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[ Set during the year 2005 ]

Well, here is where you create your god/godness.



Species (god/godness or demi-god):


God/Godness of:

Appearance (Can be a picture):





7/30/2011 . Edited 7/30/2011 #1

Name: Helena

Age: circa 10.000

Species (god/godness or demi-god): Godness

Nationality: Greek

God/Godness of: The Sea

Appearance (can be a picture):

Personality: Sweet and kind, hyper at times but mostly shy. Is loyal and loves to battle.

History: Unknown

Weapon: Trident and other weapons.

Extra: Loves dressing elegantly when around humans/demi-gods. Loves bubble gums and she always blows one.

7/30/2011 #2

Still here.


Age: Who knows?

Species (god/godness or demi-god): Goddess or demi-god. I'll decide later and edit.

Nationality: Egyptian maybe. They have a god for everything.

God/Godness of: Mysteries and unkown secrets

Appearance (Can be a picture): No pic. Short white hair that looks as if a crazy person took a hairdryer to it. Messy. Light green eyes. Looks like a young child of maybe ten, but her personality says differently.

Personality: Blunt. Sarcastic. Never answers questions. Often just trails off and stares into space. Considers the world foolish.

History: No one knows.

Weapon: Doesn't fight until provoked. When she does she uses whatever, whether that be a sword, gun, or branch.

Extra: Doesn't bother with humans except those who acknowledge that she exists, and even then rarely

8/3/2011 #3

Accepted. Sorry for the late reply. Please ask others to join this forum :)

Start Rp-ing whenever you want ...

8/6/2011 #4
Hyper and Dream

Name: Janice (call her Janie)

Age: 2005, you say? Hmm... I'll decide later.

Species (god/godness or demi-god): Goddess

Nationality: Venezuelan (she was born a demigod, then turned into goddess later on)

God/Godness of: Greek goddess of happiness, literature, joy, and animals

Appearance (Can be a picture): Waist length curly reddish-brown hair. Ocean blue eyes that turn stormy gray. Tanned skin. Freckles.

Personality: A happy goddess. Can make ANYONE happy by just being there. She's kind and loyal. Will never betray you, so never betray her. She chooses her friends carefully. She has a crush on Poseidon.

History: She was born as a demigod with a Venezuelan man and Athena. Then, after doing a great deed and almost dying, her mother turned her into a goddess, where she lives in Olympus happily with her family.

Weapon: Daggers

Extra: She wears lots of silver

8/21/2011 #5

Accepted. Feel free to join whenever :)

8/30/2011 #6
Name: Patrick Age: 7 Species: Mortal turned Demi-God ( Hope that's OK) Nationality: American (Hope that's fine) God/Godness of: Demi-God of the oceans Appearance: Shoulder length bland hair, forest green eyes, straight nose, cleft chin, caucasion. Unlike the other Gods and Demi-Gods, Patrick wears a more Modern Attire. He wears a pair of swiming trunks and vellcro Sandels. Personality: Friendly, outgoing, playful and fun loving, child like curiosity, History: Patrick was a human orphan lost at sea, when he was near death, Helena saved him and transformed him into a Demi-god. Weapon: None yet, will change. Extra: He is closest to Helena out of all the gods as she saved him.
9/6/2011 #7

Accepted. .. One again sorry for late reply! I will check this a lot more from now on... :)

9/11/2011 #8

Name: Geneviève Taylor

Age: 6

Species: Goddess

Nationality: Canadian (Who watches Hetalia!)

Godesss of nature (Maple syrup)

Appearence: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=badass+nature+goddess&um=1&hl=en&client=gmail&rls=gm&noj=1&tbm=isch&tbnid=TgM5huKlcFbkdM:&imgrefurl=http://randomroleplay.forumotion.net/t301-great-heroes-and-gods-of-the-ages-finally-complete&docid=gZ0k6tUaS8E6rM&w=475&h=745&ei=o8Z0TtbnNKf30gHz6sCzDQ&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=368&page=4&tbnh=140&tbnw=89&start=68&ndsp=23&ved=1t:429,r:14,s:68&tx=45&ty=95&biw=1366&bih=667 She looks exactly like that

Personality: She is a very quiet girl that can kick some butt and is very sweet she always gets what she wants

History: She grew up in the wild until she was 5 that's when her father took her in and named her a god of Canada nature her father is Zues god of the gods in Greece (Where I'm originally from) and her mother is mother nature who needed help

Weapon: She likes to make home made stuff like knifes and daggers but her real weapon is bow and arrows

Extra: She is really a feisty girl but doesn't meet to many people

Thanxs do you have to approve?

