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Is anyone interested? I'd really like to work together with someone on something big... Pretty much, I'd like someone who's capable with grammar and such, I don't want to spend too much time on that... Someone with a lot of ideas. Is anyone interested? Or am I in the completely wrong place?
3/24/2008 #1
You've mainly done poems, so I can't really comment then. It depends on what you'd like to do and everything else. Can't say I'd like to work together unless there's actually something mentioned. It's like going up to someone and say "Hey, let's work together?" "On what?" That's the reply. So, I might be interested. Let's see...
3/26/2008 #2
aka Providence
mm, The best way to find a co-author to work with here is to already have a specific idea to work on. Very few people would like to work with "any idea is fine" at all. Of course, you don't need to do all of the ideas -- make sure the one who wants to co-author has the time to write. I'd like to co-author; unfortunately, I'm a bit busy with my own stuff at the moment.
3/26/2008 #3
I know I've got a lot of poetry here, and my only story is not the genre I'd like to write in, that was just a random impulse story. Pretty much, my only real sample of writing prose I'm not really ready to part with... But I'd like to do something fantasy maybe... and not horror... And other than that, I'm pretty much open to any genre. Just not realistic high school crap.
3/26/2008 #4
Artficial Smile

Well, (this is probably like 3 years late XD) I'm probably not going to co-author with anyone, because I simply just like working alone, but anyway; I'm not too sure if many people are good at poetry...(I hate writing it myself so..) If you want to co-author with someone, just looking for people who have the same similiar ideas as you. Or you could ask one of your friends to help you. (This kinda happened with me and my friend, except she forced me to write it and is now currecting nagging me on wether I finished the first chapter or not yet...)

Make sure you work with someone you like and won't nag you too much...

5/9/2012 #5
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