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rawrr x

does anyone remember this story? it was a really great story but the author took it down D: so does anyone remember or have a copy of this?? im telling you it was one of the greatest stories i'd ever read!

6/11/2008 #1

I remember. It was epic. I wanted my friend to read it, but it was gone. I wonder if the author is going to publish it...? Maybe. XD I'd totally buy it.

12/22/2008 #2


my favoritest story ever

i'm really looking for her to publish it but to bide me over meanwhile, luckily, my friend copied the entire firebird story before jc jacquez took it down so i read it from time to time =D

lol i'm on my 5th time now.

2/13/2009 #3

O___O No. Way. I copied it too (eheh) but my computer broke down and the copy was lost forever.

I remember most of it (like the kidnap scene, the trailer-titanic scene, the dance scene(s), the betrayal scene, the moonlit cathedral scene... XD) but most of all I remember the war of emotions and reactions I felt while reading. I really hope she publishes it soon...

2/13/2009 #4

hey, ive been looking for the firebird series for like forever to read and since u have them copied, i was wondering if can forward them to me. i won't do anything with them but read them, i swear. if u can, please email me at nadellad(at)hotmail(dot)com. thanks!

5/2/2009 #5
Fluff Inc
I would also like a copy of the story. I just really want to read it badly. If someone would be kind enough to forward it to me. Thank you.
5/11/2009 #6

hey! i was wondering, if it's not too much trouble, if you could please email the story to me at ?

i loved the story but when i went back to read it again she'd taken it down...


5/22/2009 #7

I loved this story and was so sad that it was taken down. I really do hope the author publishes the series someday, I would definetly by it. If possible could you send me a copy at Dreamwalker12J@aol(dot)com? I won't do anything but read it I swear.

6/10/2009 #8

Hopefully I'm not too late to join in but I would love to get a copy as well. my email is . It is my favourite story from this whole site.

I remember reading that the author took the story down because someone had stolen it and was passing it off as their own which is pretty bad but meant that we could no longer read it so if you still have a copy pls send one my way.

10/4/2009 #9

Hey guys, Firebird is being reposted and continued by Jc Jaquez (thats what it says on her profile), but not on fp . Go to her profile page and u'll find info about it in her story.

10/14/2009 #10
Sparkle Burn

Hey all, I remember reading Firebird and being disappointed when I couldn't find it, too! Yes, JC Jaquez is reposting the story, but with some pretty major revisions. She's really shortened it, cutting out some (what I consider) memorable scenes. Also, she's posting it as she revises, so it's slow in the going. That being said, I would really appreciate if someone could send me a copy of the original Firebird story! Thanks in advance!!

1/19/2010 #11

OMG, You have a copy of it? Would you consider sending it to me? . I would be forever in your debt if you would!

1/30/2010 #12

I know that everyone else is posting requests for someone to e-mail them the original story, and I regret to say that I am DEFINITELY one of these people who wants it very badly. I was quite obsessed with this wonderful story for a while, and I would love to relive it in its original glory. If anyone could be so kind, my e-mail address is . I would be very much obliged!

4/12/2010 #13

omg could you possibly send it to me

11/11/2010 #14

Hey : )

Seeing as so many other people have asked you, I'll join in too! Could you possibly send me a copy of Firebird by JC Maquez, as well? It's my un fortune that when I signed up for fictionpress and heard about, it was already take down : ( It sounds awesome, though.

If you can send me a copy, here's my email:


6/6/2011 #15


I was wondering if you could email it to me too? I read it once a long time ago and I fell in love with the plot ad characters! Nothing beats originals!!

my email is lilxfire[at]hotmail[dotcom]

THANKS super much! (:

9/9/2011 #16

Oh my god I've been trying to find the story all day now. It's not anywhere! I use to have it on my old computer before it stopped working completely. Never saved it on an external hard drive. If anyone has a copy of it and North star and Circle let me know! or the site where she's writing the new version. I can't seem to find that either. My e-mail is aspiak(at)hotmail(dot)com.

10/18/2011 #17
Letters You'll Never Read
I would also love to read this story if anyone would kindly PM me!
10/29/2011 #18
I have a copy. If you want it, just shoot me a PM with your email. I'll send it with the standard "Do Not Use For Evuls or Publishing Contracts" warning. I get on average, one request per month, for the story, and people tell me my name pops up often in their Quest For Firebird. I honestly don't know what Monica's being doing with the story, other than she re-wrote the first half or so last year. But that version's gone now too.
12/8/2011 #19
thanks , pelase send to
12/10/2011 #20

Please, please, please send me a copy -- i BEG you:

4/22/2013 #21

I never finished firebird I had given up all hope but after seeing this I wondered if announce could send it it me

thanks in advance!!!

12/25/2013 #22

Hey everyone! She's baaaaaaaaack!!!! (Christmas is made for all of you). Go spam Monica with how awesome you think her stuff is.

12/26/2013 #23
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