9/20/2011 #9

YEah I do. Approved :)

9/20/2011 #10


11/8/2011 #11

Name: Faine

Age: eh... 2,000 +

Species: goddess

Nationality: Greek

God/Goddess of: Balance (like yin yang thing)

Apearance: She takes many forms, but the one she is most comfortable with is a girl of 19 with long wavy blonde hair and has medium toned skin (not too tan not too pale) and violet eyes.

Personality: She is kind of bi-polar, because she is the goddess of balance she is either on one side of the spectrum of something or the other, its very rare if you catch her right in the middle

History: Ah....

Weapon: anything and everything she can get her hand on

Extra: When Faine is on a happy bi-polar mood she dresses in overly bright colors, when she's sad or angry she dresses darkly. When Faine is in serious goddess restore balance mode she always wears pure white. And no matter what mood she is in she always has a gold armand on her left arm.

11/12/2011 #12

Name: Ra

Age: umm...5,000+?

Species (god/godness or demi-god): God

Nationality: Egyptian

God/Godness of: Sun, King of the Gods/Goddesses, peace,

Appearance (Can be a picture): He can be seen in many forms, but is mainly seen as a tall, man, in his 30's. He is really muscular and has a crooked grin. He has no hair and wears the Egyptian style kilt and jewelry. This look is completed with the traditional khol eyeliner. He also wears a necklace with an ankh as a pendant.

Personality: He is usually a wise and fair ruler. But, most of you haven't seen his evil side...

History: idk what to put here

Weapon: Crook and flail, kopesh (Egyptian style sword), his own pure will (mwahahaha....)


11/28/2011 #13

Do you approve?

11/28/2011 #14

this forums dead so just rp!

11/28/2011 #15
Agent 22

Tempted to join this roleplay

3/4/2012 . Edited 5/5/2012 #16

Name: Maia

Age: 21

Species: goddess

Nationality: Greek

Godess of: Birds

Appearance : Long, blonde hair tied into a ponytail over one shoulder. Gray eyes. Different colorful, feather dresses that can be change (when hunting- gray, when at a party- colorful) , shorts.

Personality: Quiet, likes to be alone with birds.

History: Her mother, Hera, had to go to war against the Titans so she left Maia in a birds nest where the baby grew up.

Weapon: Daggers hidden in her feathers. always has flocks of birds that can come to her side in battle.

Extra: Maia can fly. Her symbol is a hummingbird, always shown as sitting on her outstretched finger.

7/15/2012 #17
Faithful Fox

Name: Lunar

Age: 4000 years

Species (god/godness or demi-god): Goddess

Nationality: Egyptian

God/Godness of: The moon, stars, hunting, and cats.

Appearance (Can be a picture): with silver-blue cat ears.

Personality: Lunar is a rather reclusive goddess. She spends most of her time hunting or looking at the stars. She takes things very seriously, people will rarely see her laugh.

History: Lunar was created by the light of the moon. When she was born, she was imaged exactly as she looks now. As far as she is concerned, her only parent is the moon. However, her mother might be out there somewhere. Ever since, Lunar has never aged and looks like a little girl. When she first became a goddess, the other gods and goddesses took her as irresponsible and immature. However, she was completely the opposite. The other Gods and Goddesses still see her as a little girl instead of a 4000 year old Goddess.

Weapon: A bow and arrow, silver daggers.

Extra: Nothing, really

11/17/2013 . Edited 11/17/2013 #18
Faithful Fox

(I don't know why the picture isn't showing up...)

11/17/2013 #19
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