Freaks and Mutations!
Welcome all genetically modified, superhumans, and unfortunate biologists. Finally a place for freaks to gather.
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If you will please fill in the following so we can ascort you to the proper room. You are limited to three.

(Note: You can become a mutation from being a scientist or guest to start and become one later)



Unexpected guest/scientist/mutation (Choose one)






8/26/2011 . Edited 8/26/2011 #1

Name: Kassidy Watson

Age: 17

Unexpected guest

Personality: A person who is generally ignored, but otherwise is outgoing, brave, affable

History: She was born into a poor family, She was abused by her father daily, and, when she ran away she decided to sign up

Strengths: She is kind to others, and can care for herself if necessary.

Weaponery?: She is handy with a bow and arrows.

Weakness: She will avoid hurting people if at all possible, and she has a soft heart for those who are in need

8/26/2011 #2

did she sign up or she is a guest.

If she signed up, she wants to be a freak.

If she is a guest, she doesn't know about the labs and freaks.

8/26/2011 #3
Unpredictable Convictions

Can I just copy and paste Tiesa here?

8/26/2011 #4

kinda with a few altercations

8/26/2011 #5

she is a guest

8/26/2011 #6
Unpredictable Convictions

okay then....

8/26/2011 #7

well then? post!

8/26/2011 #8

Name: Dylan James

Age: 14


Personality: Very goofey, sometimes to the point of annoyence. However, his intentions are usually good.

History: Was involved in a lab accident that altered the molecules in his body.

Strengths: Can manipulate objects around him

Weaponery?: Does have a preference for a bow an arrow but uses what ever is on hand.

Weakness: (In this case) carrots. They make him feel ill.

8/26/2011 #9

Name: Sophia

Age: 14


Personality: Starts out nice, but has an ugly bad side.

History: Was exposed to toxic waste-thus gaining her powers.

Strengths: Has powers of mind reading and telekinesis

Weaponery?: Usually uses her powers to fight but does pretty well with a knife.

Weakness: Cannot use her powers when underground.

8/27/2011 #10
Unpredictable Convictions
Name:Tiesa Troen



Personality:Shes very stiff when youbfirst meet her, but she will warm up evetually and start joking around. She still hates pranks though.

History: Tiesa has been experimented on since she was eight. She's been stuck here for around 7years. The scientists who are experimenting on her are trying to create a super interrogator.

Strengths: Tiesa has an IQ of 305 and she can immediately know when someone is lying to her and she can make them tell the truth. She can also interrogate anyone and they will tell her whatever she wants to know.

Weapons: Tiesa uses long knives as weapons, but prefers to think her way out of situations, rather than fight her way out.

Weakness: Still tuna fish.

8/28/2011 #11

Name: Lillian Moore

Age: 14


Personality: Very curious, but shy to ask her questions. She has a tendency to sneak up on people, not meaning to scare them.

History: She was an outcast when she was normal, she was tested on and became invisible the minute after.

Strengths: Handy with weapons, can camouflage well (obviously)

Weaponery?: knife, bow and arrows, spears, the usual

Weakness: any distractions, curiosity

8/28/2011 #12
Just South of Sanity

Name: Coralie Madison Taylor

Age: 15


Personality: Cora is very cold and withdrawn around strangers. Because of her past, she is suspicious of everyone and is slightly paranoid. However, she does like to have fun. She is very loyal and protective of her friends. If you somehow manage to befriend her, you may just have a friend for life.

History: As a baby, Cora was taken from her parents by mad scientists. They injected her with many different animals' DNA, which resulted in her abilities to transform into any animal. She was free to wander about the lab as she pleased, but was never allowed more than 50 feet from the building. Cora also had experiments performed on her at least once a week, sometimes every day. The experiments were not, however, extremely painful. She was raised thinking this was a normal life. When she turned 10, she was told the truth about where she came from. She went into a blind rage and destroyed many pieces of valuable equipment. She then ran off. After one month on her own, she was captured by the scientists' hench men and brought back to the lab. The men tied her between two poles that did not allow use of her power, then gave her 20 lashes with a whip to "teach her a lesson." It worked, and it gave her the scar on her back. Cora went into a shell, doing whatever the scientists told her to do. The scientists were much less careful about hurting her than before. The experiments were 50 times more painful. One day, the experiment was to cut her with a knife and see how quickly she healed. As she did not have healing powers, it was like a normal gash. That is how she got the scar on her thigh. Eventually, she realized this was not the life she wanted and deserved. She began planning her escape. One week after she turned 13, she broke out. She managed to evade capture. For over a year, Cora tried to "blend in," but it was very difficult.

Strengths: Cora can shapeshift into any animal, object, or person. She can grow animal parts on her whenever she wants (wings, a tail, cat ears, etc.). She can also communicate with all animals and sometimes can transform others as well.

Weaponery: She mostly uses her abilities, but is also great with archery. She keeps a knife at hand just in case.

Weakness: Cora cannot stand to see any animal in pain.

8/28/2011 #13

everyone on here has been accepted. Welcome!

8/28/2011 #14
Hailo's Angel

Name: Almira Jala, but is known as Sahara

Age: 15

Unexpected guest/scientist/mutation (Choose one) Mutation

Personality: Fun, outgoing, hyper, friendly, loyal, trustworthy, trustful, kind, caring, faithful, keeps her promises, can be sly, sneaky, decieving, a liar and manipulator, and can act like a perfect angel. She can have an attitude and can be sarcastic, but she is mostly friendly and just a great person to be around... If she isn't pranking you or planning a prank or doing tomething to the workers of the labs...

