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Jealous Rage

Also, it occurred to me just as I posted that I didn't tell you about that haha. I'm planning on giving the MC from 'Waking Up the Devil' his own longer story.

4/29/2012 #61

Too bad we can't finish the DP before you leave.

yeah. bit too much to do there I'm afraid.

4/30/2012 #62
Jealous Rage


4/30/2012 #63

so I've been needing to write this @#$% subplot and I need to hash out ideas, so I'm just going to vomit all over this page. you've been warned.

OKAY, so in sirens there comes a chapter (or ten... srsly) where there's a huuuuge amount of dead time and I just need to distract patty for as long as I possibly can. easy enough since he's an ADD-puppy with little-to-no self-control as you can imagine.

problem: wtf could possibly be going on (within home-territory) that would distract him for ten chapters??

option 1: have several more run-ins with the surrounding territories. definitely doable, but risks being tedious and repetitive.

option 2: have some kind of flail with the "normal" folk. however this risks being not as believable, since the people there are supposed to be loyal, kind, ad nauseum. (they can be pseudo mary-sues, they're only background. right? right??)

other options... ¯\[°_O]/¯

I'm leaning for option 2. when I discussed this with fang there were a few options we discussed (vandalism, but why would they do that to themselves; stealing, but same point... you get the idea), but one in particular she mentioned was perhaps of a kid who was trying to prove himself (to?? parent perhaps, or peers) that he could be a Raptor. obviously this shows a disconnect for him at least that the Raptors don't just go do whatever they want cos they can, and this opens up a nice moment to teach responsibility blah blah no one will care.

generally this'll pretty much be spread out that brinda'll have bffs within the marketplace that're getting some of their stuff stolen. (well, it'll disappear at the time, they'll figure that out later.) so it'll just start with patty visiting brinda more, she mentions it a couple times before she decides it's actually a problem and then patty gets roped into helping her out. of course. (cos he's a good lil' son, right? right.)

the potential problem with this is I don't know that I can make it a big enough problem to span ten chapters, as I hoping this can develop some action when, at this point in the story at present, there is little to none of ANYTHING happening... except for patty thinking. lotttts of thinking. and he whines. a lot.

... so, yeah. if you have any thoughts I'd be happy to hear it, if not: this has been a ramble. g'day!

5/6/2012 #64

I think option 1 sounds good. Just sayin'. I don't think it would necessarily be repetitive if you planned it out as escalating along the same time Jonathan's pressuring Patty to get a move on offing Sera. Really build stuff up. Plus I think the story needs more of the outsiders. Granted I've only read the first half so I dunno if that comes in later, but it was something I wanted to see more of all along.

5/6/2012 #65

that's a good point.

I'm wondering if I should throw in a little of both, since the outsiders business can be (and usually is) dealt with pretty quickly...

bah I need to decide and write, I don't have a lot of time for this do I :\

5/6/2012 #66

Anyone have any suggestions for the "appropriate" length for a prologue?

7/9/2012 #67
Jealous Rage

I'm not really sure. I don't use a lot of prologues. When I have in the past, I've usually tried to keep it around 1/3 the average length of my chapters. But really, even if some people don't like it, it can be as long as you want. If it's really short, but doesn't accomplish what you've set out to do, then what's the point? Better to be longer and do what it needs to do, in my opinion.

7/9/2012 . Edited 7/9/2012 #68

@xRandomGirlx: In my personal experience, prologues vary in length depending on what you want to get across. I've had prologues taking up only 600 words and I've also written 3000 word prologues (about similar to my chapter lengths). Many people view prologues as unimportant to the story so bearing that in mind, you should write the length needed to make the prologue relevant to the story as a whole.

On another note, I'm starting on a story with different motifs and themes. Which is better: making the concepts nuanced and hinted throughout the story or making them very obvious to the reader?

7/11/2012 #69
Jealous Rage

I'm a fan of subtlety in stories, so my vote goes towards keeping things nuanced and hinted at. I think it's hard to tell if it really works or not until you've made significant progress with that story. If you're posting as you complete each chapter, chances are you'll get feedback that tells you whether or not you need to crank up the obvious factor a little.

Personally, I'm a fan of stories that make me think, and that are a little more... layered, maybe. So, I think you should keep things mysterious and see what your readers think.

