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aka Providence
lol... to any bored/insane writers, here are some challenges to bend the imagination (maybe). Feel free to suggest other challenges here. YJanZ- Providence's challenge: (pick one, or pick several!) 1) An action/humor story containing characters that recite Vin Diesel/Chuck Norris jokes (ex: Most soap brands kill 99.9% of germs, Chuck Norris could kill 100% of whatever the (f***) he wants. 2)For participants of NaNoWriMo; make two accounts, and finish one 50000+ word story in EACH! 3)write a story that would be a combination of at least six story concepts in Fp 4)There are a lot of yaoi/yuri/i***/twincest stories out there... but write one about human x animal! (LOL! Let's see if something like that happens) 5) five characters with the same first names, all of them unrelated to each other. 6) almost like the above, five characters whose name is Robocop, and they would be called that way for 30% of the story (robocop one, robocop two, etc...) 7)write a superhero story, and make your own original theme song (lol) 8)extra for challenge 7, make said main superhero character sing the said theme song 9)more extra points if you make the supervillian sing the same song 10)sing the theme song you made while writing the story (lol) --if you complete any of the challenges, congratulations! You get a virtual cookie and the title of insane writer!
11/1/2006 #1
Gilded Coins
Some of those made me laugh out loud XD I had a couple self-imposed challenges that I haven't finished yet. Er, actually, I haven't even started them yet. They were: - Write some sort of coherent, complete story, but the first letter of each word must follow the alphabet (e.g., "A bird called Diego...") Repeat as many times as needed, ending with Z and starting with A again. - Write a story written in second-person future tense with the following elements: sheep with horns in their mouths, gastric-brooding frogs, silver bells, seven, a real-life friend, weird people. A virtual cookie and the title of insane writer—that's plenty motivation right there for me to try some of those challenges. I especially like 4-6.
11/1/2006 . Edited 11/1/2006 #2
aka Providence
lol, here's another one... --Write ten characters, that are utterly and completely, pure-bred, may-sues/gary-stus! Make a great story with a lot of 'overly-perfect/overly-cliche' characters ad you get an entire bowl of virtual cookies! (actually, I'm planning a story like this, due in december) -Take a mary sue test, and make sure they reach the highest possible scores!
11/2/2006 #3
Limited Edition
[q]4)There are a lot of yaoi/yuri/i***/twincest stories out there... but write one about human x animal! (LOL! Let's see if something like that happens)[/q] I hope that becomes ILLEGAL worldwide! Weirdly enough I'm thinking about nr5...
11/6/2006 #4
Gilded Coins
… challenges have not been forgotten! I wrote a short story that, I think, qualifies. I haven't put it up yet. I just posted here to bump the thread and see if anyone else was taking up any of the challenges. Come on, they're a lot of fun! What do you mean by #3? Fp=FictionPress? As in the categories action, biography, essay, fable, fantasy, etc.…? I'd love to see #9 done.
11/20/2006 #5
Can I join for number nine? These are really good! ^^
11/26/2006 #6
Gilded Coins
Forgive me if this counts as self-promotion. Feel free to edit or delete my post. [s:2281576:The Price of Love] ^ It was meant to be part of a thirty-minute challenge, but about a third of the way in, I decided to include one of these challenges. Kumquat - I encourage you to do so! I think that's the funniest challenge on here.
11/29/2006 #7
Actually, Bullets over Flowers, I was planning on doing one of those... for a comedy... with mary sues and gary stus. I was planning on it being about a Gary Stu who wants to be accepeted by teh good characters... but goes to the school for SDues.
12/23/2006 #8
[q]4)There are a lot of yaoi/yuri/i***/twincest stories out there... but write one about human x animal! (LOL! Let's see if something like that happens)[/q] Okay, I know some VERY NICE zoophiles out there! Okay, well, just one, but that one in particular is the nicest, most approachable, amazing person I know! This assignment is in very bad taste.
12/30/2006 #9
Will Sachiksy
Try this: Write three stories that have the same narrative but are told in the styles of three literary movements. E.g. Plot: The narrator finds a corpse on his front porch. He thinks this is a message being sent to him. Styles: Postmodernism, 19th century Gothic, and cyberpunk
2/21/2007 #10
If anyone wants to participate in a real writing challenge, go in the forums called "The Butcher shop". I am trying to get a lot of people in on this, and there will be actual organized competition.
2/26/2007 #11
I like the catagories for this one. It's fun! Anyway, if you're looking for 'organized competition', go to 'the fen-fen awards' forum by Saki-fen. They're on their third competition.
2/26/2007 #12
dbz 77
[q]7)write a superhero story, and make your own original theme song (lol)[/q] I wrote a superhero story, [s:1647370:The Crusader]. It is about a man who gains super strength, super endurance, and super healing after an overdose of radioactive steroids. I do not have a theme song, though.
2/26/2007 #13
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