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aka Providence

It's not really a holiday, but how many times do you get to spend the day on a date like this? After 12/12/12 there won't be any same-digit dates anymore, or the world will end. Either way I'm skipping school and buying sushi rolls and watch some movies.

8/7/2008 #1

i can't wait till 11/11/11. its gonna be freaking amazing.

11 is my favorite number. can you tell??

2/1/2009 #2

11 is my favorite number. can you tell??

Only a little bit. :P

2/1/2009 #3

I celebrate 08/08; my cats were born on that date, in '04.

3/11/2009 #4

ahahaha, 08/08/04

i love finding weird dates!!

pi day: march 14 (3/14 get it, 3.14...)

square root day: 03/03/09 (3X3=9!!)

and of course 11/11/11. just because its awesome =P

3/11/2009 #5

Square root day? xD

That's really weird.

3/17/2009 #6
Theodore C. Coolidge

9/09/09 There must be somenthing uncanny on that sate?...No.

8/23/2009 #7

9/9/09 the day the world loses The Game.

PS - you just lost The Game!!

8/23/2009 #8
Theodore C. Coolidge

4chan lingo, on my Fictionpress?

8/23/2009 #9
Corinna Tate

In two hundred and nine years, it will be 2/2/2222. So... that means there are still same digit dates ahead--we just won't be alive to see them. On second thought, I'm going to plan to be there, what about you?

2/2/2013 #10
Kaizen Kitty

Nice. What's your strategy? I've heard of cryogenics, but it isn't very reliable...

6/27/2013 #11
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