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Okay I have a formatting problem. Recently whenever I upload a document which looks fine, FictionPress removes all of my new lines and I just get a massive bulk of text with no prargraph distinction. I've tried changing the document for the chapter, I've tried clicking edit chapter and doing it manually but nothing works. Has anyone else ever had this problem, and how do I fix it?

An example of the problem can be found here

3/3/2011 #1
a LITTLE bit extraordinary
Hi, JessicaKrystal! Yeah, I've noticed some odd going-ons as well. I tried to edit one of my documents in the document manager area, but instead of that large box with massive amount of space to type complete with an amazing editing bar (like the option to make your text BOLD, UNDERLINED or ITALICS or the option to add a linebreaker, preview the document, etc.), there's just a small box with everything in its HTML code. And, I've got to admit, I'm not too savvy when it comes to HTML and whatnot. So, I was wondering if anyone knew what was going on or if someone knew how to contact the Fictionpress Help Team? (If there is such thing?) Thank you for your time! :)
4/4/2011 #2
Yeah. I keep getting the same thing. I'm not sure if it has something to do with the word processor you're using, but I use Microsoft Word for my documents. I contacted the FictionPress support team about it, and they haven't responded.
4/6/2011 #3
I'm having issues, too... if anybody gets a response from the support team, please post :)
4/6/2011 #4
Knightmare Elite
I thought I was the only one having these problems! I haven't been able to update my profile for weeks, and today, I try to upload a new chapter and it's stuck in that HTML formatting, and the box is so tiny you can't do anything. I'm worried that this won't even get fixed since the "Fictionpress support team" doesn't seem to exist. gets near weekly updates while gets half assed updates once every few years. I remember the last big update, they even admitted the person that ran Fictionpress had passed away and no one knew? I don't understand why they don't care about Fictionpress? Further proof, Look at the last update: February 23rd, 2010 -- We will be performing extensive upgrades to over the next two weeks and will bring the site in parity in features and support with its sister site at FanFiction.Net. Yes, February of last year... and they've added absolutely nothing. It even seems the formatting on this is getting jacked up too, it won't show my paragraphs. :(
4/11/2011 #5
Yeah Ive been having problems with that too, and its really weird because does not have that problem
2/23/2012 #6
Same here, really starting to get annoying. I NEED MY DIVIDING LINES T-T
3/3/2012 #7
People we have an alternative that answered half of our prayers!!!

This is from taerkitty. Not ME!

In FP, we can't edit our documents worth a (bleep), but it's working fine over in FF land.

0. This assumes you've already created an account. If not, see above.

1. Create a text document. Or Word, or HTM, or OpenOffice, or whatever the Doc Manager (Upload) over on says it will accept. The content is irrelevant - we just need a throwaway doc in our Doc Manager (Upload) screen.

2. On, open the doc you wish to edit. Lament at the alphabet soup of HTML code.

3. Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C to copy all of it to your clipboard. Mac users, you know to substitute the Ctrl with Command, right?

4. On, open the throwaway doc. Delete everything in it. Marvel at how clean it is. Click on 'HTML'.

5. Just like above, a new window will open. Ctrl-V to paste your clipboard into the HTML scree.

6. Click on 'Update', and it should, in all its former FP glory, be in the View/Edit Document window over on

7. Edit to your heart's content.

8. Reverse the process. Still on, click on HTML, select all, copy to clipboard.

9. Back to, click on the document you wish FP was unborked enough to allow you to edit, if it's not already open. If it's all HTML gobbledygook, delete everything in the window.

10. Copy the contents of your clipboard ono that doc and save it.

3/19/2012 #8
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