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hey there. i'm a new member and i wanted to post some of my work. how do i do it? i uploaded something over documents but for some reason i feel like no one can see it. is there anything else i have to do? thank you.
6/17/2007 #1
Midnight In Eden
After you upload a document you need to "create" the story. There's a link on the left hand side of your accounts page that you click and just follow the steps it gives you. First you'll need to agree to their guidelines then go for it.
6/30/2007 #2
blameless nameless

Hey people...

I posted some poetry here, but am annoyed how the layout comes out; with large auto gaps between the lines and unable to put proper spaces in. It's frustrating because you can't do breaks for the stanzas... I was wondering if anyone knew how to format it so that the poems come out as almost story style; able to have the right spaces at the right places (and that rhymes!)???


5/22/2008 #3

I'm having the same problem! I can't space my poem where I want to and it's kinda drizing me crazy. Help anyone?

6/26/2008 #4
blameless nameless

Okay... So I kind of figured it out, but it's a semi-long process. Everything has to be done manually, so what I did was shift+backspace any unwanted spaces between the lines. It takes a while, but I haven't discovered any other way yet...

6/26/2008 #5

but wut i wanna do is add spaces cause its one long paragraph =/

Shift + Enter doesn't work for me either

6/26/2008 #6

can i join???

8/24/2012 #7
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