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aka Providence
This is the only place to advertise in Cafe Fp. Try to keep your advertisements short, kay?
10/17/2006 #1
Charming Dice
10/18/2006 . Edited 1/21/2007 #2
Title:Totally twisted...yes the one with the misspelt title. Written by:Who do you think? Celtsea of course :) Tagline:Their sick...their twisted and waiting for you to play the game. To sum it up: Babs, Holloway and Lizzy are about to tackle the most 'interesting' murder in the history of Dimaond heights. AN/ Twists and turns you, a classic who dunit. With a stunning and shocking ending. Not complete.
10/19/2006 #3
On The Esplanade
I'm a vignette writer. My work is pretty much general, other than that I'm not sure what to say about it other than it does NOT include anything fluffy/romancy, emo, teenagerish, scifi, or supernatural. They're all pretty short so I'd be grateful if someone would take the time to read one or two. I return reviews too. And yes, that is a bribe. Cheers!
10/22/2006 #4
I've only written one story so far, if you find it bad then please read when I update because I have it all planned out and I know it will get better. Name:When the World Crashes Author:FallenAngelForever Summary(Different then one in story): Three girls run away to escape the lives they all dubbed crappy. Kathy, is secretly suicidal, Mindy comes from an abusive home, and Suzenna has always been in foster care for as long as she can remember. As they drive away, their futures start to unfold as they meet new friends, and acheive a new life far away from where they grew up. Only two chapters up so far, but will become VERY dramatic in later chapters
10/24/2006 #5
Stormie Greye
1) Forever in Time Summary: A young woman finds herself at the house that has haunted her dreams for many nights. Hypnotized by night's calling, she is seduced by an irresistible, timeless stranger who is waiting for her to offer her another life unlike anything that she’s ever experienced. Take thy rose and live like you've never lived before. (One-shot.) 2) Predators of the Night Summary: Hikaru Kuromeru is a relentless vampire haunted by the memories of her past the night her sire blooded her and left. Her partner and greatest friend, Sela Berica, is her only consolation and link to the present. Caught in the midst of a battle an arrogant enemy had begun, Hikaru will learn more about herself than she ever bargained for, and the game has only just started. For a night that happened over five hundred years ago, her past will rapidly slither its way into the present by means of a masked stranger who knows far more than he’s letting on. Watch as a simple grudge between enemies becomes a bloodbath to rise to number one in power. Tales of the night in all its mystery and deception. (Multi-chaptered.) Sorry...that might have been a bit long.
10/25/2006 #6
kamikai bomber
CONTEST!!! Title: Closed Door Summary: CLosed Door is a uncomplete story I've written that I have open a conest to. The story is about a girl who is locked in a room and the only people who can save her are the children of the kidnapper. Link to story is below.
10/26/2006 #7
Hi, My name is Siobhan (Sh-von). I write a variety of poems, I currently have some 320 on my page. I have been a writer of FictionPress since 2002 I belive. Alot of my poems are Angst, alot are true and alot arn't. I advise you not to read my poetry if you are troubled by the more darker things in life. I am however a generaly happy person, I just write the dark poetry to release my inner demons. I hope to hear from anyone who likes my poetry. Thankyou for your time, ~chainedfreedom
10/27/2006 #8
Gilded Coins
There are three short stories under my profile; since they are all under 2,000 words, they should be quick to read. Please x (6.022x10^23). [s:2264125:Beauty of Dying] - (Spiritual...ish) A look into a dying city and just how beautiful this is. [s:2264131:Balance Broken] - (Romance/Tragedy) An un-fairy-tale romance and how it ends. [s:2264114:The Woes of a Writer (and How She Solved Them)] - (Humor) Deals with handling constructive criticism. Some people simply can't do it.
10/28/2006 . Edited 10/28/2006 #9
dbz 77
[s:1647370:The Crusader] [s:2210818:Freedom Island]
10/30/2006 #10
On The Esplanade
For A Smoke -It's inspired by a photo I have a link to on the story. About a girl who sneaks out of bed with her boyfriend, reflects on her smoking and her affection for him. Not cliche, but rathre odd and I'm fond of it.
11/18/2006 #11
On The Esplanade
For A Smoke -It's inspired by a photo I have a link to on the story. About a girl who sneaks out of bed with her boyfriend, reflects on her smoking and her affection for him. Not cliche, but rathre odd and I'm fond of it.
11/18/2006 #12
Underground Constellation
Hit and Run - A poem about sex, commitment, and fast moving relationships.
11/30/2006 #13
Souless demon
Title: The Story of a Forsaken Soul Stealer: Yoko-sama's story Summary: Walk with Yoko as he tells the tale of how he became a Cursed Vampiric Angel. I know its small, but If I continue I would simply begin to write about the goods of the story so please if you have free time look over my story.
12/7/2006 #14
dbz 77
[s:1656469:A Reason to Live] [s:1961762:Power Drain]
12/7/2006 #15
mesmerised bookcat
err... here goes: title: Observations Author: mesmerised bookcat Summary: Ariel Kay sees the world simply, but what would happen if he met someone uproots his way of thinking, and what if that person has some sort of unexplainable connection with him. watch as Ari experiences some minor complications, in the shape of the man behind the door, one of his best friends, and some other guy he has never met. um..yeah. slash in later chapters.
