Insanity 101
Join the insanity. This takes place at a boarding school for mentally messed up kids and teenagers. You can be a student or a teacher. Join the insanity.
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(please have accepted rules)

Name (first and last):






Why they are there:




9/10/2011 . Edited 10/3/2012 #1

Name (first and last): Amber Lincoln


Eyes:a dark hazel surrounding with a midnight blue

Hair: natural blond color at present time brown


Family: Henry Lincoln (father)

Why they are there:Suicidal, dyslexic

Bio: Amber's mother died in child birth, thus leaving her with her drunk abusive father. She has always been dyslexic, but when her grades were bad she would get hit and beaten to many times. So very slowly she started to become depressed. But Every once in a while there came a guy who made her feel special than break her heart. She has been at the school since the first day. Since she's been there she has dreamed about a boy. She doesn't know his name or his face but his voice is familiar.

Personality: Quiet, likes to stay hidden, very good at singing and playing Piano she finds it a kind of release, nice, has anger and trust issues.

Other: Wears a hoodie all the time to cover her scars. Oh and can see Auras

Name (first and last): Kyle Anderson


Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Height: 6'2

Family: Marissa and Luke Anderson (mother and father)

Why they are there: OCD and a little bit of a klepto

Bio: kyle is bi and it's hard to tell. He always has been, but his father doesn't like it very much and when they found out about his disorders it just gave him a reason to get rid of him.

Personality: Kind, Caring, Sneaky, sweet, funny, smart, clever


10/4/2012 . Edited 10/6/2012 #2

Name (first and last): Jack Wolen

Age: 16

Eyes: light blue with bits of black

Hair: Cropped short. Jet black.

Height: 5'7

Family: Mum NIcola Smith

Why they are there: OCD, multiple personality disorder

Bio: SHe is a girl but really tomboyish. When she turned 16 she changed her name to Jack. For her mum this was the last straw. She had always had OCD and mpd (multiple personality disorder) but her mum hated it all.

Personality: Her main personality is really tomboyish, loud and reckless. She has a few other minor personalities but that is minor.


10/4/2012 #3


10/4/2012 #4
Kaykay Briefs

Name: Karen Reefs

Age: 16

Eyes: Strawberry color

Hair: Black and like Karen's from Naruto

Height: 5'6

Family: She has a little sister, A mom, a Dad...

Why they are there: She burned down her entire high school laughing like she was insane

Bio: When she was about 6 she found a black lighter on the ground and started to play with it. She never let go of it and burned bigger and bigger things. Eventully it got to her burning down her school.

Personality: She is mean to most people and hostile to strangers. She is very smart, Funny, and Awesome. But she is cold. To everyone.

Other: She keeps a lot of weapons in a case under her bead

10/5/2012 #5

weapons! accepted as long as she doesn't kill anyone.

10/5/2012 #6
Rinny Tin

Name (first and last): Blaine Evergreene

Age: 16

Eyes: Light Pale Green

Hair: Golden Brown

Height: 6'1

Family: He doesn't remember them too well. Mother: Calli Evergreene Father: Justin Evergreene Little Sister: Julia Evergreene

Why they are there: He was too crazy, his parents couldn't handle him anymore. Bipolar, Schizophrenic, ADD, ADHD

Bio: He was really young when he began to have problems and claim to see things his parents were worried about him, but when He almost killed his little sister they had to send him away.

Personality: Kind, Good Hearted, Short Tempered also. He is a really nice person though.

Other: He is very handsome.

10/5/2012 . Edited 10/5/2012 #7
Nightmare Children

Name: Sympathy Greyson

Age: 15

Eyes: A dull, distant shade of hazel. With dark bags hanging under them.

Hair: A dark red, that is kinda wavy and goes down to her mid back.

Height: 5'8

Family: Her mother died of cancer, her father doesn't want anything to do with her, her older brother utterly hates her, and her also older sister couldn't care for her because of her mental illnesses.

Why they are there: Selective mutism, insomnia, and Schizoid Personality.

Bio: Sympathy has Schizoid Personality from a younger age. She never was the one who would talk to anyone at school, or pay attention very often. For that reason, she gained horrible grades. Terrie, her dear mother, loved her, and would've done anything for the girl, since she knew that she had a mental illness since she was 7. Then, when Sympathy became 10, her mother got Leukemia. Her mother could survive, and died. That caused her father to take his depression and stress out on Sympathy, since the other two were the golden children of the group. Then she started gaining the other two mental illnesses after that happened, then her father had enough and he sent her here, while her brother was cheering, and her sister, Avery, was protesting. That was her little sister!

Personality: Sympathy is very quiet, distant, and miserable for someone her age. She doesn't like sleeping, because she still sees the image of her mother's cold lifeless eyes staring straight at her. The girl is very shy and doesn't like to get out. It isn't surprising that she is selectively mute, because she was never allowed to speak unless spoken to, and she didn't like to speak to anyone, anyways. Though she is that, she is very naive and innocent, leaving many people to manipulate her and control some of her certain emotions. Doesn't make friends easily.


10/5/2012 #8

Both accepted

10/5/2012 #9
Rinny Tin


10/5/2012 #10
Nightmare Children

My character makes me feel so sad... TT.TT

10/5/2012 #11

you can make her happier

10/5/2012 #12
Rinny Tin

I think I'm gonna change Blaine being OCD and make him Bipolar.

