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Supernatural beings have for the most part been forgotten by the modern day world, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. In the bustling city of Gingerwood supernatural and human live side by side, if not a tad strained. Rated M.
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Just talk with your fellow RPers and such. You veterens know how this works.

8/19/2011 #1
Jackie the Giant

I wouldn't call myself a vetern, but I do know how it works. :)

8/19/2011 #2

I'm not a veteran either, but I like to think I am. Nice to meet you.

I got a question, got a good name for a coffee shopt name?

8/19/2011 #3
Jackie the Giant

Well, I think a cool name would be "Caffeine Centrel". I could be wrong though. ^^; (and I might have spelled "centrel" wrong.)

8/19/2011 . Edited 8/19/2011 #4

Well, the name would probably depend on who the owner is - namely, their species - as well its preferred clientele: humans, supernaturals, or both.

8/19/2011 . Edited 8/20/2011 #5
Jackie the Giant

Oh! How about "The Caffeination Station"? That's got a fun ring to it.

8/20/2011 #6

Would it be train station themed? I kinda like the name to tell you the truth.

8/20/2011 #7

That's good, I like it. It could be a train station, or a subway station, or any other kind of station.

Also, I had an idea for a kind of Hooverville (A ramshackle mini-town populated by homeless people) in Central Park.

8/20/2011 . Edited 8/20/2011 #8

Are per chance a history buff? Most people I don't think would know what a Hooverville was.

That's beside the point. Anyway, having a Hooverville would be interesting. I think I could make it an extension of Central Park or somthing like that. Question though, would this serve a purpose. I mean I can't make a place that characters might not even use. It would end up a wasted thread and I don't want that.

8/20/2011 #9

No, I just watched the Doctor Who episode 'Daleks in Manhattan', and a Hooverville appeared as the primary setting.

Well, a Hooverville would be a good place for people that can't get a home or apartment (such as Xari) for whatever reason (fire hazard), as well as being a source of cheap labor for those that are willing to exploit the inhabitants. But, it's your call.

8/20/2011 #10

Doctor Who fan, excellent.

I approve your argument. Hooverville will be created, got a specifict title because if not I'm calling it "Slum of Gingerwood" or something like that. Help me with the name.

8/20/2011 #11

Hmm, let's see... ginger is a type of plant, correct? So I think it would be named after a very undesirable plant, like... Algaewood. or Weedwood.

8/20/2011 #12

Gingerwood's Hooverville has been made. Rotwood to go with the colloquialism of naming its inhabitants "grubs." I thought it would be interesting.

By the way is anyone alive on here besides Abumagi?

8/20/2011 #13

Yeah, there are a few others. Melf is on a few threads, and Demonbunny's posted on one. Sass and Jac haven't been on in a while, though. Might be because of school. *shudder*

8/20/2011 #14

Some people are already starting school? I have about two and half weeks of summer left. Senior year I shall own you!

8/20/2011 #15

Lucky. I got the rest of today and tomorrow until I have to go back to that hellhole.

8/20/2011 #16

I'm actually pretty anxious to get back. My schedule is jam packed of classes I love.

8/20/2011 #17

Again, lucky. I'm not really interested in any of the classes - I don't even see the point in any of them - and I have to take HOPE. I thought I was done with physical education!

8/20/2011 #18

Not a big fan of PE I see. That rhymed. :D

8/20/2011 #19

I hate working my body to the limit. I hate sweating. I hate uniforms. I hate school. I hate most people.

8/20/2011 #20

Uniforms? I can see why you would hate your school.

8/20/2011 #21

Well, the school doesn't have uniforms, but I assume that HOPE does, like PE in middle school.

8/20/2011 #22

What is HOPE by the way? I'm not familiar with the term.

8/20/2011 #23

It's the word my school uses for the PE class, which for some reason also includes sex ed part of the year. I think it's an anagram for something.

8/20/2011 #24

They give you class called HOPE without even telling you what it stands for? I say we're all better of without it.

8/20/2011 . Edited 8/20/2011 #25

Well, I never asked. I'll probably find out during the year.

8/20/2011 #26

HOPE probably stands for some random thing. They wanted to figure out a name for gym that was cool and thought, "Oh, we'll make it acronym to HOPE!" Probably just Health Or Physical Education or something random like that.

8/20/2011 #27

Question: Does everyone on the forum understand that anyone can control any minor character?

8/21/2011 #28
Jackie the Giant

Wait, so that means that we can check ourselves into the motel?

8/21/2011 #29

Totally. Somebody can take over Erny and check people in. Did I not make that clear before? My bad.

8/21/2011 #30
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