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Yo! Here's my late night club -though open throughout- for you to relax and hang out! A place to chat, advertise stuff, music freak-out, and rebuttal! Check out, I'm grateful.
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Welcome, welcome! New to forum, eh? Make yourself known, pal.

8/28/2011 #1

Hey. I'm the forum admin. You can call me Melanie, or Mel, maybe. xD I'm around 14 years of age and I want to be younger, and older too. I'm a very lazy girl, and I'm a very quick reader, a very imaginative writer in some ways, a bad speaker, a bad singer, a bad sister, a good friend...and stuff I forgot. I love listening to Ke$ha and K-pop mostly, maybe Paramore and My Chemical Romance as well. And I'm a great fan of Harry Potter and Twilight! Bring on the magic and vampires! Lmfao.

I have loved reading books, and Harry Potter, Twilight Saga, The Host, The Winner Stands Alone and Brida are very interesting novels. I have read many books; if you want the whole list, you can PM me...xD But right now, I'm sleepy...hjanamjflfklbgkK...slept already. Bye.

8/28/2011 #2

Hey. It's Chepia. Well that's not my real name but I prefer Chepia. I've actually never been on any forum or anything so I'm confused as to what you do but I thought I'd introduce myself.

8/28/2011 #3
alexander bernadotte


I'm Lulu, I'm 18, I live in Las Vegas, and I'm a psychology major. I've been a writer since I was 12 and I can say that my writing has improved immensely. I love reading and sleeping, I'm a massive Hellsing fan, and I'm legally a hermit. Documentaries are my life and so are soundtracks and music in general. Uhm, yeah, I think that's pretty much it. Shoot me a message if you want to chat; I don't bite, I assure you. :D


8/28/2011 #4

I'm Anna and I love writing stories :3 Please check out mine, when people review I review back ;)

8/29/2011 #5
The banned author

Sup guys, this is Rachael. I'm 19 years old and I LOVE writing horror. I haven't favorited many stories yet, too lazy. Hahahaha.

Anyway, Anna has been helping with stories and such.

A big thank you goes out to you! 3

8/29/2011 #6
M.R. Hill

Greetings, ladies and gents. My names is Marquis R. Hill and I believe I'll give this little forum here a try. I'll be honest I've no particular roots here yet, but I consider it worth it to at least give such things one try before coming to judgments. I'm currently writing a series known as Grandmaster of Theft I've planned and worked at for years which is a serial work. Each story within it is broken up into episodes, with various short stories and multi-part episodes throughout. If one is a fan of such things like mystery, clever & fun fight scenes, romance, capers, lively characters and cast, and so forth, this is just the story for you. That and any feedback I receive I do return to others. Even if one is not a literary genius or such, it's great to hear feedback about personal reaction to events, characters, thoughts, and so forth.

8/30/2011 #7
Angel Investor

Hey, guys and girls alike. I'm not gonna reveal my true name, but I'm a 17 year old male. I like writing, but I don't read as much. The only stuff I really am sometimes hooked to are Visual Novels, but Harry Potter is my favorite real book series. I like different types of anime, but prefer dark ones with deep plots. I play electric guitar and association football.

8/30/2011 #8

Hey my name is Mishel. I'm new to this forum thing too. I like to read every genere. I like to write romance, and thrillers. I'm 16 years old and have been writing since I was 11. My favorite books are the Perferct Chemistry series by Simone Elkeles. I mostly listen tot music, Its what gives me my inspiration. I hope to get to know some of you soon.

8/30/2011 #9

hey... the names Silver... seriously, it's Silver anyway my pen name's humility and I'm not so new to forums... But I am mostly new to fiction press. I like meeting people and I like writing more than reading. That's all and it's really nice meeting new guys, hope to work and have fun with all of you. :3

8/30/2011 #10
Zeairu Anotoshi

Hey, I'm Zeairu, it's a pen name that I perfer to use but I also go by muultiple nicknames and let people make up new ones since I get em everyday. lol So, uh, hi!

8/31/2011 #11
Bones do the Talking

Hey, The name is Gale Knight. I writer for the thrill, and all my writing falls under that category ;P I'll try my hand at horror, but I'm awful at it. I love RPG's, Harry Potter and yes, Twilight.

T'is me, the amazing Gale

8/31/2011 #12

Hey, I'm Amy I write when I'm bored and I love to write supernatural horrors 'cause... well wheres the fun in anything else? :P new to forums and no idea what I'm doing, so that sucks a bit, but I wanna try and find some good stories on here and maybe get some reviews in return :)

9/11/2011 #13

Hello people of the internet! Call me whatever you guys prefer (My username, doodle, kdsjkl, anything really.) I enjoy hard core comedy and joking around and (obviously) writing.

10/15/2011 #14
Not sure if I'm doing this right, but I'm platarozaluna--I had a PM about this forum in August, but I'm so bad with checking that thing that I just got it now =) please check out my story "Nocturne" =)
10/30/2011 #15
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