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Jealous Rage

Also, for anyone who cares: That's a bit I wrote a couple months back comparing and contrasting the movie and book versions of Drive.

9/23/2012 . Edited 9/23/2012 #31
Jealous Rage

I started watching Sons of Anarchy last week. It's fucking awesome. I recommend it to anybody who likes great television.

Anyways, watched all four seasons that are out, bought them on DVD last weekend. And then, on Tuesday, the third episode of the fifth season played. They killed off one of my favourite characters. Had him beaten to death in prison. I was not happy. Still an awesome show, but shit, man. Shitty deal.

9/28/2012 #32

I've recently gotten addicted to this show on SyFy called Face-Off. It's a competition-based show; basically, make-up artists have to create startling make-up designs every week or face elimination. Designs I've seen so far include pirates, superheroes, Alice in Wonderland-based zombies, Chinese dragons - it's all really cool. Granted, it is one of those shows that can feel like it is boring unless you're into what it offers. I guess my interest in theatrical technical work (I love learning about the technical work placed into making a film) and appreciation of art makes it easier for me to love the show.

9/28/2012 #33
Jealous Rage

I'm pretty sure Lyra watches Face-Off. I seem to remember her bringing it up more than once on Skype.

9/28/2012 #34

Yesssssss. I'm still annoyed that Sue didn't make it into the final last season. Her last makeup was easily the coolest of the 4 and the only reason she didn't make the cut was because she made it 'girly' and the guy judge 'didn't get it'. Even though the guy who eventually went on to win the season did a totally godawful makeup that looked like crap and even he hated. Like...I don't get it. Whyyyyyyy.

Are you on the current season? Or the last two?

9/28/2012 #35

I'm only on the current season. Once I find time, I'll try to watch the last two seasons. I wasn't able to watch the most recent episode, though, so I'm trying to figure out where to watch it before Tuesday.

9/28/2012 #36

I haven't seen it either. I know who goes home 'cause I was looking at the wiki page earlier, haha. But I've gotta watch it on my DVR still. You cheering for anyone in particular? Or just seeing how it plays out?

9/28/2012 #37

I recently checked out the Wiki page (too curious for my own good haha - I swear I spoil everything I read because of Wikipedia), and I also know who got eliminated. But I still really want to see the designs, since they are always so intriguing. I'm mostly seeing how it plays out, though I like Roy and Sarah from what I've seen so far. How about you?

9/28/2012 #38

Roy I think will stick to the finale but since it's viewer's choice this year I'm not sure how that will play out. He has the talent but some of his designs (in my opinion) have been just okay and he's starting to bug me as a person. Like he grates on me. I like Sarah but I don't think she'll make it to the finale unless she steps it up a bit; she's been falling short a bit more than some of the others in the last few episodes. Of the ones who are left, I want Laura to go far. She's another one who has sort of skated through in the middle but she's been solid in all her designs and been in the top a lot so that's promising. Plus I like her attitude. I haven't seen her critical of the other people and she's always so into whatever she's doing; she really seems to be doing this for the love of it and it shows in her work. That at least will get her far in the industry even if it doesn't win her the season.

9/28/2012 #39

Oh true! I completely forgot about Laura. Laura does have a much more solid foundation - she's consistently good in everything she does (always in the running for top looks). Also, you're right: out of everybody else, I do notice that she's the one most focused on her work and doesn't really mind what others are doing as much. I think she might make it to the finale with her consistency and attention to detail, but the viewer choice does make it difficult to know who will win or not (especially since we've heard nothing from the viewers until that finale). I'm interested in how the viewer choice will play out though, since from what I've heard, it's a new addition this year.

9/29/2012 #40
Jealous Rage

Have you ever come across a movie you just couldn't finish, for whatever reason? And I mean you decided to stop watching because of something in or about the movie, not just that you got called away for some reason and haven't had a chance to go back yet.

10/4/2012 #41

I don't really think I've ever done that with a movie, though I've done it several times with television shows. There have been movies where I ignore what's happening while I do other work because I've grown not to care. This tends to be the case with poorly done comedies (like recently I just tuned out Mirror Mirror when I watched it). But I never physically stop watching it (as in taking out the DVD and not even finishing it). I'm not really sure why; maybe it's because I've never come upon a movie that offended me enough or bored me enough...

10/4/2012 #42
Jealous Rage

I did it with Immortals. What a terrible piece of shit that was. I just disliked every aspect of it. The acting was terrible, the plot made no sense, and even the action scenes were boring. I made it halfway through, closed the screen, and deleted the file. Normally, when shit's free, I'll watch it just because I know it's not costing me anything, but it was so bad, I didn't want to waste anymore of my time.

10/8/2012 #43

Though I never heard of Immortals until today, I guess I now know never to put in my list of movies to watch. But then again, seeing that it's an action movie about Greek epics/myths, I'm not too surprised.

10/8/2012 #44
Jealous Rage

I thought I'd like it. I enjoy action movies, and I've always been a fan of Greek mythology. The reviews it got were decent enough to make me think it would be at least watchable. But it was just terrible. I'm not even sure why the acting was so bad. The main character was played by Henry Cavill, who I think is a pretty good actor. When I made up a list of who I would want to play my characters in South of Heaven were it ever to be a movie, he made the list. Must have been the writing or something.

