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In this forum, you are either undead, a shifter, an alchemist, or innocent human. This is they world they have come to know: the undead are after the humans and the alchemists and shifters try to protect the humans.
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In this forum you can only be human, undead, or a shifter(half human half animal of your choice, aka were-people)




Human, shifter, alchemist*, or undead:

(If a vampire, who is the creator?):

Physical description:



*If you've been on this forum before, look at the notice

9/10/2011 . Edited 10/24/2011 #1

Name: Jackie Torres

Past: Was born into the shifter family. The family comes from a long line of tiger ancestors

Age: 16

Human, shifter, or undead: were tiger

Physical description: Auburn hair, Green eyes, freckles, tall and lanky

Personality: She is snappy but has a soft heart. Do not make her angry or else she will go tiger

Other: She has a thing for milk

9/10/2011 #2
Jackie the Giant

Name: Auberon Ferre.

Past: Auberon was born with the ability to transform into a polar bear. At first it only happened when she became especially angry, but slowly she learned how to control it so that she could transform at will. She keeps it hidden from everyone, including her parents somehow, and will probably never show it to anyone willingly. Besides that, she lives an apparently normal life wherein few people notice her bear-like characteristics (getting the urge to sleep through the winter, eating a heck of a lot more than a normal teenage girl, being especially ill-tempered, ect.)

Age: 17.

Human, shifter, undead: shifter.

Physical Description: She is about 5' 10", with short, snow-white hair and black eyes. She has thick bones, giving her a slightly chubby appearance despite her evident muscles. She likes to wear simple clothes that she won't mind ripping to shreds as she enters bear form, usually a brown T-shirt, some cheap shorts and a pair of flip-flops.

Personality: She tends to avoid other people, for fear of them finding out her secret, but when she's in a competition then she is all confidence. This has to do with her adrenaline, because when she's calm she tends to keep her head down and avoid people when at all possible.

9/10/2011 #3


9/10/2011 #4
Jackie the Giant

Thanks! Do I go to the shifter thread?

9/10/2011 #5

yes, yes you do

9/10/2011 #6
Jackie the Giant


9/10/2011 #7
Just South of Sanity

Name: Kaida Johnson

Past: Kaida is an only child, and both her parents were weredragons as well. When she was six years old, a human saw her mother flying over the village and alerted the others. Together, they captured and killed her because they thought she would hurt them. Mr. Johnson became angry and set the whole village on fire. Kaida and her father fled. They moved from place to place every year or two. Then, when the undead invaded, her father sent her to the safe house, where he hoped she would be safe.

Age: 16

Human, shifter, or undead: Shifter- were dragon

Physical description: Kaida has shoulder-length, black hair worn in a bob with purple highlights. Her eyes are deep purple. She often wears a purple tank top or t-shirt with blue jeans, and she is about 5'7". In dragon form, Kaida has royal purple scales and her normal eye color, but the pupils become slits and the irises almost disappear. She is about 25 feet tall and still growing, with massive, powerful wings that allow her to fly. She breathes fire in dragon form, and sometimes accidentally in human form as well. Because she was raised by her father, she became a tom-boy, though she does have a bit of a girly side. She is also a great hunter and loves meat, although she respects other animals and only kills when she has to. When she does, she uses all parts of the animal or sells the ones she does not need.

Personality: Kaida does not talk much around strangers, and she may appear cold and withdrawn, but, once you get her to warm up to you, she will be playful and kind. She is creative and loves making things. She is very caring towards her friends, but often makes fun of them and is sarcastic a lot. She does have a temper and may shift or breath fire if you anger her. Kaida is trying to keep her anger under wraps and becomes embarrassed when she loses her temper.

Other: Kaida has a large lung capacity, so she can hold her breath for a long time, and her wings can also be used to swim.

9/10/2011 #8


9/10/2011 #9

Name: Destiny Holmes

Past: Once had a perfect life, she was air to thrown in England 1,000 years ago and then was bitten was a vampire. it changed everything. She began to thirst for blood. She ended up killing her soon to be husband, Prince of France and running away before she gained the self control. She ran away and found the others like her.