7/11/2012 . Edited 7/11/2012 #70
Silvia Hearten Calen

As a reader, I find it much more fun to figure out what the writer is trying to tell the reader. So I agree with Jealous Rage to go with naunce and hints. J.R.'s also right about you being able to see on your own if things are a little too vague as your story goes along and reviews from others will help too.

That's my opinion and it also depends on what you want the reader to know firsthand and what you want readers to know later/figure it out as the story moves along. I hope this helps.

7/11/2012 #71


7/11/2012 #72
Jealous Rage

Anybody thinking about participating in Camp NaNoWriMo next month?

7/13/2012 #73

I would but I participated in June. And August is usually my month for cramming all summer work I forgot to do. But it was a really fun experience when I did it June.

7/13/2012 #74
Jealous Rage

Ah, I see. I did it in June as well. Got off to a rocky start haha. I was on vacation for the first ten days, so I didn't get much written. But it all worked out in the end. I think I am going to try in August, but I'm not sure yet. I think it'll depend on whether or not I'm keeping the same schedule at work or not. If my hours stay the same or go down a bit, I will. But if they go up at all, I don't think I'll have the time.

7/13/2012 #75

June started great for me but in the end, I kind of just typed the first thing that came to my mind in an effort to get the goal (I did). Somehow, June was busier for me than November which is crazy since I had school when I did NaNoWriMo and supposedly less free time. I guess essay camps and Disney World was what killed me.

7/13/2012 #76
Jealous Rage

Yeah. I did pretty well once I got back home. I think I ended up with just over 60k written for the story I was working on. But I had an easy June haha. Other than the vacation to start it off, I didn't have much else going on. I wasn't really working all that much, so I had quite a bit of time to write in. Last November was a little busier. I was working more then, so that slowed me down a bit. Still got it done though.

7/13/2012 #77
Jealous Rage

I posed this question on Facebook, but I don't expect much to come of that (because people suck), so I'll ask again here. I've got a new story idea that I could run with right now. But I've also got some ideas for taking one of my older short stories and turning into something more. Which do you think I should go for?

9/7/2012 #78

My first answer (and probably not so helpful one) would be: it depends on what story you feel like writing more. I always find it difficult to actually write something when my heart really isn't in it. So if you're more excited about starting a particular story, then I would go with that one.

My second answer: actually, I like the idea of expanding older short stories. But that's simply personal preference, since I always find it interesting to take an old concept and add more detail to it to create something new. Honestly, this decision is a tough one since both appear like solid choices - it appears as if both can easily be started and I don't know much about plot to make any decision on that account.

9/7/2012 #79
Jealous Rage

I still haven't decided. Sort of been going back and forth on both. I'll try to make up my mind tonight after work. I'll just pick one and see how it goes.

9/9/2012 #80
Jealous Rage

I ended up editing my August Camp NaNoWriMo and posting a couple chapters. I had plans to go through and edit/post all of it, but then my attention turned to a new story. So I'm working on that now.

9/23/2012 #81

It's 2:30 AM and I feel like ranting so I'ma do it here.

So lately I have been completely out of ideas which is really problematic because I'm actually in the mood to write something. Annoying. I really want to have a long story I can just come back to sometimes like with characters I always want to hang out with. Not a story I've planned out, something that just meanders toward a plot until it all ties in, like my process for Bay. Unfortunately that was kinda a weird thing anyway because normally I either write a one-off short story and never revisit it, or I do a NaNo novel that I've planned out to at least a slight extent. Writing without a goal in mind just isn't how I do things, but it's how I want to do things, just for the experience. Only I'm having trouble thinking of a topic to start with. I know what interests me but I suck at writing all that, and I know what I can write but I'm not interested in any of that. Bah.

And this is basically how my writing process has stalled recently. It's one big circle of suck.

But recently I've been thinking maybe I could revisit some of my short story ideas. I usually wrap the stories up as much as I feel is necessary/fitting for those characters/setting, so I dunno what that would lead to. But I think my stories Lucky, Mountain Boy, and The Breaking could make for some interesting combinations. No idea for plot, obviously, which is nice for this project. But I can't decide if I want to use the original characters or new ones. I'm not attached to them but I don't hate them either. In Lucky especially I could easily reuse it. The other two kinda died in the end but, meh, this is fiction. Death doesn't need to be permanent.

Okay, thank you rant. This has really helped me.

9/28/2012 #82
Jealous Rage

Did you make a decision on what you want to do? I like the idea of sticking with the same characters. That's what I tend to do and it works for me.

