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Juuust out of curiousity, where do y'all get your pennames? I've seen some rather fascinating names here; I'd like to know where they come from.

I'll start with introducing mine. It was originally Okami (no relation to the game), which I came up with when I wanted to write a Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic. There was a character in the series that called another by a Japanese word, yadonushi, which is commonly translated to "landlord" (if you don't know why he's called that, it's not really worth explaining), so I wanted to make a pair of characters with the same situation (I know, creative of me), and the closest thing to "landlady" that I could find in Japanese was "okami", which is like a geisha mother or something like that. Then, when I tried to open a livejournal account, the name was already taken, so I turned it into a palindrome (the same word forwards and backwards), and I've been using it ever since.

What about everyone else? Do your names have fascinating origin stories?

7/27/2008 #1

I named mine backfromwoodstock for the love of music and the great legends of the 60s and 70s.

Woodstock - look it up on Wikipedia. It's only the largest concert ever performed!

8/5/2008 #2

I've been NotMyShoes in some form or another for what seems like forever, and it actually has two origins, if that makes sense.

NotMyShoes first came into being as a companion to my friend's screen name, SomeWorriedShoes, and it just seems to have stuck.

Then, a couple months ago, I stumbled upon an acting website called Not My Shoes while I was looking for a monologue for my acting class. Imagine that.

I also love shoes, which could have something to do with why I'm drawn to it.

10/5/2008 #3

well...i like birds, especially fat ones. They're so adorable! and my favorite number is three, so why not have two threes and have it doubley awesome?

10/20/2008 #4

On, my Penname "Cannibal Lawn Gnome" was just a funny idea I had. After all, a lawn gnome that eats other lawn gnomes? That is absurd, and therefore funny.

Here, I simpl,y stole my penname from A song by a metal band I love, Helloween.

10/26/2008 #5

I first used this pename when I made my Fanfiction account. I was at a friend's house, she was sleeping, and I decided to make an account. But I couldn't come up with a username! So I thought about how it could describe me. "I have auburn hair," I thought. What else? "And I'm a sadist."

It was perfect! So I typed it out, adding the dashes to make it more unique.


But it felt like something was, at the end, I added on the XD smiley face since I seem to use those smiley's the most! ^o^

1/4/2009 #6

My first penname was Silver Eyed. I was 13 when I named myself that 'cause I thought it'd be cool.

But now my penname is bringmayflowers. Let's just say, I wanted a change. I was tired of being Silver Eyed. It seemed immature to me. So I decided to be someone else. Haha. At least by penname. May is the month I was born and you know the little rhyme "April showers bring may flowers" - thus I had my penname!!!

1/5/2009 #7
Saoirse the Irish Colleen

I loved Michael Flatley's Lord of The Dance character protrayed by the brilliant Bernadette Flynn-O'Kane... Oh yeah and I'm part Irish too.

1/6/2009 #8
Clandestine's Pen

and i like looking at bloody roses and i write stories, so... viola! Bloody Rose's Pen! My penname! :)

1/11/2009 #9

Concerto came from Lover's Concerto - a song? Can't exactly remember now. Guess it also had to do with music and what not. I use to use this name for most things until somewhere said it was used, but I didn't want to change it so added 4 and 9 to it. Think it was astrology or something that said 4 and 9 had more luck, so I hoped for the best and...

1/11/2009 #10
Fabricated Nightmare

Mine's not too fascinating. My name is Megan and I love The Crow.


1/14/2009 #11

My name's Randall, which comes from the Old English: Randwulf, meaning "Shielded by the Wolf" - which is awesome.

1/20/2009 #12

My name is Ferret and (for some reason unknown to me XD), people always say I disagree with anything they say, even if I don't really disagree with it. I just argue for the sake of arguing (which is a horrible habit of mine)...So I decided, why not go with FerretsRevolution....

1/28/2009 #13
The Last Xu

my last name is Xu, and For some weird reason, I think x-dripdrop creates the image of my last name. ["x" is x... and dripdrop is the "u", which looks like a water drop xD]

1/28/2009 #14
Abbigail Cross

I was ReganBaxter, to match my fanfiction account, then I changed it to Perceived as Insane.

Peeceived as Insane came from me wanting to be insane, and um, people thinking of me that way.

1/29/2009 #15
Captain Cakewalk

I'm really into Animal Crossing, so my cousin got me a Tom Nook plushie from the Phoenix Comicon. He's my favorite character - me and my cousin joke that he's the "head of the Animal Crossing mafia" 'cause you always owe him money. It's a really cute plushie, and I carry it around a lot. My friend took a picture of me giving it a kiss on the nose (part of an inside joke), and for some reason I thought of that when I was creating my account.

2/1/2009 #16

StoryPictures are kind of like 'mental movies', I don't know if anyone besides Blondie understands this when I say it, which are what I get when I read.

2/11/2009 #17

My penname came from my love for Camaros + my first name (Camaro+Mary=Camary), The 69 just happened to be the first two numbers that happened to pop into my head.......enough said.

2/20/2009 #18

My penname doesn't have a particularly interesting story.

It's just a nickname brought out from the name "Euphemia."

3/11/2009 #19

*grins* Do you watch Code Geass?

3/12/2009 #20
The Infamous Black Valkyrie

I'm a science nerd, and I'm streetwise.

'Nuff said.

3/12/2009 #21

auburn-haired-sadist-XD: Nope.

Someone mentioned in another forum on here that there was a character named Euphemia in Code Geass.

But I hadn't heard of that up until now.

I actually got the name from an A-Z of Babies Names. xD

3/13/2009 #22

DStone has always been my screen-name online as soon as I ditched my old kid one, so I used it as my pen-name here on FP. Specifics? It's a nickname of sorts for me, like a tag. "39" is often added because of the similarity to 93 which was on my Dad's old AOL screen-name.

3/20/2009 #23

Well, it's Nolaknowsmyname cause... well... Nola knows my name, lol. If you can find her ask Nola she knows.

3/29/2009 #24
Heretic Shredder

I actually had a lot of trouble thinking of a name, so I combined the two things I am most interested in: guitars and the story of Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc was burned at the stake after she was found guilty of heresy by the Cathoilc Church. Shredder? Well, I want to be one of the best someday. I'm absolutely in love with my instrument, metal, punk, classic rock and all things h***. XD

5/29/2009 #25
Abbigail Cross

EDIT: I'm no longer Perceived as Insane.

Abbigail Cross came from a strange obsession with the name Abbigail. And cross, well, it just sounded kickass.


5/29/2009 #26

Mine comes from a Christopher Moore novel called "Dirty Job". One the characters, a young goth-type girl, explains her fascination with the French language, stating that French best describes "the profound noirness of my existence."

6/7/2009 #27
Rose Valentine

I used my real name for my screen name. My Chrisitian name is Mary Rose Valentine. :)

6/11/2009 #28

I was simply bored and thought fictionpressusername would be funny. After all, I already have fanfictionusername over at xD -Bunny

6/18/2009 #29
Joshua McLean

Mine is kind of a back-and-forth thing. I've had a character called Seciden Ivellius Mencarde for a long, long time. His nickname is "Velly" (from the middle name) so I took that for my musician name so that it wouldn't be too obvious. It was either that or Seciden, and I thought it would be strange to call myself -exactly- after one of my characters. I threw on the DJ for two reasons: one, there are lots of people calling themselves "Velly" already, and two, I wanted to make it obvious that I'm an electronic musician. Then when I came here I just kept that name since it's kind of an identifying mark for me. And I want to self-promote. :)

7/5/2009 #30
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