10/5/2012 #13


10/5/2012 #14
Name: Candide Willison Age: 17 Eyes: Bright blue Hair: Bright red, slightly frizzy Height: 5 ft 5 Family: An older brother named Terrence and parents Why they are here: Brain damage, insomnia Bio: Will be told in role-play Personality: Vivid and loud. A bit spastic. Other: Loves music
10/7/2012 #15


10/7/2012 #16

Name (first and last): Hunter Levi


Eyes:Bright blue

Hair:Dark brown

Height: 6'2


Why they are there: Post traumatic stress disorder

Bio:He witnessed his family got slaughtered when he was about 10 now he is terrified by silence

Personality:Nice, funny, couragess but yet weak


10/7/2012 #17
Kaykay Briefs

Name: Zach Jeice

Age: 17

Eyes: Light blue

Hair: Orange and short, straight bangs. Hikaru and Karous color.

Height: 5'9

Family: he has four siblings 3 girls two boys. He HAD a mom and a Dad

Why they are there: He and his siblings killed their mother while he laughed at her pain

Bio: *Will edit and make longer later.* His mom and dad where always on and off. But they didn't care about their children. Once his now 1 year baby sister was born he and his siblings murdered their Mother and tried to hunt down their Father. When they got caught he took the blame for the killings and said that it was all his fault. They brought him here, but now his siblings are doing bad things trying to come here too and be with him.

Personality: He is calm, mature, and mellow. But once you get to know him he is very funny, sweet, and nice. but NEVER in front of his siblings

Other: Hes Australian he can sound American though

10/7/2012 . Edited 10/7/2012 #18
Nightmare Children

Name: Minerva Blackwood

Age: 14

Eyes: A lazy, and often brightly burning molten gold.

Hair: Black hair that is often in a high pony tail and down to her mid back.

Height: 5'3

Family: Has one twin brother, named Sebastian. Then she had an aunt.

Why they are there: Multiple personalities, Nightmare Disorder, Homicidal Acts, and Suicidal Acts.

Bio: Her mother died giving birth to her. Their aunt gained custody, since their father moved away from the country. Both of them grew up, but had problems on the way. Their aunt, who was single, and had a divorce, always brought men home. The men would do very inappropriate things to her, but her aunt wouldn't believe her. Sebastian, her brother, always tried to stop the men, but he had to watch them do that to his sister. Then Minerva gained the MPD. She had successfully killed her aunt, but her twin was taken from her. She was sent here, while her twin was somewhere else.

Personality: She has 3 different personalities. These are it.

One of the personalities is her own personality. Minerva is really a sweet and energetic girl, who loves to meet people. She likes to look on the bright things of life to get her by. Often, she is very patient and she doesn't get mad. When you get her mad, she gets violent.

Another one of her personalities is "Hazel." Hazel is a very innocent and childish. That part of her represents the younger side of the girl. She used to be very forgiving and innocent, until it happened to her.

"Ivory" is the darker side of her. Ivory is very unforgiving, merciless, and rude. Often, when she is Ivory, she gets into a lot of trouble and makes people angry. Ivory is very honest and blunt, though. Very negative thinking all of the time.

Other: Is Bi.

10/7/2012 #19


10/7/2012 #20
Nightmare Children


10/7/2012 #21

Name: Reese Nicks

Age: 17

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Height: 6'3

Family: Parents, younger sister Amber

Why they are there: Homicidal acts, insomnia, eating disorder, bipolarity

Bio: Will be told in roleplay

Personality: Nice, friendly, easy to talk to. Warm to everyone.

Other: N/A


Name: Amber Nicks

Age: 14

Eyes: Light blue

Hair: Black that ends around the middle of her back. Smooth.

Family: Older brother Reese. Parents.

Bio: Will be told in role-play.

Why they are here: OCD, insomnia, dyslexia, voices [pretty much talks to herself]

Personality: Shy, sweet, gentle.

Other: Bi.

10/8/2012 #22
Rinny Tin

Name (first and last): Kyla and Kamren McNeil

Age: 17

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Chocolate Brown

Height: 5'4

Family: Keesha McNeil, Johnathon McNeil

Why they are there: They are pyromaniacs, and are suicidal, and also ADHD and ADD also they have two different personalities.

Bio: When they were 12 they burned down their housing development because they were 'Bored' so they were sent to a detention center, but managed to some how get lighters in there and managed to burn down one quarter of their build, eventually killing 4 of the children in the detention center.

Personality: For their first Personalities which are Kane and Kayla:Wild, Care Free, Rude, Ungrateful, Hostile

Their normal ones are very kind, and and actually really down to earth and goofy with good senses of humor, and a little pervy.

Other: They are mixed, and they are also some of the most reckless kids (when in their other personalities) you have ever seen in your life.

10/8/2012 . Edited 10/8/2012 #23

Accepted all of them just be careful yopu too with names cause my original two's names are Amber and Kyle. hopefully they don't get mixed up. But we shouldn't have a problem.

10/8/2012 #24
Rinny Tin

Oh sorry!! I can change it!!!

10/8/2012 #25

Oooooooookay then...

10/8/2012 #26

Name (first and last): Isabell Maro

Age: 12

Eyes: dark brown

Hair: blond and long

Height: quite tall

Family: her mum and dad died when she was young. her grandparents didn't really like her

Why they are there: Schizophrenia

Bio: When her parents died she moved school and became very lonely. She came across two children in the school playground called Luna and Celeste. She talks to them but no one else can see them. In the end her grandparents gave up and sent her here.

Personality: Quiet but really friendly. She always introduces Luna and Celeste to people and cries if people say that they can't see them.

Other: nope

10/8/2012 #27


10/9/2012 #28
(I'll be adding a few characters soon)
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