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Hey. This topic is a kind of heaven for your updates, in a way. Post an advertisement about your stories, and we will try to read and review it as soon as possible. You can also advertise stories from Fanfiction. Moreover, advertisements of stories other than yours are also welcome.


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8/28/2011 . Edited 8/31/2011 #1
M.R. Hill

Story name: Grandmaster of Theft

Category: Thriller

Genres: Serial Novelle, Action, Adventure, Thriller, Mystery, and Romance.

Advertisement: Follow the adventures of first person protagonist, the graceful & spirited Cassidy Cain. Groomed as the heiress to CAINternational, she leads a double life as the titular vigilante thief. Following the belief "It takes a thief to catch a thief," she acts as vigilante who foils the schemes of other criminals and does the things which the law fails to. By her side is her assistant and partner, Augustus Wynn who serves as the cool, calm, and collected foil to Cassidy's more spirited and fiery personality. Furthermore, Cassidy hunts after a particular thief, the elusive criminal mastermind known only as Deus who is responsible for robbing her family's business.

With multiple episodes and flowing continuity, the story features a completely original world, vivid cast, and characters. Other important characters of note include Rae Crawford and Rebecca Maddox, Cassidy's two best friends; Gale Crawford, Rae's older brother, friend of Cassidy's and lawful rival of Grandmaster; Edan Cain, her Grandfather and mentor, and many more. Give episode 1 a try and you'll probably be drawn in! Also, I do return reviews for a review (as long as the review is quality one) so if you are seeking to have your own works reviewed, I'm always open for it if you'll give mine a try.

8/30/2011 #2
Angel Investor

Story name: Oneiric Prison

Category: Manga (however, it does take influence from European culture as well)

Genres: Mystery, suspense, drama, horror, school, humor, romance... Yes, it combines them all.

Advertisement: Are you sick of predictable and boring romance stories? Would it interest you more if they had unexpected twists, capricious characters, horror elements, layered backstories, comedy, deep plot, underlying themes and a clear morale thrown to the mix? Then Oneiric Prison might just be the story for you.

Nova Newhouse is a congenial athlete whose dream is to become a professional soccer player. When he and his family move to the town of Uthol, despite the dark rumors about its history, the teenager meets several interesting people of his age, and quickly befriends them. What he doesn't know is that each of his new 'friends' holds a dark secret that just might end up costing his life.

8/30/2011 #3

Story Name: Alternate Shift

Category: Manga

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Comedy(not really apparent), Romance, Friendship, and many more.

Advertisement: What is the limits of anime and manga? Well to me it's the linearity. That's what I want to solve with this story. Each major arc would be handled by you votes in poles I plan to make. And having boundless worlds to play in, how will our hero's journey end.

Shin Takano, is your regular boy until he meets two mysterious persons when they saved him from this more mysterious creature. Now, these two individuals are living with him in his house. Troubles insures as his regular days start to end and new chaotic ones start.

8/30/2011 #4

Story Name: Blood Relative

Category: Story, i guess? :s

Genres: Supernatural / Horror

Advertisement: Forget everything you ever heard about vampires, because fiction is fiction no more.

Dont feel guilt. Don't try to live without blood. Definately don't fall in love with humans and try to live in peace with society. They love what they do and they do it in style. Ashley, Amelia, Tad and Etemiah are vampires, and when the world fell to their kind, no one put up a fight. No one except Katelyn Roth, one of The Syndicate, a group devoted to destroying the vampire race with their new wonder drug - starting with the church where Etemiah and his "family" live...

9/11/2011 #5

Story name: A Nerdy Diary

Category: Comedy...

Genres: COmedy (* scratches head*) I'm confused...

Advertisement: Well, the story is basically the diary of a Nerd. HIs name is Carl, the clumsiest bookworm ever. He plays a video game named Megalandier and has a family of pencils (Layla, Conner, Julie, and Sam). Read his diary, learn his secrets, and laugh at the stupidity of his life. NO NEED TO BE STEREOTYPICAL!

10/15/2011 #6
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