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In this forum, you are either undead, a shifter, an alchemist, or innocent human. This is they world they have come to know: the undead are after the humans and the alchemists and shifters try to protect the humans.
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Just read the plot, and you are still accepted since it really doesn't impact your character.

10/5/2011 #61

I read the plot but i still dont get what i put what wrong x3

10/5/2011 #62
Jackie the Giant

She's saying that the vampires wouldn't have been chasing him to suck his blood, but rather to make him drink it.

10/5/2011 #63

Oh, I was thinking they were going to take his blood to feed? o.o

10/5/2011 #64

Yeah, but from what I read in Zoey's synopsis, the vampires are more interested in converting humans into more vampires, rather than killing them off by feeding on them.

10/5/2011 #65

Yeah I understand that but I was sort of basing it off Nico's tendency to cause trouble, so they would rather kill him than turn him into one of them

10/5/2011 #66
Unpredictable Convictions

by the way, kim. i am conceited. you should know that

10/5/2011 #67

yeah I do know that

10/5/2011 #68
Unpredictable Convictions

Name: Hoshiko Kaneko

Past: Hoshiko is Asian, and she was taught that all dragons are good, and you should respect them. She does, but she was an outcast because of her abilities. even her parents shunned her when she was in exile... She doesn't like to talk about her past.

Age: 15

Human, shifter, or undead: Shifter

Physical Description: uuhhhhh........ Asian features, but she has big dark brown eyes, so dark they're almost black, pale-ish skin, blood red lips, long black hair with bright blue streaks, around 5'4"

Personality: Adventurous, sarcastic, and always up to anything.

Other: she shifts into a black panther teehee. She's virtually silent when she walks.

10/5/2011 #69

accepted go to shifter safe house

10/5/2011 #70
Unpredictable Convictions

meh... can i start in the forest?

10/5/2011 #71

why there?

10/5/2011 #72
Unpredictable Convictions

because i left out a lot of stuff in her sheet, and she's probably going to be running from humans.

10/5/2011 #73

Whatever go ahead

10/5/2011 #74
Unpredictable Convictions


10/5/2011 #75
Just South of Sanity

I find it kind of funny how there are duplicates of almost every animal... Two tigers (although they're both Kim's), two dragons, two wolves, two panthers...

10/5/2011 #76
Unpredictable Convictions

meh... i was going to reuse kamiko's name, but i figured that i might as well just keep the last name

10/5/2011 #77
Just South of Sanity

If you reused Kamiko she would have to be a fox... I will not allow you to change Segno's girlfriend.

10/5/2011 #78
Unpredictable Convictions


10/5/2011 #79
Unpredictable Convictions

Name: Breanna Scrios

Past: Pfft too long to write down. Some hundred plus years ago, she was a very pretty girl, fell in love with a vampire, became one, and then he died. She went around the world for a little while. And basically, here she is now.

Age: 15 (give or take a couple of centuries... like 4)

Human, Shifter, or undead: Undead

Physical Description: Big, dark purple eyes, pale skin, black hair down to her waist, around 5'8", blood red lips... (not surprising), thin, but has an athletic physique, she's pretty without trying to be

Personality: She's not afraid to say things and doesn't care what the situation is. She speaks her mind, and on top of it all, she's somewhat sadistic, ate the cookies offered and loved them, sarcastic, but overall, once you get to know her,she's really nice.

Other: She's somewhat not as sadistic and evil as she paints herself to be. She fell for a shifter at one point... Didn't work out, and she's an aaaawesome fighter. (like her creator))

10/5/2011 #80

great, now who's her creator? It can be anyone, a famous vampire, Dracula is taken, or a made up one.

10/6/2011 #81
Unpredictable Convictions

i meant me.... but does it reakky have to be noticed or mentioned? she's just the awesomest vampire ever....

10/6/2011 #82
Just South of Sanity

1. I think Kim meant the vampire who's blood she drank.

2. You are SO NOT an awesome fighter. You just have anger issues. Like your bf, Derek.

3. Yeah, her and every other stereotypical, mary-sue vampire.

10/6/2011 #83
Unpredictable Convictions

meh whatever. and I'll kill you for saying that. i hate his guts.

10/6/2011 #84
Little Miss StormCloud

Name: Amber Daniels

Past:grew up in the 18th century as a farmers daughter who was almost murdered by her husband. When she came back she seeked vengence and killed her husband. She kind of continued on a killing spree.

Age: 16

Human, shifter, or undead: Undead.

(If a vampire, who is the creator?): A guy named Seth Rogers. He was kill in the 19th century.

Physical description: Long wavy brown hair, Bright blue eyes but sometimes look blood red, pale, skinny, a normal height, her lips are the color of cherries.

Personality: Devious, tends to like killing sometimes, book worm some times, sneaky, kind of a charmer.

Other: N/A

10/6/2011 #85


10/6/2011 #86
Little Miss StormCloud


10/6/2011 #87

go to the castle

10/6/2011 #88

Name: Ned Drake.

Past: Ned was born to a monkey-shifter mother and a human father, but inherited the former's powers. He was sent to the safe-house after his father was turned into a vampire.

Age: 10.

Human, shifter, or undead: shifter.

Physical Description: Small for his age, with black curls and big, brown eyes that make him seem more like he's six or seven rather than ten. He wears blue jeans and a blue shirt with safety cone on the front.

Personality: He tends to have a short temper, especially about things concerning his father, and will sulkily ignore everyone around him for a good five minutes afterwards unless something distracts him. He is very serious for a ten-year-old, and hardly ever laughs.

Other: He carries around a worn teddy bear named Yis Yis, because that's the way his father said "Yes yes" to him whenever he didn't want to go to bed. It sounded that way because of his French-Spanish accent.

10/8/2011 . Edited 10/8/2011 #89

is the mother the shifter and the father human?

10/8/2011 #90
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