I've been working on a new story a bit lately, just small stuff. But I ordered some books to do a little research, so until they get here, I'm putting that on hold and going back to an older project. Actually managed to crank out about a thousand words before work this morning in my notebook. We'll see how far I can get on this one before my books arrive.

9/28/2012 #83
Jealous Rage

Do you find in your writing that you tend to revisit certain things? Themes, symbols, motifs; whatever. Is there stuff that you have in most or all of your stories, whether you consciously decided to put it in or not?

For me, the first thing that comes to minds is bars. As in places people go to drink. All of my stories seem to feature a bar, or end up in one eventually. I couldn't tell you exactly why that is. I don't personally spend that much time in bars. But for whatever reason, my characters usually end up there eventually.

How about you?

10/4/2012 #84

Hmm... Let's see. The first one I can think deals with characters. Whenever I start creating character concepts for my stories, I somehow start with a certain archetype or "type" of character that I like. Of course, as I add more to the characters, they become a lot more different than the original concept, though the basis is still there if you look really carefully. For example, both of my current stories contain serious authority figures, mysterious entities, and innocent but mature children. I also seem to like including powerful organizations or infamous groups. I'm not really sure why I do this - it's probably because I seem to enjoy stories that lend themselves to certain character types.

I'm pretty sure there's a lot more things I revisit, though I can't think of anything else yet.

10/4/2012 #85
Jealous Rage

I came up with a concept for NaNoWriMo this year. I was watching the seventh season of Supernatural last night, and I decided I want to write about Gods killing each other. I've got sort of a basic concept lined out in my head. Involves the actual God, Death, and some powerful beings who all claim to be God and start duking it out all over the place. Definitely a work in progress, but it has all the things I like and I can sort of make up the plot as I go along. It's how I work best.

10/7/2012 #86

Ooh, sounds exciting. I've still got no ideas for NaNo. I was gonna browse TvTropes last night and try and get inspired but so far nothing.

I've kinda been thinking about restarting Dodging the Snare with a complete reimagining but I'm not sure how I want to do it. I mean, it was always meant to kinda be my big shot at epic fantasy but I failed hardcore at that. So I want to maybe switch genres but I'm not sure what would work with it. I think horror could work, maybe something along the lines of Bay setting-wise, and there's always supe. But I'm wary of supe and urban fantasy because I don't think the story would translate as well in a modern setting, at least in my head. The characters just don't mesh well with modern society.

Have you ever had that problem? Trying to work something into a different genre?

10/7/2012 #87
Jealous Rage

Yeah, recently actually. I think I was in a better position than you though, since my characters didn't have to be radically changed to fit into the new setting. It was just difficult taking them from Supe characters to regular humans. Once you take the power away, it can change them drastically haha.

10/7/2012 #88

Yeah, it certainly makes things complicated. It changes how they affect the plot and it's like 'how much can I change them before the story is completely different?'

I dunno, I'm really leaning toward a Bay-era story, I think. Sort of pseudo-Victorian but in this case with more of a fantasy element than a cosmic horror feel. Not that I think I succeeded with that in Bay, haha, but it's what most people thought it was. I think it'll change the society a lot but the characters should actually be stronger this time around. The lead guy, Jerel, always kinda wallowed in fantasy job hell but I think in a post-industrial revolution era he'd find his place better.

10/7/2012 #89

Btw, back to this:

Do you find in your writing that you tend to revisit certain things? Themes, symbols, motifs; whatever. Is there stuff that you have in most or all of your stories, whether you consciously decided to put it in or not?

Death. Lots of death and dying, lol. It's intentional and not, I think. Like I like to write stories about that but there was like an 18-month run when I didn't write a single thing without death in it and that was unintentional. Along with that, but in far fewer stories, the idea of reincarnation comes into play a bit. I also tend to have a lot of animals and nonhuman narrators for some reason. I didn't notice that one until Potter commented on it, haha. I dunno why, I just keep coming back to these.

I've got a question for you guys. How do you choose your narrator? Do you make a conscious decision like 'okay, this person makes the most sense to tell this part of he story' or do you just start writing whatever? I tend toward the second one and it makes things strange sometimes because all the characters in my head become interchangeable; they're all rated equally in ability to tell the story so there's not as much variation, I think, in my male/female/animal/etc characters as there might be in other people's writing. It's just a strange thing I've noticed in my writing and I wondered if anyone else had unexplained tendencies in their writings that they just go with....

10/7/2012 #90
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