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(Depends on my mood at time, really. I usually let the other person decide.)

He saw the unwritten question in her eyes and pressed his lips to hers in answer. The kiss was soft and tender and his lips curved into a smile as he pulled away. He wondered if she could feel its imprint on her lips. The whole was simple: he loved her because she loved him back. He loved the girl who wanted to spend her life taking pictures, it didn't matter to him what had happened.

"Are you ready for me, Charlie?" he asked, breathless, his mind only on what they were about to do.

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Charlie groaned a yes and closed her eyes, sliding down on him in pure ecstasy, a pleasant chill creeped up her spine, spreading warmth throughout her veins.

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He groaned as he felt himself slip inside of her. He knew she could feel all of him and he couldn't help but give a contented half smile. His grip around her tightened and he slowly began to rock his hips. He knew she lusted hungrily for this, it was written on her gaze the moment they united, but he wanted to be gentle with her. "I love you," he gasped as he probed deeper into her.

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Charlie arched back and groaned an I love you, feeling him go deeper than before as she rocked her hips in synch with his.

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Soon the pair moved in a steady rhythm and his breathes grew shorter as he neared release. He made an effort to cling to her as a fire shot through him and deep into her but her body seemed to be mobbed in pearls of sweat. As pressure bottled inside him finally flowed into her he let out long, moan which curled into her name. He wondered if she too would feel drowned senseless in mirth.

(Went for a little idealism there.P I'm still playing with idea of whether it adds to things or not. I still think I suck at romance. Lol

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Charlie let out a long drawled out moan and she rolled off of him, panting as she laid twisted in the sheets, her lips parted as she took in breaths then curled into a loving smile.

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John smirked as she sighed in mirth. He caught his own breath and closed his eyes while lazily sprawling out on the sheets. He wrapped his arms around her and he dipped to kiss her chin. "Was it good, love?" he whispered. He wanted it to be perfect, for a girl who was violated to trust him with her body was a big step; he wanted it to be meaningful to her. He wanted their acts of love to stich over those toxic memories. She was not broken, she was his best friend. "I love you," he breathed softly.

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