History: She was born in the lab and lived there her whole life. She is considered a valuable mutation because of both her powers and her being the first Arabic experiment the School had ever done. It might also be because of her being of Arabic royal blood... Though, that's just a guess. Another guess would be because of her mysterious DNA. Only a few whitecoats know exactly what she has in her, but they keep it under wraps...

Strengths: She has the power of mediumship, or she can see and commpunicate with the dead. Ghosts' to be exact. She also has the power of Lunar Manipulation.

Weaponery?: Her strengths and a knife or two...

Weakness: The sun, new moon, places where there are no ghosts or spirits, seeing any animal or, really, anyone in pain, her temper, lying and manipulating.

8/31/2011 #15
Just South of Sanity
Okay, uh, since Chloe hasn't seen this yet... Accepted! :)
9/2/2011 #16

Oh sorry I saw it but must have forgot to accept. my bad.

9/3/2011 #17
Hailo's Angel

Thanks, uh, do you know which topic I should go to and how I can jump in?

9/5/2011 #18

new mutation. just go down the elevator

9/5/2011 #19
Jackie the Giant

Name: Leah Howard.

Age: 17.

Unexpected guest/ scientist/ mutation: Mutation.

Personality: Leah is a tough, rebellious girl who isn't good with people because they rarely want to be around her. She likes to get into trouble, but doesn't want anyone to get killed. When she does find someone who's willing to be around her, she sticks to them like glue and is very protective of them. She also tends to get jealous if someone else seems to be taking up a lot of her friend's time.

History: Leah was a gang girl, who was kidnapped and expiramented on. She is now covered in glowing cracks all over her skin, which makes it look like she's made of lava. She escaped, and made her way to the island, where she heard that she would be safe.

Strengths: Leah's mutation gives her the ability to suck energy from other sources, and use it to strengthen her body to super-human levels (if she's got enough energy to suck. If not, then she's just stronger than average). She can also harden her skin so that it's a lot harder to wound her than it would a normal human (even one in a bullet-proof jacket).

Weaponry: Her fists, mainly, though she will pull out a switchblade or a gun if things get dangerous.

Weaknesses: Leah has a weakness to cold; it saps her energy and makes her weak. Also, she's a lot heavier than normal, so she can't go into deep water without sinking and she can't swim a stroke.

9/6/2011 . Edited 9/6/2011 #20

Interesting, but accepted. I can't wait to see this character.

9/6/2011 #21
Jackie the Giant

Do I take the elevator to the "New Mutation" area?

9/6/2011 . Edited 9/6/2011 #22

yes. they are in the middle of a fight.just a heads up.

9/6/2011 #23

Name: Kaden Shard

Age: 16


Personality: Authoritative, arrogant, impatient, suspicious, high-strung, yet cares for his "brothers" intensely

History: One of three clones

Strengths: Athletic and fast

Weakness: Terrified of needles

4/29/2012 #24

Name: Jason Grier

Age: 18


Personality: He likes order, but he also likes to have fun, mixes which sometimes confuse others.He is also a very big prankster

History: Jason grew up with his uncle not knowing his past, until one night the cat came out of the bag in the form of a government attack, there he learned his DNA had been grafted with that of a wolf, so he has the ability to shape shift into a full fledged wolf

Strengths: He is extremely skilled in free running or parkour , this allows him to be in more place than one according to others. He is also an extremely good driver

Weaponery?: He carries a coach gun in a sheath on his back, and a 44 caliber revolver in a leg holster, he also keeps a knife handy most of the time

Weakness: Food, he loves eating and can only go about a day without it

8/9/2012 . Edited 8/9/2012 #25
I would join....but it seems dead....
8/20/2012 #26

Name: Engineer Joke Sound

Age: 20


Personality: Very bookish, takes things quite literally, highly intelligent, and obsessive but not deranged. Extremely shy.

History: After writing a song for a kids show, he accidentally creates a weird frequency that can cause humans to convulse except.

Strengths: Intelligence, amazing hearing and able to dance to any song

Weaknesses: Jazz....he just doesn't get it.

Weaponry: An amp he wears as a back pack that emits the weird frequency and stereo headphones that cancel out the frequency so he does not convulse.

12/16/2012 #27
I am Epic Sushi

Name: Caprice, Subject 4257

Age: 15

Unexpected guest/scientist/mutation (Choose one) Mutation

Personality: Sassy, charming, bubbly, flirty, optimistic, though she has a cynical and sarcastic side.

History: When she was born, she was sent to an orphanage. There, a scientist adopted her. She thought maybe things would turn out alright, but she was experimented on. She can summon beasts, and control the air to some extent, and was given wings, the ability to be able to survive for a very long time. One day, she ran away from the lab, wanting to start a new life.

Strengths: Light (like a light source), gold.

Weaponery?: Twin katanas, and a double bladed (ended?) axe.

Weakness: Darkness, humidity and fog.

Is this okay??

1/15/2013 . Edited 1/15/2013 #28

Name: Trinity Edwards

Age: 17


Personality: An overal nice person. She's really shy because no one can see her half the time, but when you get to know her she's funny and energetic.

History: At age 13 her parents got a divorce, but she remained in her mother's custody. A year and a half later her mom remarried to a typically young scientist. One night when her parent's weren't hope she crept into the basement, somewhere she was forbidden to step foot in. This was where her stepfather kept all of his chemicals and experiments. She was examining an orange bubbly liquid when she heard the front door close. Panicking, Trinity knocked the beaker of orange chemical, resulting with the contents spilling on her skin. She looked down at her hand too see that there was nothing there. Besides her clothes floating in the air around her, she was completely transparent. Desperate for an escape she climbed out the basement window and ran away.

Strengths: Skilled Stealer. Learned to control when she turns invisible because the mutation became a part of her.

Weaponery?: Nah

Weakness: Nothing

4/23/2013 . Edited 4/23/2013 #29
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