Pervert RP
A random idea. Everyone gets to roleplay a pervert or a victim. Perverts sexually harass victims. Then there can be any combination such as pervert and pervert, or of course, pervert and victim. Have fun indulging in debaunchery.
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"Well then..." Loki started pulling away. "I guess I'll leave~"

11/20/2011 #121
Graceful Reaper

"No! Okay, I'll beg..." She grumbled, looking away bushing.

11/20/2011 #122

Loki grinned and returned to prodding her entrance.

11/20/2011 #123
Graceful Reaper

"Please with cherries and sprinkles on top may you put you cock inside of me." She muttered, rolling her eyes.

11/20/2011 #124

Loki pushed down inside her.

11/20/2011 #125
Graceful Reaper

She winced when it was half way in there. "Can I get used to it, first?" She asked, whimpering.

11/20/2011 #126

"Of course. I hope you like it after all♥" Loki grinned.

11/20/2011 #127
Graceful Reaper

She nodded and after a few minutes, she said "I'm okay now." Roxanne nodded.

11/20/2011 #128

Loki grinned and pinned her arms above her before he began thrusting into her.

11/20/2011 #129
Graceful Reaper

"Ahhhhh!" She moaned when he did that. Roxanne wrapped her legs around him and she went in further. "Loki! Ahhhhh!" She groaned.

11/20/2011 #130

"You like it, don't you?" He grinned and began pumping at a steady pace.

(So what's gonna happen? Is Loki gonna go out with them both or cheat or something?)

11/20/2011 #131
Graceful Reaper

(I don't know. You decide.)

She nodded, her mind somewhere else. "Ahhh!" The brunette moaned, her eyes distant, but in bliss.

11/20/2011 #132

(Eh...? Uhh....Two guys? I don't know. That's why I'm asking you.)

Loki grabbed her hips and began pounding harder.

11/20/2011 #133
Graceful Reaper

(I guess another guy..?)

"LOKI!" She shouted, her whole body feeling hot.

11/20/2011 #134

(Okay. I'll need to somehow figure out what person to use though. :P What about the other one?)

Loki pushed deep inside her. " like it~" He fondled her ass.

"Ready to cum~?"

11/20/2011 #135
Graceful Reaper

(Which other one? XD)

"YES!" She screamed as she come. "Ugghhh.." She groaned, panting as well.

11/20/2011 #136

(The Roxanne and Jade.)

Loki pulled out and moaned as he came on her thighs.

11/20/2011 #137
Graceful Reaper

(Lets find a guy for Jade! XD)

She smirked as she grabbed his cock, and started sucking it.

11/20/2011 #138

(XP So I guess he's a pervert role too?)

"Ahh~ How thoughtful♪" Loki pet her head and bucked his hips.

11/20/2011 #139
Graceful Reaper

(Yup! XD)

She just grinned and lightly dragged her teeth along his length.

11/20/2011 #140

(XP You can go ahead and make him if you want. You want to make it?)

He shivered. "Ahh...that's good~"

11/20/2011 #141
Graceful Reaper

(I'm not good at making guys)

She smirked and sucked harder, almost choking on it.

11/20/2011 #142

(Ehh...well...I don't know. I guess it'll be basically a Loki clone though huh?)

"A-ahh...good girl..." He began to stiffen again.

11/20/2011 #143
Graceful Reaper

(Will he look different?)

She squeezed his cock as she sucked on the head.

11/20/2011 #144

(Should he? :P Up to you.)

Loki grinned. "You love it don't you? My cock?"

11/20/2011 #145
Graceful Reaper

"Of course! It taste delicious." She licked the head lightly.

(Yeah, he should. :P)

11/20/2011 #146

(So we're basically making him because we don't approve of cheating?)

Loki moaned. "You really want me to blow my load in your mouth, don't you~♥?"

11/20/2011 #147
Graceful Reaper


She nodded and bit it slightly, while she rubbed and squeezed his cock.

11/20/2011 #148

(Okay. XD What's his name?)

"Ahh..." Loki pressed it into her lips. "So nice."

11/20/2011 #149
Graceful Reaper

(I don't know, Jess Thomas? Something!)

She teased Loki by just licking him a little on his head.

11/20/2011 #150
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