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Jackie the Giant

Mort was lost by all this horse talk. He had never payed much attention to horses in the past, due to living in a city where everything was walking distance from everything else, so he wasn't exactly keeping up with the conversation. He ran his hand through his strawberry locks and looked around. This seemed like a nice town. He hoped that he would be able to stay.

9/8/2011 #31
Hailo's Angel

Lizzie remembered that Mort was still there and she turned to face him and said, "Oh, sorry. Uh, I don't recall catching your name...."

9/8/2011 #32
Jackie the Giant

"Oh! It's Mort. Mort Deadwood." Mort said politely. He felt a little embarrassed at having gotten distracted, but really, he had no clue about horses and he doubted that these young ladies wanted to get into a talk about undertaking. "I'm sorry, my mind started to wander."

9/9/2011 #33
Hailo's Angel

Lizzie grinned and said, "It's okay. To be truthful, I've had those moments; Especially when my kids are all talking at once." She chuckled at a the memory before saying, "I got three, two daughters and a son..."

9/9/2011 #34
Jackie the Giant

"Wow." Mort said; impressed. "You look awefully young to have so many." 'Or maybe I'm just getting old.' He added silently. He did have gray streaks in his hair, so he wasn't about to deny that he was getting old.

9/9/2011 #35
Hailo's Angel

Lizzie laughed and said, "Then I guess I've been fooling everybody without knowing it..." She grinned and said, "I'm 32, probably twice the age then what you might've thought I was."

9/10/2011 #36
Jackie the Giant

"I thought you to be in your early twenties." Mort admitted. He smiled at her. "By the way, I don't suppose either of you two horse experts would be willing to help me purchase one in the near future? I'm afraid I know absolutely nothing about them." Unlike a lot of other men, Mort had no problem asking for help when he knew he needed it, even if it was from a relatively new aquaintance or a woman or both.

9/10/2011 #37
Hailo's Angel

Lizzie grinned and said, "Why, thank you. And, we're selling some horses of ours, if you want to come out and look at 'em. They are all well trained in riding and are sound horses, they won't bolt or throw you off..."

9/10/2011 #38
Jackie the Giant

"Well, that would do very well for me. I'm afraid I'm a bit of a city boy." Mort admitted. Sound or not, he was still well aware that he would need horse-back riding lessons before he would be able to get around effectively on his own. As it was, he would have to find some other way to get where the horses were.

9/10/2011 #39
Hailo's Angel

Lizzie smiled and said, "I could come and pick you up tommorrow, then take you back to the Lazy K."

9/10/2011 #40
Jackie the Giant

"Well, that would be very kind of you." Mort said, and would have tipped his hat had he had one. "I would be very grateful." He was at odds with himself on whether to set up shop in this town now. Half of him wanted to settle down here where the people were so friendly and hospitable; while the other half wanted to leave for the same reason. Making friends meant that one day he would be forced to offer his services to their families.

9/13/2011 #41
Hailo's Angel

Lizzie smiled and hesitated a moment before asking, "So, what do you do for a livin', Mort?"

9/13/2011 #42
Jackie the Giant

"I'm an undertaker." Mort replied, in an almost embarrassed tone. He really hated his job, but it was all he knew how to make a living doing, and someone had to do it.

9/13/2011 #43
Hailo's Angel

Lizzie looked surprised for a moment before she smiled and said, "That's... an interesting job..." Always looking at the positives, or almost always, that's what Lizzie does. If there is nothing positive, then she tries to change the subject or get things onto a happier note...

9/13/2011 #44
Jackie the Giant

"Yees, well..." Mort grimaced with embarrassment, and shrugged. "Someone has to do it." He finished unhappily. He hated it when people felt the need to brighten the mood after he tells them what his job was. Why couldn't his father have been a baker instead? Or a doctor? Having had a doctor for a father would have been nice.

9/13/2011 #45
Hailo's Angel

Lizzie frowned and opened her mouth to say something, then decided against it and closed her mouth again. It wasn't her place to ask him if he disliked his job or why. Heck, she hardly even knew the man....

9/13/2011 #46
Jackie the Giant

Mort could see that Lizzie wanted to say something. He figured it had something to do with his profession (he was a bit paranoid about it), so he kept going. "It's the family business." He explained quickly. "I wanted to become a doctor, but Father didn't want me to break from tradition." He twiddled nervously with his fob pocket before a brilliant smile lit his face. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get into such a dismal subject." He apologized cheerfully.

9/13/2011 #47
Hailo's Angel

Lizzie smiled a small smile, a gleam of un derstandment in her eyes as she said, "I know what you mean... And, it's okay, don't worry bout it." Witch snorted from behind her and nudged her hard, hard enough to make her stumble forward a step or two. "Witch, stop being such a... witch..." Witch snorted and rolled her eyes as if to say, 'That's the best you could do?' Lizzie grinned at the mare before turning to Mort and said, "Witch is just like her namesake, it's not even funny..."

9/13/2011 #48
Jackie the Giant

Mort gave a nervous grin at the horse's actions. He hoped he would never have to ride a horse like that. "Why do you ride her if she's so mean?" He asked curiously. He was tempted to reach out and pet the beast, but knew that he would probably get his hand bitten off if he did.

9/14/2011 #49
Hailo's Angel

Lizzie smiled as she stroked the mare's neck before saying, "She was my husband's horse; He raised and trained her himself. She was always a one-man horse, until, well... My husband's death... But we've gotten along and become better friends, haven't we?" She cooed at Witch, who gave her a dirty look as if to say, "Yeah, right..." She laughed before turning to Mort and said with a soft smile, "She's really been kind of a supporter in a way... She kept me on my toes in the five years since and hasn't ever let me dwell on the past... I always have to watch her to make sure she isn't getting into fights with any of our other horses or doing any other mischeif..."

9/14/2011 #50

(Hey guys! I am SOOO sorry I haven't been on... Schools a drag...)

9/28/2011 #51
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