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aka Providence
in a nutshell, put your messenger usernames here if you want advice, help, or chat with fp members. something like that, anyway. i'm not online in messengers that much, but i'll chat if you will. yahoo messenger: yjanzprovidence aim: zodiac13serpent
3/26/2008 #1
Cuddly Sacred Vampire

o one has added anything so I figured i would just to get something started...^.^ I'm so nice lol

But any way...You can get me just about everyday at my aim: Davincifan1025 or Princessbsoccer

4/5/2008 #2

I am such a n00b.

AIM: akatsukikun29

4/7/2008 #3

I only have AIM =P

AIM: xLinkinPark94x

5/10/2008 #4

I have usernames for just about every messenger, but most I don't go on at all, to the point of uninstalling them.

however, I go on these every day.

MSN/WLM: zweideux2 (at) gmail (dot) com

Skype: Tacster002


5/12/2008 . Edited 5/12/2008 #5

yahoo: beanielvr95

aim: zoeygirl492

Um...I go on the deviantART chatrooms sometimes if anyone wants to talk, I'm usually in GayBiWorld and my user is zoeycatlove.


5/17/2008 #6

Yahoo:- dorian1788

I figure, what the hell, I could always use the help, and meet new, cool peeps.

8/2/2008 #7

Yahoo:- dorian1788

I figure, what the hell, I could always use the help, and meet new, cool peeps.

8/2/2008 #8

AIM: NewDamnation, Sythe B, and GodMakesStuph (normally all on at the same time, mian is NewDamnation)


Yahoo: SomeoneGotBurned

Skype: NewDamnation

Maybe if I get people to talk to me I'll get more readers. XD

8/10/2008 #9

_ messed up


8/10/2008 #10

@Berserko - FP probably filtered your email address?

MSN: refer to my email address on my account page (don't want to be filtered either)

8/11/2008 #11

Filtered? Nooooooooooooooooo!

Oh well. I hardly get on MSN anyways.

8/11/2008 #12
Ariana Ethaitrius

dejsha (@) live (.) com

(.) au


Breseis 7 Lady Arell

9/2/2008 #13
Demented Hellion

Yahoo: unbrokenhellmuse

9/10/2008 #14
Neatly me

so im searching for a story on i can't find it. it had something to do with 'shards of glass' or 'broken glass' in the title. it was about this boy who discovers a teenage runaway (girl) named Dallas is living in his attic... he's rich, his mother died and at one point he has a dream about her. i've scoured the site and i can't seem to find it!

any help is preeeesheatedddd! u can just PM me w.the link!

9/12/2008 #15

well i have a question. this is going tom ake me seem so dumb, but oh well. W** is up with the life thing? do my chapters get deleted when the life runs out? idk. it's confusing me super bad.


that's also my email. ect. help would be appreciated.

10/1/2008 #16

I like meeting new people... I'm looking for someone to bounce writing ideas off of and who wants to trade editing pieces. I've got a vampire/human story going now


8/28/2009 #17

Cuz it deleted my MSN lol

XansGirl and its through hotmail

8/28/2009 . Edited 8/28/2009 #18

I use taerkitty on MSN, Yahoo!, and Google Talk. On AOL, I'm taerkitty2. I don't check AIM mail, HotMail or Yahoo! Mail. GMail is it. Feel free to +friend me.

12/27/2009 #19

'ello. Don't make fun of me, mkay?

Yahoo! messenger:

9/11/2010 #20
Maisie James


and I have deviantart too, if anyone is actually curious just ask (;

11/18/2010 #21
Alan Wolf

WolfyAU82 (Raptr / Google / Skype)

2/14/2011 #22
alexander bernadotte

I'm new-ish here and am in need of new messenger contacts. When adding, please let me know who you are!

AIM: soo princess ish


Skype: kranken-haus

8/26/2011 #23

i just have the google talk so if you can, oreosturm (@) gmail (.) com

9/3/2011 #24

oreosturm is my AIM now

9/3/2011 #25


I used to have aim but for obvious reasons I stopped using aim long ago.

Am welcome to chat with any writers just to get to know some peeps on here and be able to seek AND provide help/advice x

9/22/2011 #26

skype: liberalegg

8/16/2012 #27
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