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Supernatural beings have for the most part been forgotten by the modern day world, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. In the bustling city of Gingerwood supernatural and human live side by side, if not a tad strained. Rated M.
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((Water. And she survived a blast of 27,000 degrees Celcius without a scratch. There's no way that should be possible.))

"You wish," Fortain said. "I, meanwhile, am hot."

10/4/2011 #271

((Water? I'm pretty sure Hell flames are hotter than that and her shield is made of the sun's energy. She was scorched when he burned the cookies but she healed. So it is possible for her and all Fallen Angels/ Angels))

Kaila blinked. "Sure you are."

10/4/2011 #272

"I am."

10/4/2011 #273

(Stepping in here for a bit. Okay so each of you has a single physical weakness. Water for Fortain, and wings being cut off for Kaila. Now you will have to judge for yourselves at how to utilize these. How much water will it take to neutralize Fortain's power? Kaila probablyl won't be having her wings cut off any time soon, but physical injury is applicable. Now fast healing is impressive, but there has to be a limited energy reserve or something?

Hell's fire probably is infinately hot, but it must still have some kind of affect on angels? Now this might sound odd, but find ways to sabatoge your characters and make it interesting. A cloud blocks the sun! Kaila can't use her sheild full force Or Fortain bust open a nearby pipe flooding the place. RPG words of wisdom "No one likes a Mary Sue or Mary Stu.")

Luna felt really dizzy once more. Fights between supernatural being never did good things for her health.

"They have to stop sometime don't they," she said to no one in particular. As much as she wanted to go out there and beat some sense into the two, it was far too dangerous and she wasn't stupid enough to try.

They had expended lots of energy, she could tell as her nausea grew. How much longer could they keep this up?

10/4/2011 #274

Fortain looked between Luna and his enemy, and for the first time, regret for the fight appeared in his mind. He hesitantly lowered his hand. "We should stop," he said to Kayla.

10/4/2011 . Edited 10/4/2011 #275

((The sun's energy is pretty limitless. The only time Kaila wouldn't be able to use the shield as much would be at night since the moon's energy isn't as strong. She would have to rely mostly on her wings and her fighting abilities.))

Kaila blinked as she held her broken nose.

"It's your fault it began in the first place. Don't start fights you can't finish," she said, frowning and moving her broken nose back into place. She couldn't let it heal in the wrong position. "If my nose heals in the wrong place before I get back to the Inn, I'm coming back and kicking your ass."

Turning to Hector she called, "get me some more damn chocolate cookies, like a dozen. Hothead is paying for them."

10/5/2011 #276

Delilah saw that everything calm down and a pout creep on to her ivory pale face. She was enjoying the fight and now it was all over, well at least she didn't have to stand anymore. Delilah sat back down at her table and let out a quiet sigh.

10/5/2011 #277

The calm only lasted for a moment, however, as Xari burst in and dove into an empty booth near the door, leaping right over the seat. Lisa came right after, and stood in the doorway, scanning the shop.

Remembering the two from the other day, Hector made for the phone, hoping to call the police, but flinched back as shards of ice, launched by the mage, embedded itself in the wall and counter. He shot her a terrified look and stepped back to the register.

10/5/2011 #278

Fortain spun, raised his hand, and shot a blast of fire at Xari without thinking. His senses were kind of messed up by the fight with Kalia already.

10/5/2011 #279

Kaila blinked at the 'explosive' entrance before turning to Hector who had her cookies clutched to him. Kaila walked over to him and snatched the cookies out his hand, shocking the poor man at first before she smiled.

"Thanks, don't forget to charge him," Kaila said, pointing at Fortain.

Kaila walked over to exit, where the 'ice woman' stood. "You're in the way, so move it ice princess."

10/5/2011 #280

Delilah watch everything that just happened and a happy smile replace the pout that was on her face. Delilah smiled and said to herself quietly "this is going to be a fun town. I will never be bored again."

