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Malik nodded, running scenarios through his mind. They couldn't go back to the forger, or any lyfe associates now. They didn't really have anywhere to go then, they had already checked out of the motel they were using. They had to wander until Genna texted or called them. He would wait a little longer to text her back, and would do so in code. She never forgot to notify him if she was going somewhere, it was part of the standard procedure she had created.

"Right, lets see if we can loose him then? We can't lead him to anything related to Lyfe, so we're just going to walk around a bit." He kept his voice low and casual. They couldn't use the roofs, because he wasn't sure of Elka's ability to travel useing them, not to mention that it would show their tail they knew he was there. And they should avoid the alleys, too closed in, easy to get cornered or surprised. "You probably know this city better than me, we need to get somewhere with people. somewhere he could loose us, and he can't attack us without being seen."

8/10/2011 #121

"The nearest place where people would be is at a park. But it is a twenty minute walk. And you can't drive there, the roads are too narrow," Elka's voice had worry to it, but she was managing to remain calm at the moment. "But, I do know a place we can hide. I would go there when the police-men were after me," she told Malik. "It's not even five minutes, but there wouldn't be anybody around."

8/10/2011 #122

Malik bit his lip, "I don't know, it wouldn't be that safe it this guy followed us there would it?"

((Sorry, I forgot to answer your question :s a preteen would be fine I think, as long as it makes sense for Lyfe to pick them up. If it make sense, I see nothing against it.))

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"I think either way we are....what do you Americans say? Screwed?" Elka repeated the American phrase. "The twenty minute walk would also be unsafe, giving him the perfect chance to attack," she reminded. "Are you sure Genna is alright?" What if he had gone after her?

8/10/2011 #124

"If he has Genna, then we're definitely screwed." he replied. He looked around. "Park is better I think. If it gets bad, we might be able to take to the roofs." it was an option at least.

8/10/2011 #125

Elka nodded and stopped walking for a moment and knelt down. She held her arm out, Loki climbing down onto the ground. She told him something in German, causing him to make a small squeak before running off. "Be careful," she whispered softly as she watched Loki run off, her hands tightening around a necklace that held a coin at the end. She looked back over to Malik. "Alright, park is this way. If somebody speaks to you, pretend to be french or something. Don't speak English except to me."

8/10/2011 #126

He nodded, he knew how to keep his head down in a crowd.

8/10/2011 #127

As they started walking once more, Elka's demeanour seemed to change. SHe took a few steps out of place and put her hand to her head. She couldn't tell if she was just dizzy, or if it had to do with her powers. "Ever since my first vision about you all and Lyfe, my mind has been haywire..." she told Malik.

8/10/2011 #128

"Has that ever happened before?" He asked quietly, leaning over slightly so she could hear.

8/10/2011 #129

"Not like this," she shook her head. "It has been non-stop headaches, voices, everything." She thought for a moment, "once before. When Frollo became the leader of our gypsy family. He found out about my abilities. I'm sorry...I have to stop for a moment." She felt about to collapse or be sick. She leaned against a wall, taking in deep breaths.

8/10/2011 #130

Malik looked around nervously, They really needed to keep moving. An idea came to him then, his forehead creased in thought. "I might be able to help," He said slowly, "But I need you to trust me. And it may not even work..."

8/10/2011 #131

"Do whatever you want," at this point, she didn't care what he tried. If it could help even the slightest, she would be more than grateful.


Meanwhile, Loki had slipped back to where they had all been earlier. Even though she knew it was against her orders, Elka had sent him back to check on Genna. Of course, being what he was, he was small and knew how to stay hidden. But they needed to know if something bad had happened.

8/10/2011 #132

Malik nodded, "Alright." He looked around again, then layed his hand on her head, and closed his eyes. He could feel the blood moving, incredibly complicated and blurry. He concentrated on those pathways. He had studied all anatomy thoroughly so he could help people, but the brain was incredibly difficult. He concentrated, breathing deeply. He could feel where the blood wasn't moving the way it should. He carefully coaxed it, not changing or 'fixing' anything, jut helping it along. He moved throughout her brain, broadening pathways just enough to help.

He drew his hand away, opening his eyes again.

8/10/2011 #133

Elka's expression seemed to have calmed, in noticeably less pain. "Thank you," she said softly to him. "Alright, i suppose we should keep going?" She gave a sheepish smile, slightly embarrassed she had only slowed the two down. They somehow managed to reach the park with very few problems. It wasn't as crowded as Elka had thought or hoped, but it should have been enough. "Now what, do we wait here?"

8/10/2011 #134

Malik looked around again. "Ya," He sat down, back against a tree where he could see most of the park. The sun was actually going down now, and the sky was lit up beautifully. He pulled out his phone, seeing that there were still no messages.

((...do you know what happened to Genna? I hope you do, cuz I don't lol.))

8/10/2011 #135

(Hmmm...I think I have an idea. Hey, what do you think a good power would be for a deaf kid? I don't really wanna use psychic or dreams cause of Elka and M)

Again, Elka paused, but this time, her look wasn't one of pain. Her eyes had completely gazed over, as if she were in a vision. However, usually, her visions would be similar to small seizures. But it wasn't, she was just standing there.