Age: 18 (1,016)

Human, shifter, or undead: Vampire

Physical description: Long blonde hair, ruby lips, and sapphire eyes. Has pale skin, with little freckles that highlight her blushed cheek bones. Tall and skinny. Always wears darl clothing to blend in with the night.

Personality: Nice when she wants to be but mostly quiet and feisty.

Other: Hates being around people who have O blood because its her favorite.

9/11/2011 . Edited 10/9/2011 #10

accepted. Just wondering cuz I'm curious, who's her master and how did she consume the vampire blood? It's not necessary but it's fun to know

9/11/2011 #11

Her master was her Father Prince Henry and i thought to become a vampire you had to get bitten by one... lol Um i dnt think vampires have any blood to give away.

9/11/2011 #12
Jackie the Giant

Name: Tokori Smith.

Past: Tokori found out his ability to transform into a barn owl when he was six years old, grew up in the shifter safe-house. His parents were both shifters as well, so he was taught to use his powers by them. By the time he was sixteen, he was moved to the shifter village. When he was eighteen, he became a seeker, someone who searches out other shifters who haven't been taken into the shifter community yet. He discovered Auberon shifting into a polar bear and directed her to the shifter village.

Age: 33.

Human, shifter, undead: shifter.

Physical description: Tokori is a Native American man with sandy-blonde hair the same color as a barn owl's wing and yellow eyes. His face is worn from his nocturnal lifestyle but his body is fairly buff because of all the exercise he gets. He wears jeans and a plaid shirt.

Personality: It takes quite a bit to get Tokori worked up. He is almost always unflappably calm and understanding (think Jeeves), but when you do get him riled up then he can be quite viscious.

Other: Tokori likes to sometimes let his owl self take over, but he always comes back to himself with the taste of mouse in his mouth.

9/11/2011 #13

To lauren: First off, where do you think the blood they consume goes? Second, I read this in that new book I was talking about, Blessed.

To Casey: Accepted.

9/11/2011 #14

Name: Andrew Torres

Past: He lived in the safe-house almost all of his life, then moved back to the controlled shifter village after he controlled his animal side. He married a human and had a daughter named Jackie.

Age: 48

Human, shifter, or undead: were tiger

Physical description: auburn hair, green eyes, has a small stubble.

Personality: He rarely loses his temper but he has his moments. Otherwise, he is kind. Since his return to the village, he has not lost is temper so much as to go tiger.

Other: Like all shifters, he turns tiger on full moons.

9/11/2011 #15
Name: Vinny Divinchi

Past: Vinny had trouble controlling his powers and often got in trouble for picking fights. He was expelled from several schools, so his parents sent him here.

Age: 16

Human, shifter, or undead: Were hawk.

Physical description: He has golden hair and shiny golden eyes. He is 5'8" and he is very tan and toned muscles. He has a 6 pack and likes to take his shirt off. He has tatoo on his back of a hawk.

Personality: He likes flirting with girls. He thinks he is an amazing person, but actually can be kind if he likes you, though he is always haughty and vain. He enjoys action and likes to fight. He is very defensive of his friends.

Other: his favorite show is jersey shore, and his favorite activity is GTL.

9/11/2011 . Edited 9/11/2011 #16

Their digestive system :)

9/11/2011 #17

Uhhhhh, not good enough. It flows into their "blood stream" Besides I'm basing this forum off Blessed like I said earlier. Not every Vampire thing has to be like Twilight. Whatever you're still accepted.

9/12/2011 #18
Just South of Sanity
It probably would go into their digestive system... Then come out as pee :) But I know you're basing this off that book, and everyone has a different idea of vampires sooo... Yeah. :) Is Marley accepted?
9/12/2011 #19
Jackie the Giant

You've got no Marley character page. Only Kaida.

9/12/2011 . Edited 9/12/2011 #20
Just South of Sanity
Awesomeperson91 is Marley.
9/13/2011 #21
Jackie the Giant

Oh! That's his real name. Okay, sorry, I didn't know. ^///^;

9/13/2011 #22

Name: Lila Black

Past: Lila was the daughter of jungle tribal leaders. When her parents discovered that she was a were-panter, they decided that the best way to keep the rest of their family and their tribe safe was to leave Lila in the jungle far away from their tribe. While the one-year-old was left alone in the jungle, a mother panther found her and raised her until Lila was eight. At that point, she found her way to another tribe and pieced together what happened to her. She left the jungle to try to lead a 'normal' life when the undead invaded.

