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Shades hit with her on top of him. He shoved her off and pushed off the ground and grabbed her leg, pulling it out irregually at an angle. He got up and kicked her quickly. He went to kick her again.
9/26/2011 #601
Hailo's Angel

Kaya hit the ground, hard, and hissed in pain, but managed to catch his foot on the second time. She twisted it with all her might and was glad when she heard a faint 'crack' sound. Either she broke it or something else had cracked. She pushed it away and stumbled up to stand, breathing hard and watching Shades warily, ready for anything...

9/26/2011 . Edited 9/26/2011 #602
Shades stared at the foot she had likely broken. It didn't hurt yet, adrenaline keeping the pain back for the moment. He didnt put weight on it and held it back a bit farther from Kaya. He threw a fist at her chest, beating down hard on her ribs before launching another punch for her shoulder.
9/26/2011 #603
Hailo's Angel

Kaya hissed out a breath of pain and managed to avoid some of the abuse, though not all. She punched Shades in the face before kicking him in the side, using a move of her own by turning around with her leg out and landing a kick in his side. The speed gave her leg more momentum, which would cause slightly more damage. She quickly did the same move a second time, managing not to wince in pain.

9/26/2011 #604
Unpredictable Convictions

"This is more violent than the other ones that I've fought.." Money commented quietly to herself.

9/26/2011 #605
"Would you like the broken foot and bruised face?" Shades hissed at her. He lept back, being careful of the damaged foot. He jumped and tackled her to the ground, smacking her head against the ground in a potential knock out angle. He sat on her torso and landed one on her jaw before going for a second.
9/26/2011 #606
Unpredictable Convictions

Money decided to intervene. She grabbed Shades' shirt and threw him off of Kaya. Then, she picked kaya up off the ground and looked her over. She walked over to Shades. "Sit down."

9/26/2011 #607
Shades sat, sticking his broken foot out. "Did I pass?"
9/26/2011 #608
Unpredictable Convictions

"you're fine. You passed. I only pulled you two apart because you were going to rip one another apart," Money said as she rolled her eyes. She took the gauze left over and wrapped his foot up as tightly as possible. "We need to get you to a hospital soon. I could get a doctor to do it at my house, but I don't know what you prefer."

9/26/2011 #609
"Can you get one at the hideout? I don't trust the hospital doctors. Not after watching last seasons House." He looked at his foot, great. "So did I rank?"
9/26/2011 #610
Unpredictable Convictions

"No idea. We'll see," Money said vaguely. "Let's just get you back to the hideout. Should I get a guard to piggyback you there?"

9/26/2011 #611
"No." He said with a ring of finality. "I'll walk." He got up and hobbled towards te hideout. ((Shades to Hideout.))
9/26/2011 #612
Unpredictable Convictions

"Oh my God, you stubborn headed pig," Money muttered after him. She pointed to Kaya. "You stayhere and wait until Viper passes judgement. In my eyes, you did alright." She followed Shades

(($ to hideout))

9/26/2011 #613
Hailo's Angel

Kaya grimaced as she slowly sat up and gingerly felt all the places she hurt, checking for broken bones, wounds, etc. She glanced up at Money, dipped her head in reply, before going back to checking herself out while waiting for Viper's judgement.

Fuego watched Kaya with slightly wide eyes for a moment before shaking her head and following Shades and Money.

((Fuego to Hideout...))

9/26/2011 #614

Luke looked at the poor girl. She put up a decent fight back there. "You need a hand?" Luke held out his hand.

9/26/2011 #615
Just South of Sanity
Viper slowly circled Kaya, looking her up and down. She didn't speak for several minutes, and the silence weighed heavy in the air. "You did well, noobie," she said slowly, then paced for dramatic effect. "Welcome to the D-Topes. But next time, don't let your anger get the better of you."
9/26/2011 #616
Hailo's Angel

Kaya hesitated a moment before taking the offered hand and murmured, "Thanks..." She looked up at Viper and smiled a small smile as she said, "Thank you."

9/26/2011 . Edited 9/26/2011 #617

Luke smiled a mischievous smile. "By the way, welcome to the D-Topes, as Viper already said." ((sorry if you saw the other one, your answer hadn't updated yet.))

9/26/2011 . Edited 9/26/2011 #618
Unpredictable Convictions
((yaaaaay acceptance!!!))
9/26/2011 #619
Hailo's Angel

Kaya smiled a small smile as she said, "Thanks." Thank the Gods, she had done it; She had passed the test... Hopefully...

9/26/2011 #620

"You may want to get to the hide-out to check out those injuries. Need some help?"

9/26/2011 #621
Hailo's Angel

Kaya smiled and said, "Thanks, but, uh, no thanks... I can go on my own... But, uh, could you show me where the hideout is?"

9/26/2011 #622

"Sure, just follow me." Luke led her to the hide-out. ((Luke to hide-out))

9/26/2011 #623
Just South of Sanity
Viper walked to the hideout, Cheesesteak at her side.

((Oh, woops, I forgot about the other part of the test. Oh well. Let's just say she passed.))

9/26/2011 #624
Hailo's Angel

Kaya smiled a small sort of smile as she followed Luke, managing not to limp or anything.

((Kaya to hideout...))

9/26/2011 #625
Hailo's Angel

Sniper slowly walked down an alleyway, bored and not really knowing exactly what to do. She could try to bomb another place or something, but she didn't really want what happened before to happen again. She was already in to much trouble...

10/20/2011 #626
Just South of Sanity

Evan walked outside with Lili. They walked around for a bit before coming upon Sniper. "Hey," he said to her.

10/29/2011 #627
Just South of Sanity

Viper walked outside into the alley near the hideout and turned back to wait for the others, Cheesesteak right by her side, his tongue drooping out of his mouth and his tail wagging.

10/29/2011 #628
Unpredictable Convictions
Money followed Viper out onto the street and began twisting her bracelet in her hands again.

"Now what?" Lili asked as she nodded to Sniper.

10/29/2011 #629
Hailo's Angel

Sniper nodded back to Lili and said, "Hey."

10/30/2011 #630
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