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Methuselah Renard
Why is it a category on FictionPress? As far as I know, manga is just an art style and the style that animes typically use, not a genre of literature. Could anyone tell me why it's here?
12/10/2007 #1
aka Providence
i have many reasons on the matter, all of them generally speculation... 1.) fictionpress used to belong in fanfiction dot net before receiving a website of their own. 2.) a lot of people writing here, one way or another, know what anime/manga is, myself included. i migrated to fictionpress and original fictions from fanfiction. of course, i was heavily infulenced by anime and manga back then. 3.) for that matter, the manga section is for those people who write stories insipired by what you see in anime and manga. 4.) these days, you see almost everything in anime in manga; so in a way, the manga section is just like the general section of fictionpress (less stories, less risk of your stuff getting buried in a pile of new stories)
12/10/2007 #2
William H. Chang

They need to nix it. Manga and anime in general refer to visual art styles, not fiction. The only thing that seems to make most of the stuff "manga" is by using Japanese names that are usually recycled from other places.

4/10/2008 #3

yeah, I don't understand either. manga means japanese comics. this isn't a...japanese comic site.

I suppose they mean a story that has similar themes to anime or manga, but using the word "manga" for it just seems really dumb, imo. I mean, manga is divided into genres itself, such as sci-fi or fantasy or romance. or, basically, all the other genres represented on FP.

I really don't see the point...

4/10/2008 #4

Yeah, the only way I can see it being useful is if people wrote stories that include things like manga/anime phsyics, sweatdrops, nosebleeds, etc..

5/16/2008 #5

I think it's heavily influenced by Japanese culture. One guy I read sent his story to possibly become a real manga plot, so... the category probably has plenty of uses that are of no use to me.

6/24/2008 #6
Ashelin Efflorescence

Manga means "whimsical pictures". The plots can be anything and everything, so there's no need for it to be a category...

6/26/2008 #7
Absolut Hooliganism

I have no idea why "Manga" is a genre here. Last time I checked, this wasn't, so... I don't know, maybe the guys who run the site wanted a placeholder for "screenplay" or maybe since they also apparently made a site that caters to fanfiction and it was here first, so they just dragged all the genres they listed there instead of spending way too much reasonable time creating a new template for this site, too. Since I guess, that would be more legit over there since I imagine you'd get a lot people writing stories about comic books.

If I'm wrong there (all I really know about is that it's called and it was supposedly here before FictionPress), then I simply cannot even fathom any reason for it.

8/18/2008 #8
Secret Pornography

I suppose the writings in there are inspired by waht happens in anime and manga. But I personally don't really care for the category. I don't see why it's here, but it is.

11/21/2008 #9

Personally, I like the idea of literary manga as being seperated by atmosphere; it's totally different from any other type of prose, and I'm glad FP included it.

2/20/2009 #10

Manga isn't a genre - it's a medium. FP only wanted to please those that wanted it. What occurs in manga is the style of the author and things like sweat drops are due to the medium - just like how in movies you have pans and head shots. That's like having a newspaper section. To be precise though, something like "essays" should just be named non-fiction or something like that too.

2/26/2009 #11
Rei Toyoda

So. . . Does it mean that the reason it's placed there is to have a place to write a plot on what would happen it it were to be a manga? Or probably something like a script or something similar. . . Or. . . It probably is a genre here since some people think that it has different elements in the story from the standard things that are available and henceforth created it to please some other people?. . . Either any of that or something else. . .

(I'm starting to not understand myself at this point. . .)

5/19/2009 #12

It would only make sense if they posted the drawings and everything. Without the visual stuff, it's just a regular story with Japanese influence.

5/27/2009 #13
Artficial Smile

Well, it's just stories written in a manga/anime styled format. I like the anime section in itself, because even though the pictures are usually easily on my eyes because I tend to read to much, I like stories much better and like the way anime style is better than the way some cartoons are. Besides, us otakus aren't very known well, and if you just see a random orignail story based on anime or manga, wouldn't you be confused on what it is? It's actually makes things rather easier to find. (Besides, haven't you heard that otakus have a rather hard time in the world? It helps to be able to read something a post something of yours even if it's anime or manga based anyhow.)

5/9/2012 #14
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