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I can't write without music. Here is a list of songs that always help me write better: Best of You -by- The Foo Fighters Chasing Cars -by- Snow Patrol Buying Time -by- Great Big Sea Dare You to Move -by- Switchfoot Loosing My Religion -by- REM October -by- Evanescence Existentionalism on Prom Night -by- Straylight Run Everything Will Be Alright -by- The Killers Worlds Apart -by- Jars of Clay Guinning Down Romance -by- Savage Garden Nemo -by- Nightwish Protege Moi -by- Placebo Needle in the Hay -by- Elliot Smith The Mummer's Dance -by- Loreena McKennia 5th of March -by- Megaherz Epiphany -by- Staind One -by- Scooter Engel -by- Ramnstein Fix You -by- Cold Play Phenonmenon -by- Thousand Foor Krutch Hope -by- Apocalyptica Goodbye -by- SR-71 Song to Say goodbye -by- Placebo Flawed Design -by- Stabilo Diary of Jane -by- Breaking Benjamin Smile in Your Sleep -by- Silverstein Sail On -by- Master Plan Only Hope -by- Switchfoot Hands Down -by- Dashboard Confessional Lonely Ones -by- Lukas Rossi Not Ready to make Nice -by- the Dixie Chicks Devil's Eyes -by- Buck 65 Brick -by- Ben Folds Five Uninvited -by- Alanis Morisette Pet (Counting Bodies Like Sheep) -by- A Perfect Circle This is Your Life -by- The Dust Brothers The Adventure -by- Angels and Airwaves My World -by- SR-71 Bat Country -by- Avaneged Sevenfold Alabaster Box -by- Cece Winans Steady as She Goes -by- The Raconteurs ReWrite -by- Asain Kung-Fu Generation Tomorrow -by- SR-71 Deep Water -by- Jewel Amen -by- Jewel
12/11/2006 #1
Creative Appreciation Pt 1
Check out our work for references to music, especially the Pauline Incident. Much obliged.
2/4/2007 #2
Hmmm. I thought music doesn't help you think.
4/14/2007 #3
It doesn't really help me think... It gets me in a mood I guess. Scottish Mints help me think. I call them 'Writing Mints'
4/14/2007 #4
Mmm. I know what you mean now. If you're writing a happy story, you put on some happy music, kinda gets you perky. If some horror story, whew, go metal, or rock. Right?
4/14/2007 #5
YAY FOR THE RACONTUERS!!!! And the Asian Kung Fu Generation rox!!! but i only listened to Haruka Kanata (sp, sorry ;P) I guess some of my favorite bands are as follows: Pink Floyd Taking Back Sunday The White Stripes The Raconteurs From First to Last Coheed and Cambria Miyavi The Pillows Yoko Kanno The Offspring The Smiths The Shins Alkaline Trio I also listen to Beethoven, Mozart, Celtic, and especially select anime music. I think foriegn music is awesome, and for a while now I have been on this high for Japanese rock like Miyavi, Due le'Quartz, and The Pillows.
4/24/2007 #6
[q]Hmmm. I thought music doesn't help you think.[/q] Actually, it does IF you are listening to trance (or Pink Floyd, or some type of insturmental or soundtrack with no lyrics in them), because, when you hear the lyrics, you tend to get distracted and you feel like writing what the person is singing instead... -shrug- but it worx for me! ^ ^
4/24/2007 #7
Boner Soup
I listen to music a lot when I write. Generally any kind of rock n' roll.
5/6/2007 #8
I love the White Stripes! Something about their energy and unique agression just sticks in my mind. Icky Thump was on my mind all day and coincidentally I finished my sixth chapter!
6/13/2007 #9
Bobby McGee
I can't write without any background noise, so this is a good topic for me. :D I just listen to whatever's on the radio when I write, though. No big long list of songs here. - Carly
6/30/2007 #10
7/5/2007 #11
lol, hi! hahaha What's your favourite song to write to? Today I was listening to 'Hey There Delilah' by Plain White T's while walking home from work carrying a giant can of Mushrooms when a kid almost got hit by a car on his bike and TOTALLY wiped out right in front of me. I think I know what I'm going to write my next book about.
7/5/2007 #12
You have a crazy life. Now... about songs with which I do write-eth. I always find "The Sound of the Whole-House Fan" to be quite stimulating for my imagination. Nah, I really prefer to--- WAIT!!! There is a song I usually find myself listening to while writing, and that song is!!!!!!!! (long drawn out pause after crescendo for effect) And will always be......... (long drawn out blah-de-blah blah for effect) The name is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Do I have to say?) I honesty forgot. I gotta go look for the burnt disk of mine... Man I wish we had a fireplace, it would make everything that much easier!
