The Secret Of Hallow Manor:A Zombie and Vampire rp
The Hallow Manor has seen a lot.Now,it has a secret that everyone desperately wants to find out.Join the hunt for the truth as a zombie,vampire or werewolf.Have fun and the profanity filter is off!Everyone can join!
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The OC sheet for your character. You can change whatever you want.

Full Name:


Age they appear to be (if vampire):


Appearance (can be a picture):



Weapons (if human or zombie):




Full Name: Valerie Hallow

Age: 420

Age they appear to be (if vampire): 20

Personality: Sweet and kind but can also be very dark.

Appearance (can be a picture):

History: Valerie was changed and left behind by her maker Drake. She's looking for someone who could put up with her craziness.

Powers: Telepathy, mind control and telekinesis.

Weapons (if human or zombie): /

Extra: /

9/2/2011 #1

Full Name: Lynn Marie Evergreen

Age: 22

Personality: Lynn is a quiet person, most of the time, unless she becomes angry or upset. She isn't big on the 'human interactions' going on around her but is forced to be a part of it. She is a kind person, but also hot headed, with a very short temper.

Appearance (can be a picture): Lynn wears a pair of old, faded out, ripped up blue jeans. A plain blue T-Shirt, and a pair of black converse to go along with it. She also wears a necklace with a butterfly in the center of it, a green butterfly, trapped within a gold plate.

History: Lynn came from the 'goody, goody' family and has a bit of a rebel's attitude towards it. Her parents were always onto her about certain things, such as going to church every Sunday. Lynn believe is God, she just isn't much on going out and talking to anyone. The only person in her family that was truly close to her was her grandfather, but he soon passed away when becoming very ill. When she turned eighteen she hit the high roads, that is what her brother had done, anyways, her little sisters were left in her tracks. She moved into a town, that seemed full of secrets, though she does not pay any attention to them. This is where we find her, a rebellious teenager, without any real causes.

Weapons (if human or zombie): Lynn keeps a few pocket knives around her, for her own safe state of mind. She also keeps a hand gun in her back pocket, that never leaves her, it was her grandfathers before he passed away.

Extra: None, quite yet, unless I think of something else.

9/18/2011 #2

Cool, aceppted. Start whenever you want :)

9/18/2011 #3

Where should I start? XD

9/18/2011 #4

Well, at the safe house or the main city. Whichever you prefer. Just keep inviting people. :)

9/18/2011 #5

Full Name: Jose Suavemente

Age: 76

Personality: Jose is a kind hearted man, who takes nothing what anybody says negatively. He talks openly and freely, expressing his feelings about others without thinking about the consequences that it may happen from it. He is also highly competitive.

Appearance (can be a picture): He is a thin man at the height of 5'8". His hair is white with a grayish tint in it. He wears a black T-shirt, black slacks, and black shoes. At the collar of his shirt he wears a clerical collar. He also has a cross necklace.

History: Jose had lived his entire life in the church, born and raised there. He had not done much out of it and proceeded with his dream of becoming a priest. During his training and hard work, he couldn't stand the thought of coming in second next to anyone, so he would sabotage what they did whenever he felt threatened. After he had became a priest he had felt bad about his old ways and tried making up for it by being good for the rest of his life and devoting it to God. This however did not stop him from trying to beat others.

Weapons (if human or zombie): A Saiga Shotgun and a Kurki

Extra: He is known to be the occasional heavy drinker

9/18/2011 . Edited 9/19/2011 #6

Accepted. :)

9/18/2011 #7

Removed (Leaving forum)

9/29/2011 . Edited 10/11/2011 #8

Accepted. Welcome to the forum and enjoy your time here! :)

Jump in whenever ... either go to the Main city or the Safe house. Either way, Val (Valerie) will find her.

9/29/2011 #9

Yay! Thank you :3

9/29/2011 #10
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