12/19/2006 #16
Title: A Different Breed of Santa Author: Sakka-Fenikkusu (Me) Summary: This isn't some fat, jellybellied man. This is a real kid named Santa McDonald, nervous and afraid, with a difficult mission. Oneshot. Find it: Click on my username. Scroll down. You can do the rest from there.
12/30/2006 #17
Will Sachiksy
Title: Christopher Fox Section: Kids Form: Poem Summary: Meet Christopher Fox, a cunning thief with a kind heart. or just look in my profile
1/20/2007 #18
Title: The Distruction of the Wall in the Park Written by: Kumquat21 Summary: A drug addict's crumbling mentality. And she, whose only drug was sunsets. Poem, oneshot. Well . . . yeah, kinda angsty-emo, I admitt. For a poem, I don't think it's that bad. And I've never advertized this one before, so . . . yeah. Read and Review, pls!
1/21/2007 #19
On The Esplanade
My first poems. Time Is Coming Fast Now & Games We Love To Play Both are short so please check them out and give some feedback. I really want to get into the poetry side of writing so I'm hoping to develop some more intricate pieces than these but I need a base. I also return reviews for any of my stories/poems!! Yes that is a bribe...
1/27/2007 #20
Title:Secret Agent, Delana Marcello Author:KayB Summary: Delana Marcello is one of the best secret agents at ISA(International Secret Agents).The Head of the ISA assigns her to a mission in Russia, and she must not fail.There's just one little problem:her partner, Ian Bronson. -If you reveiw, I return reveiws.
2/3/2007 #21
Normally I wouldn't do this but I do feel like I'd like a few more reviws so if you please, check out my stuff. I've some Sci-fi, fantisy, superhero-stuff, humor, poems. Ya know, basic stuff.
5/24/2007 #22
The Bad Wolf
Title: Theda Summary: I met Theda on a crisp, spring day. Little did I know that THEDA also spells DEATH. I played a game of Backgammon for my life, but gave it away anyway. This is a short piece of prose I wrote for my school's literary magazine. It looks innocent, but packs a punch. Read and enjoy, and perhaps leave a review or two. More stories using Theda may appear later.
6/24/2007 #23
Melody Amber
Currently working on: Revelation I: The Brother The beginning of the chain of events that lead to Euphoria's grand cataclysm. Satoshi Rune is the step-son of the Emperor of the Mittanean Empire. He is a high-ranking officer in the Mittanean Imperial Army, yet his step-father pulls him back from the front lines to learn from a tutor, Miss Faith Sheraton. Satoshi learns a little more than history from his tutor. But how does this relate to an entire world? You'll have to keep reading. ;)
7/17/2007 #24
Clementine Augustine
Just two Title: [s:2377192:Margarita Lullaby] Genres: Young Adult, Drama, Suspense Summary: About a lovable girl who seems perfect to most and the series of horrible events that look like coincidence at first, but slowly seem like someone is causing all the misfortunes. Title: [s:2395110:A Wink of Insanity] Grenres: Drama and Humor, with some Tragedy, but overall hard to catergorize Summary: In each chapter is the story of a person who's insane, eccentric, or unstable with various mental disorders but sometimes doesn't appear to be because it's told from their point of view and occasionally leads one to believe that everything they say makes sense. Check them out
8/1/2007 #25
Mizz Neko
Oh, yay, story promotion! :P Title: Silvia By: Mizz Neko (Me ^^;) URL: Summary: On her seventeenth birthday, Silvia gets the chance to leave her home and see the world like she always wanted to. Every day she discovers more of the secrets of Altheira's societal conflicts, her mysterious Witch companion, and her own self. Notes: I would very much like some good solid CC on this fic, but I'm not getting all too much. I would appreciate if people could at least skim through and tell me what they think. ^_^
8/10/2007 #26
Fractured Illusion
[s:2401364:They Who Sin] Genre: Fantasy/Drama/General Summary: How much can be sacrificed before you realize what you lost?
8/22/2007 #27
[s:2398945:Z Illusions] Genre: Romance/Sci-Fi/Fantasy Summary: I had a crush on a vampire, though I was no mortal myself. My lecturer was a bounty hunter. I was the world's feared enemy. Yet, these were but a slice of all the illusions of me.
8/26/2007 #28
dbz 77
Title: [s:2451184:Cradleland] Author: [u:421134:dbz77] URL: Category: Fantasy Sub-category: Action/Adventure Summary: A passenger airliner lands in an unknown land. What mysteries are here? What awaits the passengers, and the natives of this land?
12/16/2007 #29
Title: [s:2464423:Elegant Emotions] Summary: Little does Luna know that her flawed life is but a part of an engineered competition that her brother participated in. However, there is a lot more than simply a competition and a prize it's an evil attempt at altering humanity for life.
2/3/2008 #30
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