Uh, poetry and pretty much anything I guess
whatever... heehe....
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loser is a term of endearment love
12/15/2006 #91
lol... sure, loser..
12/15/2006 #92
Cool as hell site Maria sent me last time we emailed each other... hope yall like it!
12/16/2006 #93
cool! u still on? im soooo bored.
12/16/2006 #94
I'm on!!! Heehe, foin alot odf other junk... I'm bored too.....
12/16/2006 #95
Ryumaru shogunate
I so need to check out that link u put on here! WEE! Oh I just posted a new poem!
12/16/2006 #96
Ryumaru shogunate
Umm how come your new stroy isn't showing up on your page?
12/16/2006 #97
I deleted it... it's not any good and I f*** the formatting on it... Heehe , I'll check it out and I need to finish reading ur other stuff too.... heehe
12/17/2006 #98
DUDE! anyone here?
12/31/2006 #99
Me's HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that's scary, huh?) Heehe!!!!! this thing was gettin beyond DEAD! LOL!
12/31/2006 #100
1/1/2007 #101
ok then.... LOL! heehe.... sup? sr'ry just back on here, didn't know u were still on after me, u on mow? heehe.... Gerard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!
1/1/2007 #102
polka dots and addictions
this forum is crazy o_0
1/2/2007 #103
I know! Ain't it just the greatest?!?!?!?!?!?!! heehe!!!!!!!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1/2/2007 #104
OK...how the hell do you use poetry.com? I needa know how to submit poems!
1/23/2007 #105
where did all the rum go?
1/23/2007 #106
i like this site. BUT WHY ARE PEOPLE ALL ANTI ANIME??????????????????????????
1/23/2007 #107
heehe, i have no lcues about poetry.com. i don't use it, as for the rum, Ryu drunk it all and all the ppl on this forum love anime!!!! heehe, gome, how long ago did u post? i'm just now gettin to doin stuff at all.... heehe, so what's ur fav anime?? mine's Naruto and DeathNote!!!! i love pretty much all of em!
1/23/2007 #108
... Crack makes me think of mashing up Smarties and eating the dust. :x
1/24/2007 #109
i love acting stupid
1/24/2007 #110
yeah...my classmate tried doing that once....and then he tried eating the plastic wrapper...but it got stuck in his throat. I get curiosity killed the cat's nine lives.
1/24/2007 #111
You're still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1/25/2007 #112
Ayane Mcsponge
Okay, I just have to say: hehe Crack =] Okay i'm done, oooh there's this song, and it goes "my skin should crack and peel" it makes me wet my pants whenever someone says crack. anywhoo poetry, thats cool. ;]
2/4/2007 #113
QUOTE:i like this site. BUT WHY ARE PEOPLE ALL ANTI ANIME?????????????????????????? it's overrated
2/5/2007 #114
Well, I happen to open these forum and topics are all around the bush.. but why enter ANIME here?? but I agree, I also like many animes here and their. So, what's new?? XD
3/17/2007 #115

woah. Okay, im gonna add a comment here since the last comment was like, 6 years ago?? Anyway, hi!! Im new here!! =D

5/14/2013 #116
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