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This is really the only place I could find to post this. This might be a really stupid question, but I would appreciate it if y'all would just help. For some reason I couldn't figure this out myself, but what's the difference between hits and visitors? I mean, I was looking at the hits (which I thought meant views, but I guess not?) for my story and it said I had 7 hits and 6 visitors and I'm wondering what the difference is. Sorry if this wasn't the right forum to put this in but I didn't really see a place that was just for questions and/or noobs and I need help. Thanks!

6/22/2011 #1


vistors are how many people come and look at your work

while hits is how many times your page had been reloaded

so if i read chapter one of your book and reloaded the page 100 time it would say 1 vistator and 100 hits, get it?

8/28/2011 #2

Okie dokie, thank you! That does help me quite a bit!

8/29/2011 #3


just ask if you need help with anything else ^_^

8/29/2011 #4
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