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aka Providence
As the title says, post whatever you want to do before you kick the can (random or serious, anything goes). Try to post it one at a time (or three max) since I want to make this like a very long list. Well, I'll start... #1 Learn how to ride a bike. (seriously, I have balance issues there). Or a motorcycle. #2 Pat a penguin on the head. #3 Get something published.
3/6/2007 #1
Will Sachiksy
4). Read the entire Romance of the Three Kingdoms or the Water Margin 5). If possible, meet William Gibson (author of Neuromancer) or Neil Gaiman (author of American Gods) 6). Disprove all of the String Theory with one discovery/question/equation Most of us here would agree with #3.
3/6/2007 #2
The Ferrett
7) find someone special. 8) after death get blown up.
3/6/2007 #3
Keba Si Rota
9. Have multiple finished stories on FP. 10. Find a good website (or sites) where I can post artwork. 11. Make a forum. Simple goals. I'll get to more complicated ones, later.
3/6/2007 #4
12. See my mother get married. 13. read every Shopaholic novel more then 10 times. 14.grow my nails out XD 15. pat the guy with the shiny hair in the elevator.
3/14/2007 #5
Ranmyaku no Tenshi
16. achieve true happiness 17. follow the directions of "This Book Will Change Your Life" 18. see a second season of Firefly
3/20/2007 #6
Erich Sturmburg
19: See a comment of teacher with balding head with a mustache with this... "Is your mustache the source of your intelligence? If so, please do not set tough questions as we don't have a mustache." 20: See a 'riced' up car get wrecked or wrapped into a lamppost. 21: Get chased by a tomboy around school campus.
4/7/2007 #7
aka Providence
22. Get one of those hats where you can attach beer cans in the side. 23. Learn how to play a musical instrument. 24. Sky dive.
4/8/2007 #8
Will Sachiksy
25. Disable my phone's ID and make prank calls to Tadzikhistan or Canada or some other odd place. 26. Travel to a country outside of the North American continent. 27. Learn to speak fluently and become literate in a second language.
4/8/2007 #9
Interesting, I want to do almost all of these things! 28. Significantly change someone's life. 29. Develope a fan base. (oh, my ego's not big at all!) 30. Go to the Amazon.
4/24/2007 #10
30. Want to be able to write a story with good grammar 31. Get something published 32. be able to impress someone since people say i'm not impressive 33. Rant at someone in japanese. 34. get a masters in writing.
4/25/2007 #11
aka Providence
35. Ride a mechanical bull for more than... hm, a long amount of time. 36. Float around in zero gravity. 37. Go zorbing. (you know, rolling down a hill with those giant zorb things) 38. Sleep in a coffin (while I'm still alive, duhr)/have a coffin for a bed.
5/15/2007 #12
aka Providence
and here are some weird ones: 39. Run around in a chicken suit, seriously. 40. Ride a hot air ballon, and live in it for as long as possible.
5/15/2007 #13
41. Be able to say "..." for a response... and people laugh. 42. Find a real mary-sue and marry her 43. Drink 42 redbulls in one hour
6/5/2007 #14
Will Sachiksy
44. Win the Nobel Prize for discovering the cure for writer's block. 45. Live as a hobo for a year. 46. Do everything on the list of Fifty Fun Things to Do at Wal-Mart.
6/9/2007 #15
47. Learn how to swim...if I don't, I don't graduate high school =( 48. Go to the Great Wall Of China 49. Travel to almost everywhere in the world 50. Get a best friend that wont get stolen by someone else...
7/9/2007 #16
51. Become a polyglot.
9/22/2007 #17
aka Providence
52. sky-dive in a chicken suit. 53. build a catapult strong enough to launch trucks. 54. train a bear to become a ninja.
1/27/2008 #18
55. Make everyone read my story and say that they loved it. 56. Exchange all my money for the smallest notes and start using it to burn as fuel. 57. Play monopoly with all the richest people in the world and win them.
1/30/2008 #19
aka Providence
58. learn how to fly using the fighter planes used in WW2. 59. launch a thousand fireworks at the same time. 60. get a pet bear.
2/6/2008 #20
fleur de l'est
61. Finish the reading list. 62. Be fluent in German. (Or French, or something else.) 63. Smile lots.
2/23/2008 #21
babies aren't real
64. swim in the french riviera 65. go on a cross-country road trip 66. to kiss the tips of my first-born baby's fingers
2/25/2008 #22
Django A
67.Learn to play an instrument from the band "The jimi hendrix experience." 68.calculate the amount of time it takes to fly halfway across the universe if your a hummingbird. 69.EAT MORE CHICKEN!
2/27/2008 #23
70. Run and win some kind of office 71. Ride a bike as well 72. Go to an overly amazing concert
2/29/2008 #24
Spirit Tigress
73. Go on a decent date 74. fight my mom (and win!) (She nearly killed me b/c I took her cigarettes) 75. Beat Sephiroth in Proud Mode in Kingdom hearts 2 with the Kingdom Key at lvl 40 something.
3/28/2008 #25
Rose Valentine

- live the HIGH-PROFILED life filled with luxuries beyond compare

- donate to charity

- make sure that my tomb makes it to the wonders of the world

4/8/2008 #26

79. See the last of the rain-forests before they go (did someone already post this up here?)

80. Ditto with the Glaciers.

81. While we're at it, what about the bamboo forests? Someone seems to have misplaced those. -.-

4/28/2008 #27

82. Get the Nobel Peace Prize for being the bringer of world peace =D

83. Successfully remain a vegetarian

84. Build wings out of wax and feathers and fly

85. Be able to live off art

87. Become a well-know and well-feared Pirate sailing the ocean blue!

4/30/2008 #28
aka Providence

88. Burning Hammer.

89. Vertebreaker

90. GO 2 SLEEP

91. Wrist Clutch Exploder


93. Sick Kick

5/6/2008 #29

94. try bungee-jumping (right now, i'd die standing up there ...)

95. go on a round-the-world-trip

96. manage to watch horror/scary movies without getting nightmares

5/7/2008 #30
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