Age: 14

Human, shifter, or undead: Shifter- were panther

Physical description: Lila has jet black hair that extends half way down her back, and has bright yellow-green eyes. She is about 5'6''. She usually wears a light dress or jeans unless she is in her tribal outfit. When transformed, Lila becomes a black panther with the same eye color and similar hair color. She also has a tail which -although she is learning to control it- sometimes shows up when she is in human form. Since she spent some time being raised as panther, Lila is a fierce hunter and does not so much mind the taste of raw meat. She is also a friend to the environment.

Personality: Lila can seem shy and secretive at times, and she does not like to be taken by surprise. Although she might spend time alone, she loves to be with her friends too. Lila might shift if she gets angry or is hurt in human form. Since she doesn't like to shift unexpectedly, Lila tries to prevent herself from becoming too angry.

Other: Lila loves to climb trees, and is very good at it.

9/13/2011 #23

First: Marley is a girl

Second: Accepted

Third: I should have mentioned earlier, shifters heal faster in their animal form, they are naturally warmer, and we really need more humans and undead.

Fourth: I just felt like making a fourth =0P

9/14/2011 #24
Jackie the Giant

Name: Nero Ellettson.

Past: Nero is a waif who has lived on his own for his entire life, surviving by picking pockets.

Age: 13.

Human, shifter, undead: human.

Physical description: Nero is tall for his age, with skin that rarely gets washed, and blonde hair that has been turned brown from lack of soap. He generally wears a raggedy pair of shorts, a stained T-shirt and a worn-thin pair of sneakers.

Personality: Nero is suspicious of everyone because he has never had anyone try to help him without some alterior motive. He loves animals for the same reason. He can be brave when he needs to be, almost suicidally so, but normally runs at the first sign of danger.

Other: He keeps a switchblade in his pocket for protection, but doesn't have much defense against the undead.

9/15/2011 #25

Yes It's Human! oh and accepted

9/15/2011 #26

Name: Vol De Skarin

Past: His family bloodline follows a holy and ancient royal line that belongs to one of the two wolves of the all father, Odin, and gave mortals the blind eye to not know of the shifters. Over the eons, the Skarin practice their inner-animal strengths and overcome any weakness. They always knew the undead would invade as Odin foreseen after he sacrificed one of his eyes to see in both worlds.

Age: 17

Human, shifter, or undead: Shifter, wolf.

Physical Description: Tall, white, Braided long golden hair (Originated from Scandinavia), Ocean-Blue eyes ,broad, thick bones and thick muscle.

Personality: Assertive, witty, lone wolf, but he does protect those he knows and those that are strangers to him.

Other: Eats tons of beef, strong as an Ox, and falls for wide-eyed kittens (Weakness?)

9/15/2011 #27
Ok..first: am I accepted? Second: i know my character is a little stupid, but it was kinda a joke between me and Elise. Third: where do I start if I am accepted and fourth: I AM A GIRL!!!!!!
9/16/2011 . Edited 9/16/2011 #28

First: yes Marley you r accepted, Second: lol your character reminds me of Jacob Black in Twilight, Third: go to the shifter safe house, Fourth: Black Snake 201, I'd like to know your real name and u r accepted. Go to the shifter safe house.

9/17/2011 #29

Name: Vincent Waltmor the XXI

Past: Vincent is a very quiet, very mysterious being to others in the mortal world. No one really knows where he's from and what his origin is, only Vincent knows it and will likely not share his past. A very shady character to know, meet, or even walk by him.

Age: 25 (2,500)

Human, shifter, or undead: Undead

Physical description: Charcoal-black short hair, 5'1, always wears a cloak, very pale skin, and Blood-thirsty red eyes.

Personality: Cold in heart, unforgivable, seductive, and very deceitful.

Other: Prefers to mix blood with the finest red wine(s).

9/17/2011 #30
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