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What is a lemon? and what is a lime? I'm sorry for my shocking naivete...I only have a rudimentary idea of what they are though...
3/29/2007 #1
Will Sachiksy
Both are citris fruits known for their bitterness. Both are oblong shaped. Lemons are yellow and less bitter than the green lime. Lemons are used in combination with sugar and water to create a drink called lemonade. And a wonderful drink at that.
3/30/2007 #2
aka Providence
In anime, mostly in fanfiction, lemon is a term used for h*** themed/based work; on the other hand, Lime is in a lesser extent (a lemon that has no sexual i***) That's about it, I think. Try wikipedia or something
3/31/2007 #3
To the person who posted above Bullets over Flowers: Har har, very funny. I'm not that stupid, I know what the actual fruit is. Lemonade is good, though. I agree with that.
4/1/2007 . Edited 4/1/2007 #4
Will Sachiksy
Um... yes, of course I knew you weren't talking about the fruits. Yeah... I'm going to leave now before I embarass myself further.
4/6/2007 #5
Heh...'tis okay, I've made more embarrassing mistakes than that. It could be relatively easy to make. :)
4/8/2007 #6
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