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E Von Dahl

What other writing-related sites do you use?

I tried Mibba and Quizilla for a brief period, but neither is really my thing.

Are there others out there besides fictionpress/

Currently I'm trying to promote a writing forum (which could really use some new members); so if you feel like checking that out, that'd be awfully nice.

Are there any other like, real writing forums out there?

1/8/2011 #1
Artficial Smile

Ah, I get what you mean. My friend likes Quizilla better because you can use all the actors/celb's names on there. So she forced me to write a story she wanted to write on here, but copyright problems, (song lyrics, actors, etc.) But I like here better cause this place is my kinda place and not her kind of place. (Besides, fanfiction/fictionpress is more popular than them, HAH!)

Anyway, there's this site called Nanowritmo. (Not sure if I spelled that right though..) It's almost like taking a challage for a month; there's two sites on there, one of adults, and the other for kids. You try to write a book in a month; the kid's word count has to be past at least 5,000 and the adult's have to be at least 50,000.

Hope I helped!

5/9/2012 #2

The only other writing site I have ever used with Mibba. I liked it alot, in terms of format/layout, and community, however I found that the stories fell a bit short. And the stories are the most important part to a writing website! Most of them were fan-fiction (which I generally don't like), and if they weren't fan-fiction, they were terribly written. I actually really like FP, however, the forums lack a little bit, and there isn't as much activity as I would like there to be.

5/29/2012 #3

Well, I've tried Wattpad, InkPop (now Figment), and Authonomy :P I still have accounts on all of those sites, but I'm not very active, lol. I don't think I like any of them as much as I like FP/FF though.

9/11/2012 #4
Kay Iscah

I'm on a few linked in groups, but the focus there is more on selling your writing than writing better. There's some room for general discussion, but it is a business networking business talk is kind of the main theme.

2/2/2013 #6
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