10/5/2011 #281

Xari scrambled underneath the table, just as Fortain's jet of flame engulfed the plastic seat he had just been curled up in for only a moment. He host the pyro a glare, but didn't say anything for fear of attracting Lisa's attention. Fortunately for him, she was distracted by Kaita.

The gold-clad mage glared at her. "Nobody leaves." she growled, hefting her sword over her shoulder. "Not until I find that demon that just came in here."

Xari silently wondered why the mage wasn't letting anyone leaving, and the answer came to him in a moment: Illusions. Light-magic could allow one to disguise their appearance. But he barely used basic light-magic, let alone something as complex as that!

10/5/2011 #282

Kaila blinked and looked around the woman and then at the people in the cafe. "Who the hell do you think are," Kaila questioned, like the woman was crazy. "Even God doesn't tell me what to do."

10/5/2011 #283

Delilah stood up and asks "why do everyone has to stay in here just because you are after one person?"

10/5/2011 #284

Fortain turned. "You mean the tree-burner?" he demanded, looking around. He shot another jet of flame near where he had seen Xari go.

10/5/2011 #285

Delilah sighed and said "I don't care who you after but I am leaveing." Delilah push past the woman and went back to motel to go to sleep.

10/5/2011 #286

Lisa turned her attention to Fortain, though she was about to start shouting at Kaita, and followed the jet of flame. Silently, she ran over to the booth, but Xari, anticipating this, ran out, ducked under her blade, and ran back out of the shop. The mage followed, not stopping to say anything to the others that had witnessed this event.

Now that she was gone, Hector was free to phone the police, and he did so quickly.

10/6/2011 #287

(('s Kaila not Kaita x3))

Kaila snorted, softly. "I so need a drink." Kaila left the coffee shop and headed to the closest liquor store, then back to the Inn to pick up Riku.

(To Gingerwood Inn)

10/6/2011 #288

Luna peeked around the corner of the counter.

"Is it over?" she asked tentavily, expecting a stream of fire to come shooting out.

10/6/2011 #289

Fortain stumbled into a chair, nursing his injury that he had somehow managed to ignore. "Yeah," he muttered.

10/6/2011 #290
Jackie the Giant

"Thank goodness." Lyro huffed from his spot on Luna's hand. "I thought for sure the entire place was going to burn down."

10/6/2011 #291

Hector grabbed the fire extinguisher kept behind the counter and putting out what ever fires were scatter about the cafe.

"I think we're safe from the fires," Luna said as she walked over to Fortain, wobbling slightly as she started to regain control of her body. She looked over Fortain worriedly, "Where are you hurt?"

10/7/2011 #292

"My ankle," Fortain said, wincing. He set it up on the table and groaned.

10/7/2011 #293
Jackie the Giant

"It's not broken, is it?" Lyro asked anxiously. He was always anxious when one of his friends got hurt, especially when it wasn't a wound that could be stitched up.

((By the way, Melf, I posted on your Midnight forum.))

10/7/2011 #294

"I don't know," Fortain winced. He felt gratified by Lyro's worry, but it was mostly destroyed by the pain.

((UGH! I asked it to send me emails! Stupid fictionpress.))

10/7/2011 #295

"If you were able towalk on it, then I don't think it's broken," Luna said popping in with her own two cents.

10/8/2011 #296

"I wouldn't be so sure." Fortain tapped the ankle and winced again. "It might not be broken... but I've been able to ignore pain for some minutes at a time. Doesn't mean it's not there, it just is shot down. This could be broken."

10/9/2011 #297
Jackie the Giant

"Do you need to go to the hospital?" Lyro asked, looking concernedly at Fortain's ankle. "You'll probably need X-rays."

10/9/2011 #298

"I'll be fine," Fortain said with clenched teeth. "Can you get me a hot drink? Coffee, or tea. Something boiling."

10/9/2011 #299

Luna gave a quick glance and saw the coffee brewer with a fresh pot. She ran over to get it, pot and all bringing it to Fortain.

"Is this okay?"

10/15/2011 #300
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