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Supernatural beings have for the most part been forgotten by the modern day world, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. In the bustling city of Gingerwood supernatural and human live side by side, if not a tad strained. Rated M.
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Located beneath the calm of Crystal lake, these caverns are as beautiful as they are mysterious. In its own air pocket, the caverns are amaze of ever shifting crystal walls were many have become lost. Rumor has it they change to protect some important treasure. What? No one knows for sure.

These caverns are secret and few know of them. As they should since the caves are selective as to who they allow within their barriers. They are a magical entity of their own afterall.

(Newcommers must be invited by residents to the caverns. Should a newcommer stumble upon the enterance. The cave will decide whether or not to grant the privilege. Meaning on my whim.)

Note: Any interesting ideas to expand on the caverns? Suggestions, please.

8/25/2011 #1

((This might sound cheesy, but what about a band of pirates or thieves that live in the caverns and... aren't particularly friendly?))

8/25/2011 #2

(I was thinking of planting some random creatures in there. Maybe just a list of creatures that may encountered in exploring. As for the theives maybe they're the only ones who have some sort of idea as to navigating the shifting caves. What will this band of theives be referred to as?)

8/25/2011 #3

(The Jets, Mort, Binn's Band, the Shades. Just throwing ideas out there.)

8/25/2011 #4

(Kinda liking Mort or Bins's Band. Will they all be minor characters?)

8/25/2011 #5

(Don't know. You're the admin. I'd be happy to control the leader if you want.)

8/25/2011 #6

(You sure you can handle it? You already have lif five or six major characters in play.)

8/25/2011 #7

((Three, for your information. Fortain, Risha, and Officer Just. And I'll only have the head thief do something if someone enters the caverns. On all other nights (sorry, Jewish reference), he won't do anything.

8/25/2011 #8

(For some reason I thought you had more character? Okay, you may be head theif. Do the forum proud! (What is the jewish reference?))

8/25/2011 #9
(Thanks! I'll post a signup in the morning (Est). (Forget it.))
8/25/2011 #10

(I'll take a look at it when you do. (I can't forget it. I'm too interested in cultures not of my own. So explain to moi.)

8/25/2011 #11

(It's not important, another Jew might read it and not get it. It's just that, on Passover, there's a prayer we sing called "Ma Nishtana" [Ma nishtana ha leila haz-eh mi col haleilot...]. In the prayer, we basically ask "why is this night different from all other nights?" And then we answer, "on all other nights we ______, but on this night, we ________." So I said "on all other nights" as a part of that. Pathetic, I know.)

8/26/2011 #12

(This place also seems like a good hiding spot for my ultimate evil characters, though I will find another place if necessary.)

9/3/2011 #13
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