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A Rather Different Type of Vampire: You've all heard of the sexy, alluring vampire hunk...unfortuntely, Darius is none of these things. Scrawny, painfully shy and dorky he was one of the most pathetic vampires around. Here are his adventures in the mad world of the bloodsuckers.

Jamadget Castle: Weird, perverted crap....

2/4/2009 #91
The Jab

The Jabbe Chronicles: Vincent Jabbe was orphaned at age four. The deaths of both his parents were ruled accidental, even if there was substansial evidence of foul play. Fourteen years later, Vincent is released from the orphanage and his past immediately rears its ugly head. He and his other friends are framed for a murder and must flee as fugitives from Sonry Island. Not only are they being hunted by corrupt police, but also by a malicious swordsman and a demonic force from the past. This is only a small part of what is known as The Jabbe Chronicles.

Bunker: What if Adolf Hitler never fired a bullet into his right temple? Would his European war spread to new lengths and how much power would he gain. Would he be able to rebuild the Third R*** after he is presumed dead? How much mayhem would ensue? Adolf Hitler has a gun to his head, but decides to fight this one out along with his close countryman Joseph Goebbels. Together they plan to recruit more Nazis and quake the world like never before.

2/10/2009 #92


During her move to St. Kilda's High, Luna suspected her brother had a crush on her. Little did she know that their affair was the catalyst in the world's upheaval.

2/10/2009 #93

Have a read thru Count Mikhail Vasilievich Chernushenko.

Russia:the late 1800's. Count Chernushenko, unbalanced Russian Count will turn upside down the lives of three people:his best friend, Count Karvana;Madeline, the women he falls in love with and seduces with a love potion and Vasily, his twin brother who also falls in love with Madeline. Rated M for mature....some sex, if you like that type of thing, and a bit of strangulation.

Tell me what you think.......

2/20/2009 #94

Title: Altomalo

Rating: T for mild language, some violence, and implied sexual themes

Genre: Satire/Dystopia (why aren't they genres in FP? :( )

Summary: In a country with tight borders, no medical care, and a policy where a person is killed if he can't get a job, how can a humble office worker stay sane?

Basically, it's a story-wide criticism of the question "money or life?", answered "money," and turned up to eleven.

2/20/2009 . Edited 2/20/2009 #95

With a Little Bit of Stardust I wrote it... the idea is mine and my cousin's.

2/21/2009 #96
Fraction of Hope

hey people

Can someone, or a few people give my first FP a read, its called Prophecy of Lycaron:The First Collision

Any reviews would be great on what you thought and how to imporve


2/27/2009 #97

I just finshed writing a story called 'Unemployment'.

It follows a day in the life of unemployed drunk Ian Spokes as he attempts to quell his self-destructive tendencies and get a job. It is my attempt at writing in a semi flat-prose style and I think that it isn't too bad.

Here's the link:

3/7/2009 #98

I'm not usually one for advertising... I mean, I want people to read but I press the story too hard or- Oh, I'll just shut up and write it down.

Unexpected Love: Complete.

Summary: A typical "boy-meets-girl" story. Dave bumps into a girl named Kat. He doesn't think much of it until they meet again and find out they have a lot in common. It's been regarded to a different kind of story, so you might not get it right away or at all. Although, if you get past halfway, you are in for a real treat.

A/N: First story (original fiction, anyways) I uploaded to FP. It's a bit rough and might be hard to understand, but I've heard good reviews from friends and fellow members on FP so it's not downright horrible, anyway.

Lucky No. 13: Complete.

Summary: The "Stingray" has always dominated the competition at Jay's Hall. That is, until an unknown competitor named "Ms. 13" challenges the title in his league of Sharks. Will she be the one to break this pool shark of his title?

A/N: It's a bit cleaner and better, but I think the focus of billiards might turn people off to it. Although, it is a bit similar to Unexpected Love, with the little romance that happens to have some humorous moments, there are some dark parts that give it a contrast to UL.

The Untitled Lily Project: In Progress.

Summary: In the town of Mira Vista, Lily and her writer friends run into a new student named Vincent. However, Vincent doesn't only bring new ideas but a pen given to him last year. What would you do if you had the ability to rewrite the world? *Updates Fridays!*

A/N: My third story that I wrote for NaNoWriMo, so it's a little over 50,00 words. I hope to get completed by Early December at the soonest. It's a romance at heart but it's a little slow and confusing if you haven't read Lucky or UL. I definitely suggest reading it though.

