The NeverEnding Battle 2: The Take Over
From the makers of the original NeverEnding Battle, we bring you the sequel. The same insane fighting under a new roof.
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"Welsome to the Battle Zone!" The anouncer blaired into the mic. "Here is where any characters can battle each other with no rules or ristrictionthings other than no full control of another character. Any else goes." There is a rumbling in the distance. "And here comes the first challenge for the battlers." A T-Rex appears in the middle of the arena. "Good luck, battlers!"

8/26/2011 #1

Lacey walked on to the field. She could see the T-Rex looming in front of her. "It's all down hill from here..."

8/27/2011 #2

Robert dropped from the sky, calmly activating his parachute and drifting down to land on the dino's snout. He calmly shot it in the eye with a phaser.

8/27/2011 #3

Obviously impress with this kid's skill, Lacey charged forward.

8/27/2011 #4

Robert flimched as the T-Rex roared in outrage and pain. Turning, he ran and leapt of its nose, free-falling.... until he created a trampoline beneath him. He bounced up and down.

8/27/2011 #5

Kasey appeared in the shadows of the arena. With her sword, she chopped off the first five feet of the tail. The dino roared and turned to face her.

8/27/2011 #6

With her make-shift spear, Lacey plunged the weapon into the Dino's stomach while it was occupied with the other fighters.

8/27/2011 #7

Kasey saw the girl stick a spear into the beast's belly. She jumped over and kicked it in deeper. "Hey" She said to the girl as she dodged the beast's stomping feet.

8/27/2011 #8

"Hey. The name's Kassidy, you?"

8/27/2011 #9

((sorry I did it again I meant Lacey))

8/27/2011 #10

((uhh, wrong forum))

8/27/2011 #11

((I'm going to leave it. :OP ))

8/27/2011 #12

Since no answer came from the boy, she turned and continued to assault the Dino.

8/27/2011 #13

After shoving her sword repeatedly into the dino's feet, she responded. "The name's Kasey."

8/27/2011 #14

"Hey Kasey, Can i call you Kase?"

8/28/2011 #15

"I guess, yeah."

8/28/2011 #16

"Kewl, hey, watch out..." The Dino was swinging around towards Kasey. Lacey threw the spear at its throat, but missed and it hit the stomach again.

8/28/2011 #17

Robert spun and lifted his phaser again. He fired, hitting the T-Rex in the neck.

8/28/2011 #18

Kasey dodged the Dino, she ran back around to be out of his line of sight.

8/28/2011 #19

Lauren has arrived. Sup? lol

8/28/2011 #20

((lauren! they're in a battle with a dino! what're you doing?))

Over in the corner, Lacey could make out an abandoned pair of bow and arrows. when the T-Rex turned, she raced towards the object.

8/28/2011 #21

((We ARE?? Why didn't anyone tell me?))

Kasey began climbing up the back of the t-rex, She was scaling the scales.

8/28/2011 #22

Lacey reached the weapon and began to shoot the dino.

8/28/2011 #23
Unpredictable Convictions

((what?!?! was being a mod for this forum a mistake.....))

8/30/2011 #24


8/30/2011 #25

When Kasey reached the top, she stabbed the left eye with her sword.

8/30/2011 #26
Unpredictable Convictions
((I'm not bringing Danny in until this actually makes sense.....))
8/30/2011 #27

((Theres not much plot as of now. They are fighting a dino. Its a training battle.))

8/31/2011 #28

((This forum isn't needed anymore, if the NeverEnding Battle is being moved to Fantasy. This forum doesn't make sense anyway.))

8/31/2011 #29

((Actually, the plan covered ALL forums. Not just Fantsy. So yes it is needed. It doesn't have to make sense. It is a place as of now to see everyone's different fighting style. Then they will be able to go to the Hero Center (But won't run into our original characters) and resume play.))

8/31/2011 #30
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