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Hi, I've been here since March, and I haven't gotten so many reviews lately.

I'm tired of not getting attention. It makes me mad. If I don't get reviews, I'm probably going to have to either put my stories on hiatus or discontinue them altogether.

The most reviews I've gotten on a single story was 8, and that's for my longest story, "The First Iphio."

I'm just sick of not getting reviews, no matter how much I review. I WANT to be noticed, I really do. It feels like my stories are getting ignored every time I update; and whenever I put "Please review!" it's like a block for reviews.

I am so sick of it. I should discontinue my stories until I get more reviews.

10/14/2008 #1

That's stupid. If people are reading, it shows up inyour reader traffic, who cares if people aren't reviewing? If want reviews so bad, go to the review game thread and play them a bunch.

10/17/2008 #2

what's been happening to me lately, is that people put me on author alerts, or put stoires under their favorites, and they DON"T review. so i'm like, who are you?

10/20/2008 #3
Ashley Rae

Hey, so how DO we read and review people's stories?

10/20/2008 #4

well, you go to either Just In or Home. Click on a story, read it, and then on the bottom of the page there's a button that submit review and you click it, and then write your review!

10/20/2008 #5
Fractured Illusion

What it comes down to is that you gotta review the right people. Some have a "review me and I review you" policy that they mention on either their profile or story summary. Also, reviewing active authors makes more chance of success at getting reviews yourself. There are also more organized ways of getting reviews, like HannaThing said (the review game) and what I told you elsewhere, Pay it forward.

Its not easy getting reviews here and everyone shares the same problem. So you're not alone.

(note: holding your stories hostage if you dont get reviews is a very unpopular method and will only turn readers and reviewers against you, resulting in even less attention)

10/23/2008 #6
brokendown doll

It definetely bugs me though. A review normally makes me want to write more. Even the evil flamy ones. lol.

10/30/2008 #7
E.M. Anderson

You just have to wait, like everyone else here.

The better your writing becomes, the more reviews you'll have because more people are reading your stories, because those people think they're [i]worth[/i] reading. You have to build up a fan-base before people will start reviewing your work more.

That's how it works. If you can't either comprehend that, or simply think it's unfair, then, as another poster said, play the Review Game.

11/21/2008 #8
Theodore C. Coolidge

Preposterous, I am an amateur writer. I have 5 readers and one review, and I feel so much happiness. I don't write for the sake of reviews.

8/5/2009 #9
hurlingham 18

on one hand, i do see where you're coming from.

i think everyone's been there at some point, at least i know i have, when you put a lot of time and effort into a story and you don't see the feedback you were hoping for. it can be discouraging. when i first came on fp, i was naive when i thought that i would recieve tons of reviews and critiques for what i posted. not the way things panned out at all.

and what makes matters even more frustrating is that some stories that do have hundreds of reviews aren't always original or well-written. of course, there are also other stories on here that are excellent and deserve the high amount of reviews they get, but for every one like that i could show you five that aren't. i've been on fp for about four years now, and i still don't really understand why some stories are more popular when others that may be much better simply aren't. but then again, that might be due to my personal tastes, too.

that being said, i feel that people who discontinue their work because of the lack of reviews or hold their stories hostage ("I won't post a new chapter until I've gotten ten reviews!") are immature. at the end of the day, if you're motivation to write is to get attention then you're in it for the wrong reasons.

i sympathize with you, but the best advice i can give you is you've got to suck it up and plough through it.

but that's just my two cents :]

8/9/2009 #10

At least you have 8, that's more than I have altogether

I'm intending to finish my story no matter what response I get

8/17/2009 #11

It sort of bothers me when people fave and don't review. If you like something, shouldn't you tell the person why? It's not just here either, I'm on quite a few forums for feedback and it really is like pulling teeth even when you go out of your way to give feedback to those you are reading.

Your best bet is to find a good beta and stick with them. At least then you'll get consistent feedback and help if you need it.

8/20/2009 #12
Theodore C. Coolidge

Forums can be usefull.

8/25/2009 #13
The Red Mouse

I think one of your problems is the fact that you have way too many started stories. Delete all of them and work on just one and keep updating until you finish the story (don't bother with amount of reviews, they'll grow as the story progresses) . Once people see that one: you update often and two: you actually finish your stories, they'll be more willing to actually read your stuff. But what people see when they go on your page is that you have about 10 started stories, none of which are finished, so most people would assume that you don't bother updating or sticking with a story, so they'll move on to someone who does. Having a really good summary helps too, and don't put something like "I suck at summaries just read" Ask someone for help if you can't. And please don't ever say something like "If you don't review I won't update." It's annoying and capricious, and most people will just go somewhere else.

