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Supernatural beings have for the most part been forgotten by the modern day world, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. In the bustling city of Gingerwood supernatural and human live side by side, if not a tad strained. Rated M.
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Name: Lyro

Location: Downtown.

Type: Apartment.

Description: A relatively small apartment with three rooms (not including the bathrooms): The bedroom, the kitchen and the living room. A fire-escape is situated right below the bedroom window. The kitchen has a little island counter in the center, with the counters and cabinets situated around it. The bedroom has a small closet and a window seat. The bathroom is bare-bones: a sink, a toilet and a tub.

Minor Character: George Magnis. Refer to minor character profile when visiting.

8/19/2011 . Edited 8/20/2011 #1
Jackie the Giant

Lyro came up to his apartment and led Ryoga in via the cat door that the landlord had been kind enough to install for him. It had been very annoying to have to ask for help getting into his own apartment.

"George?" He called as he went into the kitchen. He could hear the vampire strumming his guitar from the other room, and had to call a few times before George him and poked his head in.

"Aye?" He asked lazily. "Watcha need?"

"Would you kindly help me with Ryoga's food?" Lyro requested. "And while you're at it, hand me that plate of sushi?"

George nodded and fed the cat before placing both the Jesmoni and the plate of Japanese food on the counter. "Anything else?" He asked.

"No, thank you George." Lyro replied gratefully. Although the "giant" vampire tended to do almost everything in the apartment, and did it without complaint, the Jesmoni tried never to treat him like a servant.

"Kay." George nodded and went back to his music.

8/23/2011 #2
Jackie the Giant

The next day, Lyro decided that he would go out for some coffee. He offered for George to come along, but the vampire refused. He left Ryoga at home, since the coffee shop is only a few blocks from apartment.

(To the Caffeination Station)

9/2/2011 #3
Jackie the Giant

Lyro got back to his apartment and was immediately greeted by Ryoga, who nuzzled him and licked him with his rough tongue.

"Need and help with anything Lyro?" George called from the other room.

"No. I'm fine." Lyro called back before heading for bed.

10/26/2011 #4
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