Queen Somebody: In Progress.

Summary: In the town of San Juan Seison, you are either with the Benidicis or the Lucases. For Jessica, it's a matter of trying to live in this city without the family she had or the family that she wishes she have and having no one else. *Updates Fridays*

A/N: Fourth story and definitely the most mature of the group. Jessica follows a young adult in her 20s rather than the high-school romance that my other stories were based on. More dark and mature themes follow in this story of a supernatural twist, which is another first for me. No idea how long it is because I'm writing it as it comes.

As for the whole review incentive, I won't reply directly back to you but at the end of most of my chapters I have this little segment I like to do called "Readers' Appreciation," where one of my characters will usually give their input on your review or acknowledge any other specific appreciation for the story such as Favorites or Alerts. Plus, I'm also willing to read some of your material as well and review it, if I'm up to it.

3/22/2009 . Edited 6/27/2010 #99
Clementine Augustine

Just one.

Name: Margarita Lullaby (Incomplete)

Genre: Tragedy, Drama, maybe Young Adult


Aera Moore is shipped to a small town where everyone is shallow and treats her like a goddess, when really, she's an alcoholic whose only friends are a large network of homeless people who reside under a bridge. She eventually finds one friend in town, but even this accomplishment cannot completely distract her from her demise, caused by her old flame and her past mistakes. Well, at first, until love is involved.

Starring a pro-life pimp, a sadistic and narcissistic w***, a hit man with OCD and good aim, a gentle rivethead, makeup w***, a psychobilly deaf boy, some partying hobos, and not enough makeup to cover up the drama centered around the "slumber" of a girl named Margarita.

Also features abortions, deadly alcoholic drinks, a few murders, and an exploding hospital.

Yeah, it's intense.

3/27/2009 #100
Five Hours

Just genrally looking for people to read my stuff and tell me ways i could improve =)

all opinions welcome =)

3/27/2009 #101

Im gonna keep this simpl.e im a young writing trying to imporve his work. please read "house of nathaniel More" and, one thing, Im aware of my grammar errors. I really need feedback about bigger things than grammar. Thanks.

3/29/2009 #102

Try this short story, and please give me your opinions.



3/30/2009 #103
Melancholic Marionette

Opinions wanted for:


Sum: For as long as he could remember, Maxwell Benson loved taking things apart. However, by the time he was in high school, his innocent, slightly troublesome habit became something downright destructive.

Shattered Looking Glass

Sum: Examining the unraveling of one's mind after literally getting away with murder.

Both single chapter.

4/4/2009 #104
Clementine Augustine

Margarita Lullaby

At the core, it's about an ex-party girl/recovering alcoholic and her new life in a little town while a murder plot is happening outside of her narration and knowledge. Lots of drama, lots of twists, lots of weirdness.

4/6/2009 #105

Im Not Normal

This is a story about a girl named Amanda who's step-mom goes missing, she starts running into mysterious people, whom she doesn't know. She meets new friends big and small, just to find out shes immortal. But will she stay immortal?

I hope you read and review it, I would really appreciate it!


4/8/2009 #106

16-year-old Ari Wilson is kidnapped and sold to a place called the kitty shack where she was forced into prostitution. Until she meets Robbie Tarentino. I will be posting at least 1 chapter a week read at

7/11/2009 #107

Title: The Thirteenth Olympian

Genre: Main category Romance but its Adventure/Fantasy

Summary: I'm a what!" said Cassandra, awestruck. "A God, or more correctly, a goddess." "How would you know that?" "Because I'm one too." Staring at him, she couldn't believe she was falling for someone who was completely insane. He was insane...right?

I will review anyone who reviews me in return!

7/19/2009 . Edited 8/4/2009 #108

Title: The Keeper of Peace

Summary: Lidia is just a normal girl about to come of age in the city of Chengal when tragedy strikes, forcing her to make a decision that will change her life forever.


