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Jealous Rage

This is the place for off-topic chatter and talking. The stuff that doesn't fit in the other threads.

8/15/2011 . Edited 7/4/2013 #1

I need to go to the store but nobody's around to take me T__T

8/16/2011 #2
Jealous Rage

Did you ever get to the store? haha

8/17/2011 #3

I read the title of this topic and immediately thought 'arf!'

I spend too much time around my dog.

8/17/2011 #4
Jealous Rage

Apparently. I just wanted to keep it short and simple. I don't like long ass thread titles.

8/17/2011 #5

Man, no wonder I couldn't find this forum again. You lyric-spammed AND changed the name. *shakes fist*

8/17/2011 #6
Jealous Rage

Yeah, I went a little crazy with the spamming. And there's another forum named 'The Crossroads', so I decided to change it again.

8/17/2011 #7

Interesting choice. Are we gonna have a mission statement to go along with our awesome new title? Or are we just gonna keep talking at each other 'til we find our way?

8/17/2011 #8
Jealous Rage

Just keep talking. Mission statements are for people who have missions. We're all too lazy for that shit.

Also, I am aware what a biography is. I figured people would get the idea though haha. Should I change it to something else?

8/17/2011 #9

I dunno, it's up to you. I just thought the word choice was funny. XD

It depresses me that it's 9:40 and I keep thinking I should've been in bed 40 minutes ago. Stupid 5AM wakeup call. :/ But screw that. Sleep is lame. I shall rebel!

For at least another 20 minutes or so...

8/17/2011 #10
Jealous Rage

Fuck yeah, rebels. Fight the power, Lyra. Don't let the man (or sleep, whatever) hold you down.

8/17/2011 #11
Jealous Rage

I changed it to "A Little About You", so you can edit so you don't look like a weirdo. haha

8/17/2011 #12

Psh, you're the weirdo. I'll know it forever. Poor noobs won't know what they missed.

I just got weird deja vu. It was like this had happened four years ago while I was in college which makes no sense since I didn't even come on the forums 'til after I graduated. o.o

Wtf, brain?

8/17/2011 #13
Jealous Rage

Yeah, you're losing your mind. Off your meds again, or something?

8/17/2011 #14

Perpetually. They don't know what meds to give me. I'm just that crazy.

8/17/2011 #15
Jealous Rage

That's not too bad. When you're that crazy, everything is awesome. So many crazy colours, like an eternal acid trip.

8/17/2011 #16

Oh yeah, you know me and my wild trips. Life's one big psychedelic journey, man. You wish you were me.

8/17/2011 #17
Jealous Rage

No, I like being me. But I'm sure many people would like to be you. Yeah.

8/17/2011 #18

5AM wakeup? Meh, I can stay up another 50 minutes. Who needs 7 hours sleep? 6 hours works just as well.

8/17/2011 #19
Jealous Rage

I get by on about five and a half, so you should be fine.

8/17/2011 #20

...No offense, but you don't actually do anything during the day....

8/17/2011 #21
Jealous Rage

I do a lot during the day. I just don't make a habit of telling people about it haha. If I really did as little as it seems like I do, I'd be 300lbs and in a hospital haha.

8/17/2011 #22

Haha, fair enough.

8/17/2011 #23

*should not be awake right now*

8/18/2011 #24
Jealous Rage

I'm inspired tonight. When I get on the computer again, sometime around 2, I will have written something. Mark my words.

8/18/2011 #25

When I get on the computer again, sometime around 2, I will have written something.


8/18/2011 #26
Jealous Rage

2359 words on the first chapter of my new story. Not too bad. It's written in my notebook, so I expect that number to change, one way or the other, when I copy it onto the computer, but still. I am pleased.

8/19/2011 #27

Niiiiiice. Lend me some inspiration. Mine seems to have fled and been replaced with a loop of Raise Your Glass.

8/19/2011 #28
Jealous Rage

I would if I could haha.

8/19/2011 #29

You're no help. -_-

8/19/2011 #30
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