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In Entries Not Allowed, rule 5, "Any form of interactive entry: choose your adventure, second person/you based, Q&As, and etc."

I have a story that is partially written in the second person. It's not an interactive story in any way. It's just fiction, like Bright Lights Big City is in the 2nd person.

What will happen if I post this story? Will I fall foul of the rules? Will my account be deleted? Will I be hunted down and lynched? If so, I wonder what the point is of such a rule. Can anyone answer these things?

Thanks for any help.

10/1/2012 #1
Kay Iscah

People seem to get away with second person quite often on this site. Personally I'd like to see them do away with that rule. The internet is a great place for interactive stories, and second person can be done very effectively. I can understand them not counting Q & A as a story, but you could do some really fantastic things with a choose your own adventure format.

Most likely if the site took issue with it, they'd just take down that particular story and give you a warning. If you kept at it, then they might take down the account.

1/28/2013 #2

Thanks for answering, though I had forgotten all about it. My story has been up for months now, and nobody has even read it, let alone complained about it! So it's safe enough to go ahead.

1/31/2013 #3
Corinna Tate

I've discovered when it comes to the rules, it's all about reporting. The rules don't matter nearly as much as having people report stories for breaking them. The admin's don't really police the sites themselves, they rely on readers to find rule breaking stories and report them. So if I were to post a non-interactive second person story, it's only at risk if someone reads it and reports it as a rules violation. Even then it's likely that an admin will give it a quick once over to see if it really does break the rule. If it is taken down, I would still have recourse to appeal to the admin and point out why it doesn't break the rules, because it isn't interactive.

Some of the rules are a little ambiguous, and I think the site owner leaves them like that intentionally. It allows people freedom to write what they want, gives readers the opportunity to report what they find offensive, and covers his tail if someone tries to hold him accountable over ratings, copyright, and content hosted on the site. I have only once made a report to the admins, and it was because a writer on another forum was getting abusive harassment (p*** r*** scenes posted as reviews) from another user. Sometimes multiple reports are needed to get the admin's attention.

I don't report stories, no matter how badly they break the rules. I have sent PM's to writers, warning them that their sex stories don't belong under a K rating. But since I also believe it's a parent's job to know what their children are reading online, I wouldn't report them. I've seen some groups take it on themselves to police the sites, and they are more of an irritant than an improvement in my opinion.

My advice is to back up everything, so you don't take a chance of losing your one and only copy of your story. I've seen some people get vindictive over things like forum posts or real life disagreements with a writer, and report their innocent stories as a way of lashing out. You don't want to lose your story over a feud.

2/23/2013 #4
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