7/24/2009 #109

Kill the Bodybuilder

Rachel was a member of the Deadly Seniors Assassination Squad, lead by a bodybuilder, Trevor. Upon realizing she had better things to do, she decided to escape her life as a killer. She got a job at the YMCA, changed her name, and one day was gunned down by an angry Trevor (with the assistance of the Deadly Seniors Assassination Squad). Four days later, Rachel wakes from a coma and decides to seek revenge upon the five people who almost destroyed her life - Leah, leader of the junior class of a high school, Kelly, who has put her assassin days behind her, Kyle, a degenerate alcoholic, Megan, a one-eyed blonde, and lastly Trevor, the bodybuilder.

warning: explicit

8/2/2009 . Edited 8/2/2009 #110
L.A. Clearwater

O'm on dire need of detailed reviews for my story Hatoyama Mpnpgatari:Magical Destiny and Mayhem...........I"m just fourteen, and starting out....could someone please help me to realize errors on my part? thanks!!!

8/8/2009 #111
L.A. Clearwater

O'm on dire need of detailed reviews for my story Hatoyama Mpnpgatari:Magical Destiny and Mayhem...........I"m just fourteen, and starting out....could someone please help me to realize errors on my part? thanks!!!

8/8/2009 #112
Maria Midnight

Title: The Hunters

Genre: Supernatural/Adventure

Summary: When Maria Suzumiya is accepted into a ghost-hunter group, she begins having visions of the past, a past she never knew about. Worse, she appears to be turning into a vampire! Please R&R, story is better than summary. Rated JIC


8/12/2009 #113

Title: Inner Beauty

Summary: Sometimes it's better to be ugly, Susanna learns her lesson the hard way.


Spin-off: Warning! Do Not Remove Under Penalty Of Law

Summary: A sequel to "Finding Hoffa" which continues the adventure of a suspended cop named Michael who went to visit his neighbor only to find something that would start a crazy day.


That's it for now, reviews will be appreciated!

8/17/2009 #114

Title: Ascendency


Marie, a seemingly perfect girl, trips down a flight of stairs and dies; and is revived as she is being wheeled into a hospitable. This kind of thing happens almost every day, and people usually just move on with their lives. But Luck has never been on Marie’s side. And as luck has it she is now being chased down by Death, left to deal with a family that crumbling under its own immense weight, and Dametre, her Doppelgänger (The other half to her soul, that watches over her until she dies and they switch places). It doesn’t help that they’re opposites in everything but how stubborn they are. And while she argues pointlessly with her invisible frienemy Dametre has to deal with the great task of protecting her when she shouldn’t be alive in the first place.

So how will they both deal with growing affections for one another?

It's Kind romance/humor/supernatural :)

8/18/2009 #115
L.A. Clearwater

Hi there! I've got a new story called Vampires Creed 1: Autumn Moon.........if you'd like to take a peek, you are most welcome!

8/23/2009 #116

Okay, time to promote a few more of my works...

First up we have the first part of The Windthrope Legacy - featuring the exploits of a member of Britain's leading paranormal think tank, Section 801, dealing with bizarre goings on in the Seven Valley. I've plotted out 10 stories for this series...of which I've completed 4. There's also a series of one-shot shorts that I'll post up eventually too. The second completed part, The End of Paradise, is also being posted here at the minute.

Then we have Jane Doe - a one shot that I thought I might expand, but it might be too similar to How I Met Your Mother in some respects.

Finally, The Chronicles of Cassandra Vincent. I originally started writing this at another site (a yahoo group) that bit the dust about 3 years ago now. However, you just can't keep a good contract killer down can you! I just need to finish it... :)

Thanks and enjoy!

8/25/2009 #117

And here are a few more for folks to read - I'm on abit of a roll at the minute it

First up, we have Yakuza Girl - thought I'd try something abit different.

Then we have Neighbourhood Watch - as I live in an odd little village here in the UK I thought it might be fun to take it to it's logical, if absurb, extreme.


8/27/2009 #118
dbz 77

Title: Red Fields


Summary: A boy and his sister work on a farm a few months after a global pandemic. They think they are safe from starvation. But...

10/11/2009 #119
dbz 77

Title: Lost Boys of the Cascades


Summary: Orphans have been living in the mountains for nearly a year, under the guidance of their "Big Brother" Barry. Changes are coming, changes that will affect them greatly...

10/13/2009 #120
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