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i think that to an extent all people put themselves into their stories, i personally make the character everything i want to be and am not. And i think that this is okay, most readers aren't going to know who you are therefore they're not giong to know that your character is like you. HOWEVER, there are some people that base their characters completely off of them and their friends, and it's obvious! they even sometimes go to the extent of having the characters have the same name as them. NOOOOO! you can't even have a little imagination? this is not good, and definitley a sign of an amatuer. the end

10/20/2008 #31

No offence, but I'd actually say that basing characters around a fantasy of what you'd like to be is worse than that; in terms of how realistic it's going to be, anyway.

10/20/2008 #32

no offense taken:) but i meant that to a certain extent, because you can't make you character some perfect paragon. that'd be...boring.

10/20/2008 #33
Pages Stained With Ink

I know what you mean when you say some people to obviously base their characters completely on themselves and there friends. It annoys me so much. Because the story turns out so boring, because its usually a retelling of their life. I reckon they should buy themselves a diary and note that this is FICTION-press...

And I usually try to keep any aspect of myself out of my stories, because I love making my main character become a real person. I think its unreal how the idea starts off as something I scribble down on the top of my book during math and then it turns into a person, and by the end of the story the characters all feel kind of real. If you know what I mean?

And if you base your characters so much off yourself then you loose the fun of thinking 'how is she/he going to look' 'How is she/he going to act' everything like that. You also miss out on watching your character grow and develop into what you want him/her to be. So its basically taking most of the fun out of writing!(well... in my opinion)

But I admit it is pretty much impossible to not add something of yourself into a character. But I always try really hard to make them the least like me as possible. Just to make it fun and challenging

10/20/2008 #34

I never base characters off of me because I'm not egocentric. It is un derstandable if writing about a horrible incident in your life aliviates the stress, but writing a thirty chapter story about your freshman year in high-school, when nothing happened...It is just boring.

10/26/2008 #35

I guess I am a poet, and everything I write is just how I feel at that moment in time. It's really nice when I get to put it on paper and make it sound kind of nice. I especially like it when other people enjoy reading how I feel.

I think it's easier to just write what I am feeling as opposed of trying to make up an entirely new scenario and emotions I think would be most fitting.

But having people read my work and enjoy it brings me joy.

I know, pretty strange, I like it when other people get a kick out of my twisted emotions. I think I might need therapy... But until then. I'll keep writing.

12/3/2008 #36
Johnny B Goode

Yeah, I usually have one character who's a bit like me (one of my stories actually has me and my friends as the main characters) but I usually incorporate my bad traits to avoid making a Mary Sue. And the character in my story about me actually stopped being me, and he started being a lot more fun to write.

12/6/2008 #37
Natalie J. Sawyer

I don’t intentionally put myself into anyone of my stories. What I like to do is; create my characters and then become them for the duration of the story, some of my personallity traits may slip through the cracks but not many. If my characters reflected me or my life I don’t think they would make a very cheery or appealing story.

12/24/2008 #38
Esther Wesley

Honestly, I have never completed a story or posted one on here yet. Considering I just signed up a few days ago, I guess thats not that badm, but anyway... When I do write stories or make up characters I don't make them based off of how I really am. Usually I make them how I want to be. They still have flaws though because when I think of characters, before even writing them down, I organize everything in my mind. I guess what they do in certain situations though would have to be based off of yourself because you only know what your thought process is in certain situations. So yeah, everyone has to incorporate themselves into their stories sto a degree whether or not they think so.

12/28/2008 #39

I don't put myself into my stories due to my complex personality. What I do is imagine them as if I'm watching an anime or playing a RPG and take down the details at once. Then, I'll organize them and put the details when appropriate.

12/31/2008 #40

Hi, new to FictionPress. I think we all put something of ourselves into our characters. When I write, I don't create myself on paper, but who I am influences my characters. My perception of a villain, good guy, or heroine. How someone of a particular age might react, or someone in a particular vocation that I no nothing about beyond whatever research I do for my story. If I write a character that is the opposite of me, it still has some of me in it, because I'm writing it from my perspective. Even if I base that character on another living person, it's still my perspective of that person that I'm writing. So I would say, that in some small way, we all reflect ourselves in our characters, whether we intend to or not. Just my never to be humble opinion. Oh, and it's very nice to meet you all.

