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Absolut Hooliganism

So, out of curiosity, how long have you been writing? I started sometime in middle school and just graduated high school, I'd put that about six or seven years of infrequent activity. Not trying to brag or anything like that, just wondering how I'd size up to... well, a community of writers.

7/11/2008 #1

Most of my early creative work was in the area of games and music. It was not until I went online in the late Eigthies (BBSs not InterNet) that I reallly began to write anything serious. Years of constant text-based communications did a lot to improve my skills with the written word.

I worked and ran many an online game, the early ones were a form of dynamic story, told via text.

All in all I have been putting words down with serious intent for about 2 decades now.



7/11/2008 #2

About the same as Absolut here. I started writing when I was about ten (when I got my first computer), and sort of on and off for the next eight years. I seriously started writing last year with NaNoWriMo, but, until then, I was like Captain Jack Sparrow. Whereas he called himself captain without a ship to actually captain, I called myself a writer without having anything actually written.

7/22/2008 #3
Secret Pornography

Hmm... I've been on this site for a week or so but I've been writing since ohh sixth or seventh grade. That's not too long though. *shrugs*

11/21/2008 #4

i'm almost out of high school and i've been writing since late elementary school (i wasn't writing good back then, but nonetheless i did) so for about ten years or so.

11/23/2008 #5

I'm not quite sure. I would estimate that I have also been writing for six or seven years. I started with fanfiction, and eventually worked my way up to original fiction.

11/23/2008 #6
Midnight Adrenaline

I'd started writing stories when I was ten but never followed through. Then, December 2007, when I was 13 and a half, I found that I love writing. So I've been writing with passion for a year now.

1/4/2009 #7
Saoirse the Irish Colleen

Been writing for 18 years, since I was ten. Reviewing all my (fiction) pieces from high school I had a similar style to Stephenie Meyer's. *SHUDDERS* But after getting a good dose of Hemingway and other contemporaries, minimalism is my watchword and over emphasis is like the plague.

1/6/2009 #8

No idea. Started, stopped a lot of times. More like bursts than a continuous how long.

1/11/2009 #9
Abbigail Cross

I've been writing, on and off relationship, for about 7 years.

1/23/2009 #10
Fractured Illusion

No idea. Started, stopped a lot of times. More like bursts than a continuous how long.


Some writing bursts lasted a bit longer though.

But most are short-lived XD

1/24/2009 #11

I started writing stories when I was still in elementary school - first grade I think. (Now I'm 30 something.) Most of my early stories of course sucked. I don't write a lot (obviously - since I only have 2 stories posted here and one on fanfiction.) I do want to write another story...just waiting to get inspired with a great idea!

1/2/2010 #12

I finished my first story in first grade. The last chapter was just the sentence 'Then they went home.' Looking back, it was both adorable and hilarious.

3/16/2010 #13

I've been making up stories for 6 years, and writing for 4 or 5. So far, I've written at least 14 or 15 stories since then, and most are above 10k.

5/10/2010 #14
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