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Shining Breaker

I had a hard time finding an appropriate place to post this topic, because I find the forum system on FictionPress to be kind of confusing.

I feel like I'm having trouble figuring out how to get more of the exposure for my writing I want. I don't really care about review quantity. If I cared about that, I'd just post in all the review exchange topics that I can find anywhere on the forums. That doesn't really solve the problem I have though. People generally review in those topics because they are paying a cost associated with getting exposure for their own work. Usually, they're not reading to savor and enjoy the other people's work. In my case, I feel like I'm at a disadvantage, because my one work for which I've spent a lot of effort is not really served well by an audience that isn't truly captive. I have one of those extremely detailed multi-genre stories that can bore someone who doesn't really, really like that kind of thing. How do I gain a loyal readership for something like that? I don't want people spitballing reviews because they feel they have to meet some sort of obligation, but I want a genuine fanbase that really likes and cares about my work. How do I gain something that's actually fulfilling to me?

9/9/2012 #1

I know what you mean about the whole "I'll read yours if you read mine" kind of stuff. It's just not my kind of thing. If someone reads my work, then I hope it's because they themselves want to read it/found interest in it.

As for your problem, I think participating in more forums would be the way. Just get out there and start replying to stuff, lol. Try and make friends. Talk to people. Someway, somehow, someone will make it on your profile, click on your story, and read it. And hopefully they'll enjoy it! :)

9/11/2012 #2
Shining Breaker

My biggest problem with my story is that it caters to a very specific type of reader, and I'm not sure how to even find people like that around here. It's hard to even pin down a good genre and supporting categories for my novel. I picked action for my genre, because it probably has a plurality of action influences, but there are also some really strong fantasy and sci-fi influences, too. As for supporting categories, I could see a case for, literally, half the list. As for posting on forums, I don't even know where I'd post. It seems like the overwhelming majority of posts on these forums are either story shill topics, random spam, or really light small talk. I haven't found good, frequently updated discussion about writing or other interests. It's hard to have chats with people if the appropriate avenues aren't there for it.

9/12/2012 #3

I have the exact same problem. I've written so much and put it on websites. I must have spent hours working on these pieces and I plan to spend so many more. These novels are so important to me and I'm really doing it for me. And I would love for some very entertained readers.

I'm guilty of reviews for reviews but often suggest full stories, spitballing ideas so we're working together and giving long, detailed reviews whilst making sure I get them in return. It's a way of advertising but is often just the first couple of chapters when I want details of what I am doing well, what could do with editing and so on. The point made is right, that you need to be everywhere so that you're seen and therefore your writing is. Problem is, self advertising looks ridiculous and desperate if done wrong, people don't always have the time and so on. I guess making friends is a good way. Like I've been looking for people to work with, that will get some helpful feedback and possibly work as a beta. They can often have people who you can also do it with, too. And, of course, making sure you're giving your novel a good description often helps.

It's often just so complicated.

11/15/2012 #4
Kay Iscah

I'm still figuring out the marketing thing too, but a few things I've observed that seem to make a difference.

1. Update regularly. I'm new to this habit, but I've observed regular updaters tend to build a fanbase if they stick with it over time and have a quality story.

2. Go through the communities and submit your story(ies) to ones that fit. The more links back to your story, the better.

3. Annoying as it is, try a few review exchanges. You'll get spitballers and people who just don't get your genre, but you'll pick up some actual readers too. I get absolutely giddy when someone tells me "I don't like fantasy, but I like your story".

4. If you really can't stand the exchanges, just involve yourself in general discussions, particularly when you have something worthwhile to say.

5. Review stories that interest you on their own merits and not for review exchange purposes. It's good Karma and makes you more visible as an author.

Personally, I love stories that have a multi-genre aspect to them, but unfortunately, I don't read M.

After reading your profile (Shining), I might suggest you consider rewording it to tout the merits of your story/characters/self rather than just telling people you want lots of loyal readers (who doesn't?) but most of them won't like your story... Let the reader decide if they like it. Focus on luring them in and dazzling them with your awesomeness instead. Might help if you explained what genre/sub-genres are prevalent in your story besides action.

1/28/2013 . Edited 1/28/2013 #5
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