82
Graceful Reaper

She moaned in pleasure when he did. "Ahhhhh! Bite it!" Roxanne liked it rough.

11/18/2011 #83

Loki grinned as he added another finger and pushed deeper. He bit her breast through her shirt.

11/18/2011 #84
Graceful Reaper

She moaned and screamed when he did. "Ahhhhh! Faster, harder!"

11/18/2011 #85

Loki grinned and pumped faster while biting harder.

(Now then, should Loki be a tease and stop there or should he finish the job? :P Or should they get interrupted?)

11/18/2011 #86
Graceful Reaper

(Interrupted or tease and stop)

"Ahhhhhh! Please don't stop!" She cried.

11/18/2011 #87

(XD Why stop? I know it was my idea, but I wanna know your reasons. :P)

Loki suddenly did just that. "Well, that was fun~"

11/18/2011 #88
Graceful Reaper

(The interruption because it's funny when someone walks in on someone doing it. I walked in on my mom and dad when I was younger.)

She looked at him. "Why did you stop!" Roxanne shouted.

11/18/2011 #89

(.... OoO XD Loki's doing it to tease her and make her want him more. I'm doing it because it's funny.)

Loki grinned. "Just convincing you that you like being touched. Isn't your friend waiting for you~? Maybe another time?"

11/18/2011 #90
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