Insanity 101
Join the insanity. This takes place at a boarding school for mentally messed up kids and teenagers. You can be a student or a teacher. Join the insanity.
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Well this is where you begin

10/3/2012 #1
Nightmare Children

(How would we start?)

10/5/2012 #2
Rinny Tin

Idk, our characters like bump into each other I guess.

10/5/2012 #3

(like so)

Amber wandered a dark hall music blasting her eyes.


Kyle skipped around happily humming some Katy Perry song.

10/5/2012 #4
Rinny Tin

Blaine was walking and mumbling to himself when he bumped into Amber. "I'm So sorry!" He said stepping back.

10/5/2012 #5

"It's fine." She mumbled incoherently.

10/5/2012 #6
Nightmare Children

Sympathy walked through the halls, leaning closely to the walk, hoping no one would see her. Her eyes dully was tracking the floor in front of her as she quietly messed with the white board for her to talk to people with. She didn't like to talk. In fact, she didn't want to talk to anyone.

10/5/2012 . Edited 10/5/2012 #7

Kyle wandered.

10/5/2012 #8
Nightmare Children

The girl saw Kyle. Sympathy stopped, for a moment and glanced at him, before she tried to pass him. She didn't want to have any conversations right now, and didn't want to encounter anyone who could't read.

10/5/2012 #9

Kyle was lost in his own little world.

10/6/2012 #10
Nightmare Children

Sympathy then realized she was lost. So against her will, she wrote "What part of the building am I at?" and tapped the boy on the shoulders.

10/6/2012 #11
Rinny Tin

"No it's not! Ugh I ruined your day didn't I? Ugh I'm good for nothing except screwing people's days up!" He said with a sigh as he slid down the way onto the floor.

10/6/2012 #12

Kyle turned to look at her,"East wing by the boys dormitory." Kyle said.

10/6/2012 #13
Rinny Tin

(Hiya!! :D)

10/6/2012 #14

(Hi oh sorry I just woke up I'm a little bit groggy.)

Amber crouched down in front of him and pulled out her head phone,"I promise you this that you didn't ruin my day."She said.

10/6/2012 #15
Rinny Tin

(It's all good. I litterally just woke up too lol XD)

"Your lying to make me feel better!" He said his head in his hands.

10/6/2012 #16

Amber was quiet for a moment," If you I lied you would know." Amber said," This sad look on my face is just my face." Amber said.

10/6/2012 #17
Rinny Tin

"You don't look sad to me." He said looking up.

10/6/2012 #18

Amber shrugged.

10/6/2012 #19
Rinny Tin

"Hey what's your name?" He asked standing up.

10/6/2012 #20

"Amber." She said. "You?"

10/6/2012 #21
Rinny Tin

"Blaine." He said simply.

10/6/2012 #22

"Nice to meet you." Amber said.

10/6/2012 #23
Rinny Tin

He nodded. "Same to you. Where do we get food from? I'm beyond hungry." He said.

10/6/2012 #24

"The cafeteria, come on I'll show you." Amber said.

10/6/2012 #25
Rinny Tin

He nodded. "Sounds good." He said as he followed her.

10/6/2012 #26

Amber led him to the not so crowded cafeteria.

10/6/2012 #27
Rinny Tin

"Yay...not a lot of people." He sighed happily.

10/6/2012 #28


10/6/2012 #29
Rinny Tin

"So Amber...How long you've been here?" He said.

10/6/2012 #30
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