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((Cool then I can get Tony involved. Haha disgraceful son time!)) Billie looked up terrified. His dad was going to kill him if the villains didn't. "Wh-why? What did I do?" Ace stopped sobbing, but stayed on the ground, wishing he was dead.
12/3/2011 #241
Little Miss StormCloud

"Dude get up." Jessy said to Ace she was gonna help regret this later. She was actually gonna try and help him get Brigette back.

12/3/2011 #242
"No." He moaned. "Leave me alone."
12/3/2011 #243
Little Miss StormCloud

"Then, I won't help you get your girlfriend back." Jessie said.

12/3/2011 #244

"Idon't care." Ace lied.

12/3/2011 #245
Little Miss StormCloud

"Why are you crying like a girl then." Jessie said.

12/3/2011 #246
Ace slamed his head on the floor and lay for a second before flashing her the finger.
12/3/2011 #247
Little Miss StormCloud

"This is why you lost herr. YOu over react. Don't hear the full story and become a jerk." Jessie said.

12/3/2011 #248

Ace looked at her, anger flashing over his pain. "You have no idea what I have been through. Not a CLUE! So shut the fuck up and leave me alone."

12/3/2011 #249
Little Miss StormCloud

Jessie walked over to him kicked him in the side as hard as she possibly could. SHe walked away.

12/3/2011 #250
Kaene spiffed up the video and put it on youtube. "I love this day." He sat back on the couch with his arms behind his head and a relaxed smile on his face.
12/3/2011 #251

Ace let out a quick breathless laugh. "Your a jerk."

12/3/2011 #252
Little Miss StormCloud

"who me or Kaene cause your one to speak." Jessie replied.

12/3/2011 #253

"You, asshole." Ace spat.

Billie sat in the corner of his cage, examining his burns.

12/3/2011 #254
Little Miss StormCloud

Jessie rolled her eyes. "How am I one?" Jessie asked.

12/3/2011 #255

"Well for one, you just kicked a downed man. Thats cheap and assholy." Ace said, annoyed now.

12/3/2011 #256
-5 minutes later- Kaene was goofing around on the laptop(probably looking at porn) when he got an email. His whole face lit up. "'Iron Boy Gets Pwned' has 8 million views already!!" He turned his laptop around and put it in front of Billie's cage so he could see.
12/3/2011 #257
Little Miss StormCloud

"Your the one who practically ripped a girls heart out and ripped it to pieces. You deserved it." Jessie said still defending Brigette.

12/3/2011 #258

Billie just growled. He said nothing for fear of having to eat his words again.

12/3/2011 #259

"Did not you insensitive bitch." Ace shot back. "She did it to me and herself. What the hell was I supposed to think? 'Oh she just want to sniff and hug and kiss that boy. Its no big deal.'? Are you serious? No. That isn't right. And its not fair after what I've been through."

12/3/2011 #260
Little Miss StormCloud

"So what? They weren't kissing. The guy even said that she was like a little sister nothing else." Jessy said.

12/3/2011 #261
(Funny how there was no kissing X] ) "Top Comments" Kaene read. 'Epic. Fail.' 'Dumb@ss Superhero' 'Who uses cages anymore?!' ' Lame!' 'This is sooooo fake' 'Iron Boy! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!D:' 'Marry me!' 'Keep pressing 123456' 'Another failure. Our world is doomed.' 'ROFL!' 'I'm gonna get a sandwich. when I come back this better be the top comment :\ ' (WTC! XS All my words are squished!)
12/3/2011 . Edited 12/3/2011 #262

((lol like the last comment!))

((gtg be back after 11ish))

12/3/2011 #263
Little Miss StormCloud

(okay. the last comment was really funny.)

Jessie looked at Kaene like he was insane. She walked over behind him. She back hand slapped his head really hard.

12/3/2011 #264
(THATS SOOO LATE! CHLOE! NOO! D'=) (lol, I was on a youtube vid and that was actually the top comment XDDD I was ROFLing!) A large Jessie side hand print was left on Keane's face after the slap. He rubbed his swollen face, anger growing and making the pink color deepen."What the F*CK?! I DIDN'T DOING ANY F*CKING THING TO YOU B*TCH!!!!"
12/3/2011 #265
Little Miss StormCloud

Jessie,"You guys are all idiots. I forgot to do that almost a month ago." Jessie said.

12/3/2011 #266
"A month ago. . .?" Kaene stared at her. He was pretty sure her happy meal was short a few fries. And probbably some chicken nuggets too. "WHY DIDN'T YOU SLAP ACE?!?"
12/3/2011 #267
Unpredictable Convictions
Hannah just watched with an amused expression. "This is entertaining."
12/3/2011 #268
Little Miss StormCloud

"I kicked him in the side. That was for being a d0uche and a @ss." Jessie said.

12/3/2011 #269
"Don't touch me again." Kaene spat at her then went over to Hannah hungrily looking her up an down. "You can touch me whenever and wherever you want." Perv.
12/3/2011 #270
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