7/5/2007 #13
Wait! A can of mushrooms?????????
7/5/2007 #14
hahahaha! *dies laughing* You're so hilarious. And ya, a giant can of mushrooms. 0.o weird I know... That's why it would be awesome in a story!! "Oh hey Kid who just wiped out, are you okay?" Kid: "Uhh... is that a giant can of mushrooms you're carrying?" "Why yes it is!"
7/5/2007 #15
"Might I ask of what Genus and species your mushrooms are?"
7/5/2007 #16
PS: that was a bystander, not the kid. The bystander is totally unaware of the kid, all focus is on the can of mushrooms. ... He's a freak.
7/5/2007 #17
LMAO Oh man. This mushroom incident might be more suited for The Screename Adventures than an actual story, hahaha. Anyway, I noticed your complete and clever avoidance of the question. Does this mean you are one of those Needing of complete silence to write types?
7/5/2007 #18
I'm sorry, I'm going off-topic here. I was just reading your interests on LiveJournal. For a second, I thought I was looking at my sister's FaceBook. Ahh... what memories...
7/5/2007 #19
Hm, what? Does maybe work as an answer for that question? Who are you?
7/5/2007 #20
*joining you in off-topicness* Why does my Livejournal remind you of your sister's facebook?
7/5/2007 #21
AH!! I'm a TombRaider nerd. The Chiqusters Mix. I probably spelled that wrong. None of you should know what that is. hehe.... (evil laughs. I suck at those. I need to hire an Omega to do my evil laughing for me... Maybe a medic. Yep, I'm a nerd for that too, for any of you who got that ref)
7/5/2007 #22
YOUR FORUM MADE ME WAIT 15 SECONDS BEFORE I COULD COME BACK OFF-TOPIC! Anyway, in other off-topic news on the topic of our off-topic conversation consisting of a topic of... stuff. All of your likes: Anime, Bleach, Final Fantasy, FMA, creative writing, your laptop, Kingdom Hearts (she's made some vids), Sims 2 (a good Woo-Hoo vid to the Hoo-hoo song [vonage commercials] its called "SimSanity" for anybody who wants to see it COUGH COUGH... GO SEE IT NOW cough cough), mythology (thats a big one), and a few others!
7/5/2007 #23
Another thing, your talents have got to be the MOST unique I have ever seen!!! I can only imagine what kind of privileges they get you... If only I could blink... I make that wish *EVERY* day... And man, walking would be good too. I don't really see the sense in listening though...
7/5/2007 #24
lol, well, maybe if you eat your vegetables you'll grow up big and strong like me. :D
7/5/2007 #25
And now I must conclude my ranting to the seeming nothingness that is responding! The subheader for your LiveJournal makes it all eight point five (5,402.763) times (+) better (CHEESE). I hope the simplifications make it all easier! I understand it "Eight point five times better" didn't make sense. Its very common. Seriously! Doesn't "5,402.763 + CHEESE" make so much more sence???? And now, a POEM! Good night, I bid thee adieu, I must go away from all of you. And stay away, as long as I can From the toilet, or the poo. Thank yOU!
7/5/2007 #26
NO!!! Its... STARTING... AGAIN!!! A... a... TANGENT!!!! DIGRESSION! I wrote a poem about my cats once... I might post it someday... Its all in Iambic Pentameter!!! GO SHAKESPEARE!
7/5/2007 #27
I am so confused Right Now. lol Your poetic skills pwn mine. I am ashamed.
7/5/2007 #28
My toxicity has that effect sometimes! Also, just for the sake of my being me (GASP!), I must add one (more) random thing! My cats have names! Yep. All... however many of them there are! Tika-Caliko (she is evil incarnated! Hmm... Astaroth? She only appears at night, and is evil. Incarnated. Hmmmm.... De ja vu?), Turbuhthor ('ter-buh-thoar), Weej (I can't spell that, I call him Dib-Cat, we can thank a little Freudian slip a few days ago for that one), Panini (HE'S FAT AND ORANGE. I love him) and Ralph. Ralph's dad got hit by an SUV... But he's still alive and kickin'! That 3 legged, no-bottom-jawed, half-eared, deaf, slightly-blind cat still makes kittens, EVERY DAMN YEAR! Too... MANY kittens...... At least we have neighbors, MUAHAHA! Most of them live outside. DAMN! That went on for longer than I wanted... I was at a party a few days ago. Some kid graduated. Mark Galben or something. And I was playing foos-ball!
7/5/2007 #29
I have a life altering question... What's your favorite color?
7/5/2007 #30
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