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dbz 77

What books or magazines are you reading right now and how does it affect your writing?


10/11/2009 #1
Green V

It depends on people, but for me, I often start to write more complicated and abstract sentences when and after I read Hamlet by Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde's works. And when I read Alice Hoffman's works, my writing became more intuitive and imaginative. I would say yes, but I am reading Good Omens right now and recently, I am not sure what the results will affect my writing so far.

10/11/2009 #2

What I'm reading doesn't usually affect my writing - I mostly write stuff that's in my head. My emotions affect it more. Right now I am reading a catholic inspriational booklet but next on my reading list is Melissa Gilbert's memoir: A Prairie Tale which I got for Christmas. Loved Little House as a child.

1/2/2010 #3

The mood of whatever I'm reading usually manages to creep in a smidge. So I tend to coincide reading material with book mood. Not theme mind you, just mood. Right now I'm reading Deficiency, which has really caught my attention with it's mood. I'm pretty sure it's creeping in to my writing more than a little.

2/15/2010 #4

Hi. I am reading a lot of Terry Pratchett, which either doesn't affect my style or is making changes so subtle I can't tell. But if I read any Sherlock Holmes books then I find myself using that 'voice' and it bogs me down. In fact I have banned myself from reading them because I need to get more writing done and I want to sound like me.

I also read a lot of non fiction, and sometimes if I am reading a book that includes a lot of historical housewifery then medieval household tips turn up in inappropriate places lol.

5/18/2010 #5
December Rose

I don't mean to- though it happens anyway- but I start writing however the book I'm reading is written. Which isn't necessarily a good thing. I'll be writing a long story and depending on the book I am reading my writing style will dramatically change- swinging from long and wordy to fast paced or lighthearted and loopy. I don't know. I can't really help it. But what I read really influences my writing.

5/31/2010 #6
Lily M.J. Fae
Well, I read twilight and then had a vampire fantasy book...but it was waaaay different. Except the guy could read minds...I just get inspired to use small ideas and make them into something I like
12/1/2011 #7
Right now I'm reading The Notebook like the extremely manly girl I am, and it's helping me reach my inner thoughts on how two lovers would feel if they were reunited :] It also helps me learn some new vocab, make me sound SMART
3/26/2012 #8
Ok I have been reading the house of night series and I love how the author puts in these parenthesis for the charector rambling. I have adapted it into my writing as well now
4/6/2012 #9

I just got done reading Hollowland which is by the same author as the Tylee series. And that may be why I suddenly got the idea to write my fanfic Awakening Dawn_ twilight meets Zombies.


4/21/2012 #10
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