12/31/2008 . Edited 12/31/2008 #41

welcome to ficitonpress:)

12/31/2008 #42

Thank you, it's nice to be here.

12/31/2008 #43

I try my best not to add myself into the story. My stories are my interpretation of life and my characters are what create the interpretation. Therefore, I try to focus on the story and not on inserting myself into the characters. I see them more as their own individuals who serve the story rather than my own interests.

1/1/2009 #44

Depends mostly on your character's, it may be that we have the tendency, that when characters are similar to ourselves, we generally link them to us indirectly, but not much of the time, my characters specifically protagonists and side characters, are typically a fantasy version of who I see myself being as but, they break the boundries of real life allowing them to be different, in principle even some such as some of my failed works of past years have included occusationally trace elements of myself in them yes, but it mostly depends on the character theirself for similarities.

1/2/2009 #45
Peta Steadman

I tend to do it sometimes without meaning to. The character's are never exactly like me but I tend to make my characters more introverted because then I can relate to them. They also tend to have my flaws.

4/14/2009 #46
The Infamous Black Valkyrie

I think all of my OCs have, at the most, one or two attributes of mine. I've got a character by the name of Nakita, and the two attributes she shares with me is her quick temper and her affinity for Linkin Park. (Yeah, I'm serious. She's nuts for them.) Or my other major OC, Dr. Fenton Stolhan, who has no social skills whatsoever and is a caffeine fiend.

Other than that, the characters aren't really me. Otherwise they wouldn't be characters. They'd be Mary-Sue-ish beasts, and I don't play that game.

5/7/2009 . Edited 5/7/2009 #47
Rose Valentine

Yes. All writers tend to do that, no matter how minor or how major the character is. Even those who declare they wouldn't put themselves in a certain character in their own story, there is still a probability that they'll unconsciously place themselves in a character. After all, you are writing. When you write, you put half of yourself in the story as well. That tends to happen, no matter how unaware you are.

6/12/2009 #48

I think all authors have a tendancy to place certain aspects of themselves into characters. I myself am guilty of this. It's a way of placing yourself into the story so that you can see it clearly and describe it more thoroughly to readers. It's a way of being able really get your mind into how the character would think, act and respond to certain situations. Although I'm pretty sure that there's not a single author out there who doesn't do this, I would certainly admire an author who was able to do this successfully. It would take a lot of experience to get to that level I think.

If you became a worldwide author, no one would realise that you had done this because they wouldn't know you. Only your close friends would be able to spot the particular traits. I like to think of it that way, it's kind of like a little writer's secret, you know?

6/29/2009 . Edited 6/29/2009 #49
Saph Moon

Yeah, I've been noticing this recently. I try to avoid putting myself in my stories, but especially when I write in first person, I notice that my characters start to act a bit like me. I guess because they have a similar train of thought to my own. Even if my characters have completely different qualities from me, they tend to take the same course of action as I would.

Although, it would be an interesting challenge to try to make my characters think very differently from myself...

7/5/2009 . Edited 7/5/2009 #50

yeah, in fact in my latest story Kill The Bodybuilder I'm the title character lol

8/2/2009 #51

(double post)

8/2/2009 . Edited 8/2/2009 #52

No, but planned to one day.

8/17/2009 #53
L.A. Clearwater

I don't actually use my name or pseudonym in it, but I try to capture my personality, just like in my newest story........Vampires Creed 1: Autumn Moon.

8/24/2009 #54
Theodore C. Coolidge

I hate self inserts! My characters are complete opposite of me. I live a mundane and boring life, my characters will be always in adventures, travelling in exotics landscapes.

8/25/2009 #55

I avoid putting myself in my stories at all cost. I'll give my main character some of my traits or personality or thought processes but I refuse to do another me. Its just so complicated to copy yourself exactly then you become biased and your story may go in a direction you weren't intending at all.

I use my stories as an escape, not as a video of "what should/could have been"

8/28/2009 #56
Theodore C. Coolidge

That's right, literature, even the most dark and serious one, is just about escape.

8/29/2009 #57

*high five*

8/29/2009 #58

I don't think I put myself in my stories. Most of my characters tend to be very brave, tell how it is kid of people, and I'm kind of shy and tend to keep my thoughts to myself.

10/10/2009 #59

I put aspects of me in, my girl main character has my green eyes, my boy main character has my man's hair, his sister has my black hair and my body type, ect :)

10/10/2009 #60
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