He had already attacked the small man who made the passports. He had slit the mans throat, but whether the small man was dead yet was unknown. Now, it was time to go after the winged girl.

(And, here is the villain who's name I suddenly cannot remember! Not Frollo, but my other dude. The one that goes after Lyfe members -mainly new recruits-)

"Where is the girl?" He could not be seen by Genna, but his voice was there. "The psychic, where is she?" His voice was low and cold, inhuman, almost.


"We have to go, now." Was all Elka told Malik.

8/10/2011 #136

(umm, first thing I can think of is earth bending lol, but that's cuz I'm weird haha. Control of the wind or something?)

Malik stood, "Where." He asked, still typing on his phone. He was putting together a coded message to Genna.

(Oh, and standing still could be a seizure, just a different type one haha.)

8/10/2011 #137

(Well, I will honestly say i have never seen that type. When my dad has seizures, he usually blacks out and falls. It's scary. Or it was the first time I saw it, cause we were in a car)

"Back to Genna. She's in trouble." Elka said nervously.

8/10/2011 #138

((most Seisures are that way, but there are a type where the person just blanks, doesn't know what they are doing ar whats happening around them.))

Malik stopped in the middle of his text message, and looked at her, "Where? still at the forgers? its been a while..."

8/10/2011 #139

(hmmm...Didn't know that. Thanks ^^)

Elka nodded, "I believe so. That is where loki went to. I think the old man...I think he might be dead," Elka's vision had come true.

8/10/2011 #140

Malik punched some buttons on his phone, and started walking in the direction of the shop. "we better get going then."

8/10/2011 #141

Elka followed after, paying more attention to her surroundings than ever. Soon enough, when they reached the shop, the door had been broken down.

8/10/2011 #142

Malik edged into the house, moving to the living room where the door to the back room was also ripped open, hanging askew.

(I have no brain. Oh, and the whole Malik and his phone thing, he made a phone call. just if it gets important. He reported the situation to Lyfe. erg suddently really tired.)

8/10/2011 #143

(Awww, my little deaf girl is so cute ^^ I also made a hacker, who is gonna be awesome)

Suddenly, Loki bounded into the room over to Malik and Elka, jumping up into Elka's arms. His fur was covered in blood. "Where's Genna?" She whispered almost in audibly. He simply cuddled into her arms, still shaking in fear. Elka looked over to Malik, unsure what to do.

8/10/2011 #144

Malik looked around the room, there was a lot of blood, and the body of the forger on the floor. The man was definitely dead, the blood had stopped moving in him, although it was still warm. He looked around the room and the various pools and spatters of blood. He touched one of them with his hands, concentrating on its signature. "None of this is Genna's." He said to Elka.


8/10/2011 #145

Elka wanted to be sick when she saw all the blood. She paled and closed her eyes for a moment, keeping calm. At Malik's words she opened her eyes back up. "Do you know how to find her?" She asked. She set Loki on her shoulder, ignoring the blood it left on her outfit.

8/10/2011 #146

Malik flipped open his phone again, "Ya, I should be able to track her." He pressed a few buttons and put it to his ear, walking into a corner of the blood soaked room so he could talk. Blood stopped bothering him a long time ago, so he barely noticed Elka's discomfort. He had a quick conversation with headquarters, before hanging up and opening the special GPS program Lyfe had set up. He entered the codes he was given by the operator he called, as well as his own codes.

"right." He said to Elka when he had the blinking dots on the map. "Their pretty near here, lets go."

8/11/2011 #147

(ARGGGGG I can't shower until Monday D: )

"What should we do about him?" Elka asked, looking back at the dead man. "We can't leave him." Not only did she feel it was morally wrong, but she didn't want the chance of anything else being framed on the gypsies. "The police will be arriving soon. Having them on our tail...It will make matters worse..."

8/11/2011 #148

((...Why? I feel your pain but...why?))

"I already told Lyfe about it already. They'll deal with everything." He was already moving to the door. "Right now we need to worry about Genna, then get somewhere safe. Then we need to get passports." His mind was raceing. He walked out the door, following his phone, barely caring whether or not Elka was there. Genna was a few blocks away, once he got there, he could think about everything else. Something colourful caught his eye, and he stopped. There was something he needed to remember... It was a poster, for a circus. Cheep paper, and bright colours, highlighting tomorrow and the next three days dates. And then he focused on the picture in the background, a grey boy, entire body encased in a ridiculous small box. Malik smiled. They had somewhere to go now, and they could pick up another member at the same time.

((I'm grabbing Franz :) Pen pointed out that we're moving really slowly, and we need to just go somewhere already haha. So I thought that we should prolly grab Franz in Geramny))

8/11/2011 #149

(Major water back up. So, I'm gonna use the hose to wash my hair outside)

Elka followed quickly, not wanting to be left behind. When Malik stopped and looked at a poster she smiled. "My guardian took me once. Those people are amazing," she said softly. Looking over at his expression, she quickly caught on, "we're going there, aren't we?" Was there a Lyfe member, or somebody they needed? "Which one?" She asked, looking back at the paper.

(Okie dokie ^^ I'm excited to get him in!)

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