Otherwise stop whining, that's not gonna get you any reviews, work on your stories and summaries instead.

9/1/2009 #14
Theodore C. Coolidge

What the Heck! Why are you complaining, I see your profile, you have several reviews!

9/1/2009 #15
Fractured Illusion

What the Heck! Why are you complaining, I see your profile, you have several reviews!

Maybe you should actually read her post. She wasn't complaining, she was giving advice.

9/1/2009 #16
Theodore C. Coolidge

I re read the first post and yes, my bad, I misunderstood what Kino-Lala wanted to mean. I deeply sorry, I beg you pardon.

9/1/2009 #17

You are not alone in this. What's probably the case is that there are so many stories updated and added on a single day that your story hardly get's noticed. Like others have said, just have patience. With my stories, hardly anyone reads it, let alone review, so it could be worse.

11/10/2009 #18
Crowbar Gazoolies

I must admit, it is nice to get reviews. But I write purely for myself, so it's not the first thing on my mind. There's tons of stories I've got in numerous books and journals that I've written and not put on here, just so I can re-read them in my own time.

It is great to get some comments, though. Just to know that there's somebody elese who apprieciates your story.

11/14/2009 #19

I feel the same regarding faves and not reviewing. I mean, it encourages me to know that somebody out there likes the crap that I write, but sometimes I want to know what they think of it. I'm the kind that wants to hear a response to the chapter/story. I want to know what you think and why you think it, so I can figure out if I'm getting the point I wanted to across.

But, even worse than all that, in my opinion, are the reviews that are just one word. I mean, I'm grateful for them, but... I dunno, sometimes you want legit feedback, y'know?

And also, story alerts on completed stories. Umm... yeah.

1/6/2010 . Edited 1/6/2010 #20
Theodore C. Coolidge

Noodle Logic is right, I think that the whole point of Fictionpress is get feedback and improve your writing. I'm improved over the years, but because I was my own worst critic. Many people reads me, and it's a great honor, but they don't say nothing. Just tell me if you like or how I can write better.

1/7/2010 #21
Anthony Tesla

I think is just about demographics: most readers here are looking for bad twilight rip-off's or cheesy romance stories, and those would have most of the attention.

Anyway, I just write the kind of stories I want to write; everytime I started a more "commercial" tale (just to get reviews) well...I actually get more than usual, but I end up tired and bored of my own creation.

1/8/2010 #22

Why do people need reviews anyways? If writing is your passion, you wouldn't care.

1/24/2010 #23
Anthony Tesla

That's true, but here's my guesses: in my case, is because I'm a self-declared attention wh*re, BUT, in a more serious note, I guess it's because every writer submiting his/her job expects an opinion about it, criticism or feedback (what is somehow necesary, since most of us are amateur authors and we have a lot to improve) and when the feedback doesn't come, it's a little hard and even depressing.

Sometimes, even BAD reviews mean something, but the indifference it's...well, hard to accept.

1/24/2010 #24

If people want a ton of reviews, I recommend sending the links to all of your friends and telling them to forward the email and links to theirs ^^

1/24/2010 #25
I got really sick of that too, so I created a website ( where people can submit their stories, I post a review on the site, and it should boost traffic to the stories, as I'll remind members to R&R new stories added to the site. It's just an experiment, as I only created the site a few days ago, but hopefully it should work! There are so many good stories out there that need some recognition.
2/26/2010 #26
Anna Cate
I'm always so frustrated by that. I like when people read my stories, of course, but it's hard to improve if no one will give you any con. crit.
3/14/2010 #27
Fractured Illusion

"I'm always so frustrated by that. I like when people read my stories, of course, but it's hard to improve if no one will give you any con. crit."

Then why don't you use the vast amount of review trades going on in many different forums here on FP? You have been on the forums already, you must have noticed them.

Also, nothing worth having comes easy. Sitting idly by, just wishing, gets you nowhere.

3/14/2010 #28

My traffic sucks but hey, my grammar sucks too. However, it's like all those 20th century artists say that if you want to paint, I meant write you'll write because you have to.

5/7/2010 #29

I always hate it when you get, like, 45 hits and none of them review. It bugs the heck out of me, because we all know how hard we work on that stuff and people just pass it up for the stuff that's got well over 100 reviews! Hey! Don't we deserve a few of those, too?

5/10/2010 #30
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