Love and Grief
What do you think about love and grief together? Your favorite stories with those two elements? What you likedislike about them? Talk!
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dont you just love tragic stories that make you cry? That overwhelming feeling of pity or pain towards a character? so then do tears give more value to the love story? does the grief make the story linger in your mind just a little longer? your thoughts please.
4/6/2007 #1
I love that kind of stuff. Right now I'm writing a story about a guy who loves this girl, but then he totally screws up. Then, he comes back and she's no longer available. I'm gonna end it with a little violence. Then the tears flow.
6/15/2007 #2
Check out my one "Night-In-Gale" friends told me their tears just froze inside them. The fic's kind of DARK though....
6/26/2007 #3
oh, i just love tragic stories. i got to admit, i hate it because in most tragic stories, there is always a sad ending. but to me, the endings are so much more meaningful. i love the suspense, the emotion, the tears that i shed or the characters shed because in reality, they have the same problems that we do. i like the feeling of getting connected with the characters in these deep emotional strings. to me, it reflects the strength of the writer and the skill the writer has to create these feelings within a person towards a character. if we can feel the emotional feelings of the character and react to it with the whole sad atmosphere, than its almost like, "wow." lol. i just enjoy tragic stories in a horribly weird way becuase i feel there is so much power and meaning in those stories. i hate them and love them. haha.
7/24/2007 #4
Yes, tragic stories are cool - especially if they are emotional enough. Anything emotional is great actually. Though, I just hate it when people get it confused with tragedy. Yeah, often there are sad endings, oh well. I'll try make mine happy - but then people complain about happy endings. Whatever.
8/6/2007 #5
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