Uh, poetry and pretty much anything I guess
whatever... heehe....
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Ryumaru shogunate
and that line is often crossed.. I mean look at Bil Clinton! LOL
12/13/2006 #31
LOL! Heehe, yo! Ugh,.... I'm bored.... Need something to keep me busy so I can keep on putting off studying....
12/13/2006 #32
12/13/2006 #33
Ryumaru shogunate
A wise man once said.. when procrastination is your need.. the internet is your lead.. meanin if your bored go look up somethin your not supposed to! Those rules are only set up to hold u back anyways! XD
12/13/2006 #34
LOL! I love the way you think, but I've already looked up everything that pops into my head.... LOL! That's a lot, but nothing that's on here.... LOL! blabberatusackaphobicunuousinuss..... Heehe, try saying that!
12/13/2006 #35
Ryumaru shogunate
i dunno where to start pronouncing it... Have u been to Youtube? Try them! They have fun stuuf!
12/13/2006 #36
LOL! I love youtube!!!! I have a bunch of vids on my myspace from there and am always on there lookin for good amvs and stuff.....
12/13/2006 #37
Ryumaru shogunate
I'm an AMV junkie! And I watch anime there.. do you like Pink Floyd?
12/13/2006 #38
...meh, yeah, kinda Heehe, give me a sec and I'll send you a link to some cool amvs I like! They're all Naruto though, I don't have the links to others cause I only send em to maria and she's a naruto junkie.... Heehe, Uchiha lovers.... we both are! LOL!
12/13/2006 #39
Ryumaru shogunate
Naruto is cool.. I prefer YYH but naruto definatly has its points.. I hate that phrase "Believe it!" Though! I swear if he says it one more time... *Rips head from poster*.. ah there's an Evangelion amv dun to Pink Floyd's The Wall album.... The ENTIRE album! Its the longest thing on utube...
12/13/2006 #40



Okay, yeah, so I can't find the ones I sent to Maria right now.... I have a lot of emails in sent and inbox, so I'm goin through cause we email a lot and AOL don't leave the sent on there like other things so yeah.... these are some I found.... I know one is Brother, Why? with the song rain by Breaking Benjamin... not sure bout the other two...

12/13/2006 #41
Ryumaru shogunate
lol k! I'll check em out!
12/13/2006 #42
Dude..Pink Floyd is the best!
12/13/2006 #43
F***, f***, f*** a duck, screw a kangaroo, finger bang an oranatang and orangalile the zoo!

Heehe, learned this at school a long time ago, along with

happy happy joy joy, I'm a kinky sex toy, bite me, beat me, make me bleed, kinky sex is all I need!

LOL! These crack me up!!!! Heehe....

12/13/2006 #44
the last one is going to haunt me..
12/13/2006 #45
Ryumaru shogunate
LMAO! Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me! ... Can you finishe this rhyme?
12/13/2006 #46
Ryumaru shogunate
WEEE! I like your taste in music! I'm a classic man myself, but the newer stuff is still fun.. especially with titles like I Fuckin hate you! LOL
12/13/2006 #47
Ryumaru shogunate
DUDE Floyd is the best! It roxsers! Brain Damage is like the coolest son ever!
12/13/2006 #48
Naruto drives me nuts.... (the character, not show.... duh!) Heehe, Yeah, YYH is cool too, but I've only read/seen the end.... Maria loves it and had me likeing it last year, but.... yeah, Heehe, just end... I saw it a few times, the earlier shows, never read the whole manga....
12/13/2006 #49
Ryumaru shogunate
Ah Hiei is like a god to me.. I want a jgan eye sooo bad! lol Not to mention a dragon made from the flames of hell hangin out on my right arm!
12/13/2006 #50
Yep same here, the classics are favorite, but there some new bands like, espically the weird ones like Indorphine. Ever heard of them? Proably not.. http://www.altsounds.com/altsounds/altsoundsfm.php?template=altsoundsfm.tpl&limit=1&usr_style=Mercury.css&id=196 listen to krucafried chiken. I love that song!
12/13/2006 #51
Yea, that and Wish you Where Here. Cant stand The Wall Prt. 2, tho wayyy to over played. i like prt 3 better. Ever listened to their older stuff? Espically the Syd Barret era (poor,poor Syd T.T) its pretty...trippy!
12/13/2006 #52
haven't heard that one.... I've heard that song!!!!!! Heehe..... yeah! ROCK ON!!!!! LOL! okay, .... METAL!!!!! Heehe, system of a Down!!!!!! Heehe.... hey... my iTunes is... oh, duh! I turned the volume down for w/e reason...
12/13/2006 #53
Anyone read Hellsing here?
12/13/2006 #54
Ryumaru shogunate
Crucafied chicken?... ok.. sounds like a really bad KFC advertisement... I'll go check it out...
12/13/2006 #55
Ryumaru shogunate
No.. I haven't T.T *cries with you over Syd* My dad has the albums, but his record player is busted... T.T I hope he gets a new one so I can thought!
12/13/2006 #56
Ryumaru shogunate
ah as far as the wall goes I prefer Hey You , Comfortably Numb, In The Flesh... hehehe I love In The Flesh.. Hellsing.... can't say that I have...
12/13/2006 #57
COOL! See why you like it! Heehe....
12/13/2006 #58
I stole all my moms Pink albums (which she only hd the wall) and bought wish you where here. I wait to get the frist one. Dude, when Syd died i cried! I mean, what kinda friends but acid in his coffee? And then made him so f*** up that he had to live with his mom and didnt like vistors!? I mean, this was a guy who a ine time was friendly and like a little kid. Sweet..

(Yea, I read i biography of pink floyd wirtten by the drummer,thats why I now all this stuff.,,)

12/13/2006 #59
If you were thrown into an ancient world where guns and such never existed what would you be? Who would you fight for? Would you fight at all? If so what weapon would you use?

Heehe....(don't feel like fightin with myspace again....)

I'd fight for myself with my fists. No weapons at all? Heehe, fine with me.... I'd fight for maria if she was there and needed me to... Uh..... that'd be cool!!!!

12/13/2006 #60
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