10/8/2012 #45

So i'm watching Behind Enemy Lines on AMC and they keep doing all these production note facts on the bottom. Some of them are really funny to me because it's like 'okay, it's cute you think we care'. Like how most of the helicopters in the movie were foreign but the ones at the end of the movie when they were mowing down bad guys were totes American made. Yep. Gotta really hammer that home, haha.

Also, the sniper at the very end was played by the director's brother and I immediately thought 'I wonder how he asked him to take that job'. I just picture it going something like 'hey bro, wanna look like bigfoot for a few seconds and then get sniped by the heroes?' 'Yeah man, sounds cool'. I mean, that's how I'd take the job.

Oh shit, the sequel's on now. Totes watching.

10/8/2012 #46

Omg, maybe I won't watch this movie. The camera keeps cutting away and turning color-filters on like it's an ADD music video omg. It hurts.

10/8/2012 #47

Face Off:

"This has been the best stress I've been under in my life." Awwww, best contestant exit ever.

10/9/2012 #48

Face Off was on today... Right... That quote sounds amazing though; there's a lot of grace to it (I now wonder who said it). I definitely need to catch up on the last 3 episodes that I've missed. Hopefully next week will be the week when I can watch it again... The last few prompts have seemed so interesting too from what I've heard.

10/9/2012 #49

Yeah, I've really liked them. I'm not sure what next week's challenge is. The commercial was kinda vague. I'm excited to see who makes it to the finale, though. As things are going right now I think Laura and Roy will make it for sure but the third spot is a tossup. Last week's episode was a big shakeup, so that'll be cool.

Ooh, I just looked ahead on Wikipedia and found 2 things of interest. 1. Apparently next week's episode is a cyborg. :D 2. The week after that is makeup inspired by the show Grimm, which I watch for the secondary character played by Silas Weir Mitchell who is gonna guest judge that week. :D So I'm psyched for that.

10/9/2012 #50

The next few weeks sound like it's going to be intense. I definitely need to start making time in my schedule for it (and hopefully the last few weeks will be replayed again before the new episode like they always do). And the idea of make-up inspired by Grimm sounds awesome.

10/10/2012 #51
Jealous Rage

Finally watched the seventh season of Supernatural last week. I know a lot of people didn't like it, but I thought it was enjoyable. I prefer several of the earlier seasons over it, but overall, I liked it. I think the Leviathans were pretty decent enemies. There were some things I would have liked to see done differently, of course, but in the big picture, I think it was solid effort.

10/15/2012 #52

I need to watch Supernatural... It's on my list of shows that I need to start watching when I find time again. Don't really know what it's like though, so it'll be interesting to see what it's about.

10/15/2012 #53
Jealous Rage

It's a good show. I've been a fan since the first season. It's changed quite a bit over the years though. Started off with mostly monster of the week episodes with a loose string tying it all together. The second season was similar. After that, it got a lot more focused on the main plot and the motw episodes were reduced to almost nothing. Still pretty awesome though.

10/15/2012 #54

Okay... Currently watching the past few episodes that I've missed for Face Off. I'll probably miss this week's new episode in favor of the presidential debate though and it looks so intense...

10/16/2012 #55
Jealous Rage

All I've been watching on actual television lately has been baseball. It's the playoffs. Exciting times. Normally at this time of year, it would be hockey, but the NHL isn't currently operating. So instead, I watch baseball. And some tv shows online, because fuck commercials haha.

10/19/2012 #56

I don't watch much TV... I feel very boring. All I watch is Newsround in the morning and then in the afternoon I watch things like Come Dine With Me and The Chase. I feel like we have a routine going on. Weekdays we seem to watch the same things and at the weekend we always watch things like You've Been Framed, Fool Britania and the X-Factor. Oh, and sometimes Doctor Who when it's on on BBC.

Ooh, that reminds me, Miranda is on tonight. WAHOO! :D

Also, I hate commercials as well. They bloody annoy me! Bloody adverts!

10/19/2012 #57

I think I'm fine with commercials because I'm always multi-tasking while I watch TV (usually finishing homework) that commercials give me a time to run out and get anything I need without missing the show... But then again, when I'm just watching the show, I hate the commercials too (which is why I usually rent most of my shows or watch them online).

10/19/2012 #58

My latest collection of new (to me) tv shows is Criminal Minds, Flashpoint, and Farscape. I just get so bored that I'll turn on whatever show doesn't automatically make me cringe from memories of their commercials and then I end up hooked. I'm hoping I don't totally exhaust those shows too quickly, lol. Last time I did this was with Leverage and I ended up catching up on 4.5 seasons in a month or so just by obsessively DVRing episodes I hadn't seen. It was out of order but still worked.

10/19/2012 #59
Jealous Rage

I did that with Sons of Anarchy a couple weeks ago. Except I just streamed the episodes, because I'm way too impatient to do what you did. Next up will be Breaking Bad, I think.

10/19/2012 #60
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